Friday funnies!


7 responses to “Friday funnies!

  1. Yesterday we saw a black teenager take a Trump poster and gleefully tear it up. It was a shopping area in Duval County Jacksonville, FL.
    Not downtown.
    What does it mean? That for many, political activism means vandalizing private property and suppressing freedom of speech.
    (yours not theirs)

    An acquaintance who is in Chicago says his wife is voting for Hillary because it is time for a woman POTUS.
    He says he cannot speak about Trump at home or a riot starts, but says he is voting Trump because all Hillary’s campaign does is attack Trump, no policy.
    AT LEAST Trump has a plan.
    When I mention Benghazi, he says he is sorry about military casualties but those who enlist know the risks. I guess that it was diplomats running guns for Obama, doesn’t matter,

    So these are mature people who run a business (3 rd generation), and this what filters through to them. This is the level of comprehension.
    So he volunteered the info that he was voting for Trump, and I do not abuse him or speak excessively about politics with him, and I forget what we were chatting about when it came up.
    He says he goes to church regularly and considers himself ‘religious’, but when speaking to him, he is pretty fuzzy about what the Bible says about forgiveness.
    If Trump loses and then buys an island and starts a country, I’d be interested in the costs involved.
    If Trump loses this country will not offer much of a future for my kids or grandchildren.

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  2. Great memes. I am voting for Trump. I am looking forward to the Day when God Almighty recalls the Witch. God Almighty do I DETEST Hillary Clinton! Talk about political FATIGUE!!!

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  4. be gental with libatards. they’re sensative and can’t take much critisizm. allow them to voice their opinions and carefully talk to them about each of their points. don’t tell them they are wrong. instead, give them food for thought. don’t be aggressive. just be clear as to the facts. use logic and let them come to their own conclusions. The poor and the feeble will always be with us. Pray for them for they know not what they do.


  5. The fourth one is hilarious . . .even little kid wonders why all these women had forgotten about these heinous attacks on their persons by Trump for decades, only to remember just before the election. Why didn’t they remember before the elimination debates, when there were 10-12 people to choose from? Something smells rotten in Denmark as far as I am concerned. I would like to see these women hauled into court and sued for their actions. I for one, just do not believe them.

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