Mayor de Blasio claims hot dog carts are causing global warming

This guy is full of hot air.


Via NY Post: The de Blasio administration is trying to limit the number of food trucks in the city by claiming that each hot-dog and kabob cart causes more pollution than a truck ride to Los Angeles.

Deputy Health Commissioner Corinne Schiff made the claim at a City Council hearing Wednesday, in an apparent effort to sink a bill that would nearly double the number of food-vendor permits in the city by 2023.

“Meat grilling is a significant source of air pollution in the city,” Schiff said. “One additional vendor grilling meat emits an amount of particle pollution in one day equivalent to what a diesel truck emits driving 3,500 miles.”

The new bill would boost the number of permits to 8,000 by 2023 and also create an enforcement team to sniff out violations.

Since 1983, the number of street-food vending permits has remained steady at 4,235. But there are likely more carts than that on the streets, as some vendors simply open shop without a license and work until they are caught.

Schiff argued any increase in the number of food carts needs to come with regulations stipulating that the carts operate in a more environmentally friendly manner.

City Councilman Mark Levine (D-Manhattan), who is sponsoring the bill to increase the permits, wondered if this was already the case. “We have laws in the city about air quality that currently stipulate that any food establishment has got to have a hood over a grill,” Levine said. “Is that not currently the law?”

Schiff, however, said there are no such laws regulating the carts as she suggested the proposals be delayed to ensure better pollution safeguards.

“We really see this as an opportunity to work with the council to think through how we might use this modernization act to improve air quality,” she said. “The current laws don’t actually control the emissions that we’re concerned about.”

Business-improvement districts and residents throughout the city also pushed for delays on increasing vendor permits, saying there are too many already in some neighborhoods, but welcomed increased enforcement.

“The enforcement idea is a great idea,” said Ellen Baer, co-chair of the NYC BID Association. “Let’s see if this works, let’s see how it works, let’s see if it’s sufficiently funded, let’s see how many resources they need — before we start adding to the chaos.”

government solve all problems

But street vendors argued they’ve waited too long for reforms that would allow them to transition from operating illegally to legally.

Sean Basinski, director of the Street Vendor Project, described the bills as “far from our dream,” but said he supports most of what they call for.  “It is a reasonable compromise,” he said. “Vendors have been waiting 35 years for this change . . . We certainly welcome a study being done, but we don’t think that should delay the progress that needs to be made. The time for reform is now.”

Before the hearing, some vendors rallied outside, demanding that city officials and police stop harassing them and treating them like criminals. The bill will remain before the committee while members discuss possible changes.

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17 responses to “Mayor de Blasio claims hot dog carts are causing global warming

  1. If hot dog carts cause global warming, then the nonsensical hot air spewed by de Blasio surely are the cause of global scorching.

    Why do New Yorkers put up with this fool?

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  2. Hot dog farts? Yeah, when he opens his mouth! That’s all that comes out of it! Smelling sh|t! How do these guys even get elected? Who is voting for them? All the hot dog farts for sure.

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    • He’s not the only air head. Look at California, cows emit too much methane gas. I wonder what their answer will be for the cure. Governor of CA farts too and so does everybody else. What’s the answer you bunch of educated blobs? Did these guys ever graduate grade school?

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  3. deBlasio is a real IMBECILE. Here is the man who made getting rid of the Central Park hansom carriages a campaign promise. Whom were these men (all Teamsters) bothering? NO ONE. The hansom carriage is a real NYC tourist destination. The horses are treated like royalty, with regular food, rest, veterinary care and even vacations. I guess one of the politician’s wives was pissed that they make some $93,000 a year.
    Hot dog and food vendors are also regularly harrassed, as ON A DAILY BASIS, for things you never could have imagined. The fines are not a mere $50 or $100—the fines are $500 to $1,000 and more. Although it is wise to beware of street food—especially if the vendor has been out on the street for ten hours—there have been no news reports of mass sickness or food poisoning. Yet the harrassment continues.
    deBlasio—and most NYC politicians—continue the politics of ENVY in that they don’t want the regular working stiff to get ahead. And Kaiser Wilhelm, as I call him, is being looked at for campaign fund-raising violations of law. (They haven’t been able to nail him yet.)

    But NYC politics is all machine, Old Clubhouse politics. Any time people want to get together on it, they cannot organize, let alone agree on an agenda, or how to enforce it. The sheeple just do what they’re told and vote for whomever they put on the ballot. Even deBlasio’s opponent, John Castiamedes, didn’t campaign, allowing deBlasio to capture 74% of the vote!

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    • I went to school with a fellow who worked a dirty-water-frank cart in the City back in the 60s during summer vacation, the sidewalk carts being so called because at the end of the day they were garaged, never cleaned, and the water never changed, so he claimed. Probably the only thing filthier than the sidewalk carts themselves are the hands of the vendors. I’m sure you’ve seen up close the gloves with cut-off fingers the vendors wear in the winter, which the customers are effectively licking along with the money handled when they eat that stuff. I’m not knocking the poor people working the carts. It’s the low-life insiders who get awarded the licenses for large-scale operations and run the dirty-water carts who need to be stopped.


      • Although you may be correct in you experience but it still has nothing to do with pollution. I think carts should be inspected unannounced for cleanliness if your friends cart is true of all other carts. I don’t live in NY and don’t eat fast foods.

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  4. Blathering De Glazed idiot, along with whoever voted for him.

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  5. He’s the same one that banned 16 oz cups. I want to know is how he made it through school!!!!!

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  6. Billy de Blasé is a disgrace to the human race and so is Bloomberg who originally was behind banning 16 oz cups while mayor of NYC. Having said that, no one needs the garbage served in these cups of any size. NYC has knack of becoming famous for coke and wieners.

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  7. New Yawk, The ‘Sanctuary City’…… sanctuary for illegals but not hot dog carts. I would suspect that each illegal Mexican emits more ‘greenhouse gas’ (all those tacos and beans, ya know…..) than one of those carts produces. And, I’m sure that there are a lot more than four thousand of them all over the place.
    …. and NYC corrupt politicos , particularly DeBlowHole, undoubtedly emit more ‘gas’ than the average bear, too.
    This is all to be expected when you elect a commie (exactly how many votes, in a city of some 9 million, did that bastard get, anyway?)
    I suspect ‘the Fix was in’…….
    New York is a joke! A sick joke.

    Years ago, when I had the misfortune to reside in the Socialist State of New Jersey, there was a veteran who tried to operate a hot dog cart in the elitist town of Haddonfield (this is in South Jersey, across the Delaware River from Philly). State law permitted veterans to do so. The snobs of Haddonfield were offended. Businesses would be adversely affected by having such an eyesore out front! So, they got their beady little brains together and passed an ordinance requiring this poor guy to move his cart every fifteen minutes to another location. I believe they even stated a mandatory distance for each move.

    New York…. New Jersey…. Massaf**kinchusetts…. you can keep ’em.

    I’ll just stay here in ‘Flyover Country’ with all the other Deplorables….

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  8. Byer beware. One the one hand the food might be unhealty for its (lack of) nutritional value. It might be infectious. but air polluting at the rate the king of NYC claims? right. I really don’t care what people on the streets eat. It might even clean up the gene pool a little. If you’re stupid enough to trust a total stranger to feed you crap that might be bad for you….well then too bad. Maybe deblasieo should just tax everybody 100% and then just dole out the money as he sees fit. After all people are too stupid to take care of themselves.

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  9. I have to say, this guy made some very idiotic statements. How did he get elected? Stuffed ballot boxes?
    I would love to know, does he travel in a huge SUV caravan around the city?
    In this day and age, I would suspect the carts are monitored and licensed due to board of health ratings. But, as for their pollution, not a drop in the bucket.
    I think he likes to keep the people of NY off balance with these stupid things for distraction from something he is guilty of. One by one he is eliminating the things the people of NY love and cherish as well as being tradition.
    To let him continue with his attacks on all sides. Remember his attacks on his own police force? Makes New Yorkers even crazier.
    His accusations is all a game for him. He was never serious about being Mayor or doing what’s best for the city. He has made that very clear.

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  10. William Brandon Shanley

    Another lunatic!

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  11. Men like him get elected but that’s not a guarantee he’s mentally stable.

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  12. Thank you, Dr. Eowyn–those are my sentiments exactly. It appears that the stuff that comes out of certain peoples’ mouths these days is far more toxic than the sort of pollution they’re making such a stink about.

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  13. Don’t blame the people of New York. I live in Illinois. They put in who they want in.
    Ya can’t vote ’em out.

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