Hillary Clinton is an alcoholic

The American Medical Association defines an “alcoholic” as someone who:

  1. Has a prolonged period of frequent, heavy alcohol use.
  2. Is unable to control drinking once it has begun.
  3. Has withdrawal symptoms when the individual stops using alcohol.
  4. Needs to use more and more alcohol to achieve the same effects.
  5. Has a variety of social and/or legal problems arising from alcohol use.

By that definition, Hillary Clinton is an alcoholic.


Exhibit A

In an email to Hillary’s campaign chairman John Podesta on August 8, 2015, Director of Communications for Hillary’s campaign Jennifer Palmieri wrote, referring to Hillary:

“I think you should call her and sober her up some.”

Here’s a screenshot of the email released by WikiLeaks:


Exhibit B

On Feb. 23, 2015, Hillary’s spokesman Nick Merrill sent an email (presumably to Hillary’s campaign staff) with the subject: “HRC Clips” (news clips on Hillary Rodham Clinton). The news clips that day included an article by Benjamin Bell for ABC News titled, “One Thing That Might Surprise You About Hillary Clinton,” which Merrill reproduced in its entirety in his email.

Bell’s article was an interview with New York Times national political reporter Amy Chozick, on whether Hillary Clinton would announce she’s running for the presidency. One of the questions Bell asked Chozick was: “Covering [Hillary] Clinton, what is one thing that has surprised you about her?”

Chozick answered:

“Hmm. She likes to drink. We were on the campaign trail in 2008 and the press thought she was just taking shots to pander to voters in Pennsylvania. Um, no.”

Here’s a composite screenshot of the relevant parts of Merrill’s email, from WikiLeaks:


Exhibit C

According to the National Enquirer, “top staffers” of Hillary’s campaign told the Enquirer “they even began this year’s presidential campaign by secretly planning a stint in rehab for Hillary.” But any rehab therapy “quickly failed amid the pressures of the campaign” and “the effort of making a deal over an FBI probe into her e-mail scandal”.

A source said, “The stress of her political career, the never-ending scandals and her worsening health plunged her into a life-threatening booze hell. She turned to drink to drown her fears. Hillary tries to hide her problem, like she lies about so many things.” A “close friend” of Hillary added, “Hillary has been drinking heavily for years to forget her miserable marriage to serial cheater Bill. She’s also hit the bottle to cope with other stress, as well as the boredom of flying all over the world when she was Secretary of State.”

One “Hillary insider” told the Enquirer that Hillary “has blackouts and wakes up wondering where she is and what she has done” and that “She’s not fit to be President”.

Certainly, Hillary must be drunk when she lewdly ground on the butt of the twerking black woman (see below) because no sane person in her then-position as U.S. Secretary of State would behave like this in public.

grinding Hillary


31 responses to “Hillary Clinton is an alcoholic

  1. Again, this just shows how far her staffers and insiders will go to keep you and I, the American public from knowing that she is an alcoholic. Can you imagine having a stumble-bum, sick, old woman in the white house. This information should have been put before the public six months to a year ago. I am livid from the outrage of this crap!

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  2. Auntie Lulu, I know that feeling all too well… BUT we cannot let these creeps grind us down to their filthy level.

    As was St Augustine, yes, I was a libertine in my youth, but that was FIFTY years ago, and guess what: I read Ecclesiasticus and ‘got it’ the first time: Hilda Broom never read and never cared. http://www.catholic.org/bible/book.php?id=28&bible_chapter=2

    “27 For the fear of the Lord is wisdom and instruction, and what pleases him is faithfulness and gentleness.
    28 Do not stand out against fear of the Lord, do not practise it with a double heart.
    29 Do not act a part in public, keep watch over your lips.
    30 Do not grow too high and mighty, for fear you fall and cover yourself in disgrace; for the Lord would then reveal your secrets and overthrow you before the whole community for not having practised fear of the Lord and for having a heart full of deceit.”

    If anyone reading this can find a better description of the Hilda Beast than what was written 2500 years ago, please let me and all the FotM readers know.
    With thanks,

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    • Truer words couldn’t be more fitting. And lest we forget, it is also written that pride comes before a fall. And look how far Hillary has fallen. The handwriting on the wall to Belshazzar in the Book of Daniel would have been perfect for Hillary and her staff as they were at the Javits Convention Center back on Election Night.


  3. Have a feeling it’s still “party time” on the Hillary plane even now…

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  4. You know there is a drinking problem, when she favors no single drink. She seems to give them all an equal chance. She is drowning herself for some reason, but it still makes her a poor choice.

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    • Gllenn47 and Auntie Lulu you are both terribly correct: the Hilda Beast is self-destructing, but not quickly enough to avert national disaster. As one who likes his alcoholic beverages after working hours and is mindful of excess, last year I read the magnum opus of the MD who is the USA’s #1 expert on addictions, and learned this great insight.

      When an addict reaches for the bottle or needle or whatever delivery of the relief they seek, it is NOT the physiological addiction/learned behaviour in action as the primary mechanism. Instead, it is a psychological second or two of time in which s/he experiences a lifting of their burden, anticipation of release from the problems s/he feels, and so on.

      IF s/he could get that burden relieved w/o the addictive behaviour they would do so, BUT no one’s shown them how to do that. This is why AA and most all approachs fail: they do not resolve this tension between the goal [relief] and the abused substance as the vehicle to relief.

      As Glenn47 pointed out, “…she favors no single drink. She seems to give them all an equal chance. She is drowning herself for some reason,” and THAT is the problem. As PotUS her addiction to wargasms will couple to her starting more illegal wars in a vain effort to bring her the ‘magic moment’ of relief and release from HER spiritual & emotional prisons.

      But: just as she remains spiritually lost, she cannot find what she seeks; so we see the mindless drifting from sex to drugs, to complete corruption, insane foreign wars, and self-defeating alliances. Each was once a hope of relief from her private Hell, paid for at public expense. A vote for her is a vote in support of all of the above.


  5. HRC appears to have some form of dependence on alcohol. She can’t possibly like the taste of everything, e.g. beer, out of a bottle….. And since it has been said (recently) that she is averse to hydrating herself, it’s not a thirst issue.

    Mrs. Clinton has no morals, therefore one is left wondering what sin or sadness could possibly cause her to want to ‘drown’ her sorrows.

    My uneducated bet, .2c is on alcohol dependence. She’s a hot mess.

    P.S. I’m going to change ‘ufferndan’ to something different, whenever I get around to reading WP instructions.

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    • Excellent observation that her constant dehydration is caused by heavy drinking, as if her handlers and staff are using “dehydrated” as coded language for “the boss is freakin’ hung over again and can hardly stand up!” The water they try getting her to drink only makes her feel sicker than she already feels, so the buzz about her “not hydrating” may be more coded language for the difficulty in sobering her up enough to get her off the couch. Alcohol related dehydration may also explain the drastic wrinkles in her face that go away once she’s rehydrated.

      If true, this raises the question of who’s controlling this alcoholic, which she herself may have answered back in an ’08 joke she made in public, possibly buzzed, that she and Rahm are part of the Chicago “Mishpuck,” which insiders use to refer to the La Kosher Nostra’s Chicago branch and many of her biggest donors, at least as far as using her to keep regulators, the IRS, and FBI at bay.

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  6. Might explain all her lame lies. Anyone living with an alcoholic knows their proclivity to lying!

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  8. If it’s being written about here you know all of those in her inner circle know the truth. What is so important or terrifying about hitlary that so many people still support her. It’s clear what happens when you cross her. The BEST outcome is that you’ll only be run over by a bus. She leaves a string of human litter and bodies where ever she goes. She uses people up and discards them when they are of no further use to her. She’s crude, vile, evil and narcissitic. Lier, thief, murderer, alcoholic, unhealthy, lesbian and who knows what else. You don’t, at 69 years old, suddenly start this kind of stuff. It takes years of practice to end up in the place she is. If anything there is a vast LEFT wing conspiriousy advancing this agenda.
    The LSM rails against Mr. Trump for bad behavior years ago that had nothing to do with national policy or operations and that went unreported until now. But when someone brings up hitlary’s lifelong and continuing criminal behavior (she’s been under scutiny for years) that has and continues to threaten American security and soverginity, it’s not fair and could have a negitive effect or her run for POTUS. That alone should make people question the LSM’s integrity. What matters is the truth, wherever it takes us.

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  10. This shows me just how much Hillary has in common with Obama and the left in general who love their addictions and vice and how come no one in the media talks much about how Trump does not smoke, drink or take drugs and he raised his children the same way? No that is leading by example!

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  11. Absolutely agree, Donald Trump never touches alcohol or illegal drugs. His head is always clear and his heart is in the right place, especially when it comes to the current needs of our great Nation. His brother died of complications from presumably some kind of paternal driven depression leading to alcohol abuse, so he understands the catastrophic ramifications of abusing alcohol and addictive substances. His fitness is obvious especially when we compare him to his spiritually lost and very troubled opponent.

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    • I did not know, Alexa, that “Donald Trump never touches alcohol or illegal drugs.” However, it would explain how he manages to cope with the insane pressures of the mega-wheeling and dealing he’s endured for decades.

      That alone would make him far more able to perform in a balanced way as PotUS than HRC, as decribed above by YouKnowWho: “She leaves a string of human litter and bodies where ever she goes. She uses people up and discards them when they are of no further use to her. She’s crude, vile, evil and narcissitic. Lier, thief, murderer, alcoholic, unhealthy, lesbian and who knows what else. You don’t, at 69 years old, suddenly start this kind of stuff. It takes years of practice to end up in the place she is.”

      Amen and ditto to your sentiments, YouKnowWho!

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  12. She’s either stoned or crazy. Maybe a bit of both.

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  13. This just in today: Hillary campaigns at a Miami bar on Sunday morning…

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  14. The ‘Operative Phrase’ here is “no sane person in her then position as U.S. Secretary of State would behave like this in public” Could even be condensed to “no sane person would behave like this in public..” with the exceptions of college students or young troops/sailors.

    Please consider Hillary’s use of intoxicants is merely an excuse to “Voluntarius Daemon” (Voluntary Demon). See Black’s Law Dictionary: a voluntary madman. (Saxon origin ?). It gives her an excuse to act as she wishes, to express her rebellion against religion, society, all cultural norms, even responsibility. Note how she lies about anything and everything, and expects to get away with it. Her fantasy “HillaryLand” is much preferable to reality, booze is just one ticket to get there. In her twisted little mind, she is not really responsible for anything she does as Voluntarius Daemon.

    Her habitual retreat into this “Safe Space(?)” of hers is a mark of serious character weakness, irresponsible immorality, avoidance of guilt, and probably a host of other mental problems. Just further proof that she is “nuttyer than Grandma’s fruit cake”. Typical requirement for an Alinskyite/Socialist Organizer, but not good for President.

    I’m not a lawyer, just an old Hell-raiser of Saxon descent. I love that term, observed it many times, maybe even been there myself.

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  15. Prolonged alcohol use can open demonic portals, but I believe that Hillary opened those portals long before alcohol became a problem for her. If elected (God Almighty Forbid!) she won’t be the first alcoholic President, and she won’t be the last.
    In fact, I would say that, at this point, alcohol is the least of her problems. I hope she blacks out and STAYS OUT!

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  16. “SWILLDABEAST for President!” Wow, just think of that shaking hand having access to the nuclear football.

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  17. It’s clear that Hillary hates herself almost as much as she hates us Deplorables, irredeemables, and the ‘little people’ she has such contempt for. Can you imagine how miserable she has to be? No God to turn to, no true or real friends, her marriage is a sham and the only people who tolerate her are those who are in it for the money or power. She has a fatal disease, a couple of years to live, and she just saw any election hopes evaporate. She could very well end up taking her own life over this.

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  18. The last time Hillary and Bill were in the WH, they decorated a Christmas tree with condoms. If elected, how would she top that blasphemy?

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    • I could answer, but I won’t. LOL!
      This is a Christian site and ladies read it.

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    • I assume you are writing about a true event. If so, am I shocked? No, because these filthy perverts are capable of and willing to do ANYTHING that advances their sick goals and twisted ‘values’.

      By now readers are likely weary of my diatribes on Broom Hilda, BUT I cannot forget or forgive what the Deadly Duo of Duplicity & Deceit did to a very good man, an Irish-American RC who made them millions, and their gratitude was to set him up to be framed for their crimes! If she’s sElected, then the US will have its Caligula, and deservedly so.


  19. Just watching Hillary grinding her crotch on the Black woman’s keester can she was doing it for self stimulation (masturbating). The most vile reprobate to ever hold the position of Secretary of State as well as twice running for the Office of the Presidency. I almost feel sorry for Bubba, now that she’s no longer in politics and returns home living together.

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  20. what a joke. People believe this garbage? lol


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