PC Lunacy: BBC cast black Nigerian actress as English queen

Yesterday, I watched the first of 3 Netflix DVDs of the 2016 British TV series, The Hollow Crown: The Wars of the Roses — a BBC adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Henry VI and Richard III plays on a turbulent period (1455 and 1487) in English history of foreign and civil wars when two rival branches of the royal House of Plantagenet, those of Lancaster and York, fought for control of the throne of England, while England fought France in the Hundred Years War.

The TV series boasts an impressive roster of actors, including Benedict Cumberbatch (he’s in DVDs #2 and #3), Hugh Bonneville (of Downton Abbey fame), Michael Gambon (Harry Potter‘s Professor Albus Dumbledore), and Judi Dench.

About a quarter or third into the Hollow Crown DVD, while on an English siege of France, the Duke of Somerset (a leader of the Lancaster “red rose” faction, portrayed by Shakespeare as one of the bad guys) came upon a “fair maiden” in a castle — Margaret, a daughter of the Duke of Anjou. Struck by Margaret’s beauty, Somerset proposed a scheme to Margaret — that she marry the young English King Henry VI, in exchange for the independence from English rule of the French regions of Anjou and Maine. England at the time had conquered and controlled various parts of northern France.

Long story short: Margaret the “fair” maiden of French Anjou would marry Henry VI and become Queen Margaret, who plotted and schemed with the Lancaster faction.

Even though the scene of the encounter of Somerset and Margaret was dimly lit and Margaret’s face was partly obscured by a hideous mop of long black hair, I could see what was wrong:

  • Margaret was not a young maiden, but a middle-aged woman. History says Margaret of Anjou was 15 when she married King Henry VI, who was 23. (Henry VI had become king when he was only 9 months old, upon the sudden death of his father, King Henry V.)
  • Margaret was not fair or beautiful by any stretch of the imagination.
  • Margaret was black, with stereotypical negroid features.

15-year-old Margaret of Anjou, France, was played by a 47-year-old actress — Sophie Okonedo, a British actress who was born in London of a Nigerian father and a Jewish mother.


In an “exclusive” to the UK Express, May 6, 2016, Hollow Crown director Dominic Cooke explained the decision to cast Okonedo in “what is considered to be a traditionally white role,” saying that Okonedo was simply “the best person” for the part:

“Well, in the theatre we’ve been doing this for donkeys years. I think Sophie is the best person in this country to play that part, I really do. Her visceral power and range is so extraordinary – that’s what I was really looking for. It might be surprising for TV audiences to adjust to the idea that what they are watching is a myth, right. So it’s the best actor and I know from the theatre that that works and I’ve done it many, many times. I don’t think that you can do a piece of work that is about who we are as a society and just have white people doing it. I hope that she is so brilliant in the part that that will be the thing people talk about in the end. I feel we should always be making sure that we’re being open-minded, when making drama, about the casting possibilities. I think the sense of impatience there is in culture about all these issues is actually very healthy. You want the world you’re showing on screen to reflect the world you’re in and we live in a plural world, so our stories have to include the widest possible range of people.”

The reporter for the Express article writes:

Sophie’s casting comes at a time when the lack of ethnic minorities within the British film and television industry is being called into question.

Recall that in the lead up to the 2016 Academy (Oscar) Awards, blacks in Hollywood complained that no blacks were nominated for an acting award.

Just you wait.

Any day now, there’ll be a Hollyweird movie with a black actress playing Jacqueline Kennedy. And if you point out that Jackie was not black, but white, you’ll be called . . . .

You guessed it.



29 responses to “PC Lunacy: BBC cast black Nigerian actress as English queen

  1. Well,that puts ‘Paid’ to the detested Western canon!

    Now all us deplorables can go back to cleaning our firearms, aligning their sights or checking the scopes, be sure we have enough wood and food to endure the coming Winter of our Discontent, then simply hunker down and wait….

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    • and clinging to our bibles………..

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    • Pragm Aticamente

      I’m not for this kind of thing but this time I think it brings a “black sheep” thingy to the character of queen margaret and it works if you look at it this way. Queen Margaret was the black sheep of the crown of England and some never accepted her because of origin… Do you get it ? So this time I think it was a good inspiration to do it.


  2. Roger Scruton calls BBC stunts like this the “cult of fakery” in the arts, where anti-traditionalist, Marxist, radical homosexual ideologues like Cooke relentlessly undermine high culture, which Scruton calls the self-consciousness of a society and the shared frame of reference among its educated classes. Without high culture, no culture, only atomized zombies oblivious to their planned-for extinction.

    Cooke’s statement about a 47-year-old Nigerian hag being the best person in the country to play the part of a white 15-year-old princess is preposterous on the face of it, obviously, and isn’t meant to be taken at face value, but rather embody the “grinning mockery,” as Michael Hoffman calls it, that the Jews, who control the BBC and flunkies like Cooke, have for the English for stupidly allowing them back in almost 400 years ago. These people are engaged in cultural genocide against us while our “leaders” don’t have the will or courage to say what was on everyone’s lips only a generation ago.

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  3. Why stop there? Why not make her a burqa wearing jihadist?

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  4. I thought progressives couldn’t get any more retarded.

    Quite clearly, again, I was wrong. I am wrong to have held any faith it these people. They are inherently stupid, nothing will ever change that, and they will only get worse.

    Leftists will lead you into a vicious cycle of disappointment if you think that they are even remotely capable of logical thought. They’re just not, so expect nothing from these morons except the abandonment of fact, virtue, reason, and truth.

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  5. And they get outraged when Schumer, Hawn, and Sykes film an “homage” to Beyonce. Is this not cultural appropriation or misappropriation? It’s insane, for certain. I will studiously avoid that drama. Thanks for the heads up. I prefer my entertainment sans politically correct propaganda.

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  6. Young people who know no better, will be screwed up by this kind of insanity. This just seems to be another ploy of revisionist historians.

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  7. A Fan of Sophie

    I have spoken to many Britons here in the US who claim that the UK is a colour blind society and is very progressive when it comes to matters of race. I have heard Britons speak of my country in backward terms to describe why we place so much emphasis on racial prejudice and hatred.
    Ms. Okonedo who is truly loved here in the States is the perfect actress for this part – racial animus aside! Her roles are always well crafted and speak to the heart. One more point- speaking as a black man we don’t appropriate anyone’s culture we participate in the cultural majority. In fact the world appropriates our culture continuously and give no credit to the original source. I seriously considered visiting the UK to visit and experience this for
    myself , I am at the point of reconsidering that visit!

                                        A Fan of Sophie Okonedo


    • This post is NOT about whether Sophie Okonedo is a good actress. This post is about the absurdity of a 47-year-old black actress portraying a 15-year-old white French maiden. If you can’t get that, there’s something wrong with your reasoning faculties.

      Since you have no problem with this, then I expect you to applaud when a white actress is selected to portray Michelle Obama.

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      • A Fan Of Sophie

        I am not replying to your post to argue the merits of Ms. Okonedo Dr. Eowyn. Her credentials are well established! She is very loved in America.
        How narrowminded are you sir! A clever actor such as Ms. Okenedo would have you suspend your belief systems and have you venture into uncharted territory to your benefit. After all Dr. Eowyn you spoke of her racial background first- which made what you spoke of afterwards suspect. Is it the fact that she is a black woman twisted your knickers! I At least be honest about that – I can respect that.


        • “After all Dr. Eowyn you spoke of her racial background first”

          WRONG. I first pointed to the enormous 32-year age-disparity between the actress and the historical real woman she portrayed.

          “Is it the fact that she is a black woman twisted your knickers!”

          WRONG. The issue is not that Okonedo is black. The problem is that Okonedo was playing a real woman in history who was NOT black or even half-black but 100% white Caucasian, just as it would be equally absurd if a white actress were to portray Michelle Obama. I have no problems if the part Okonedo played was that of a real woman in history who was black. I’ve seen Okonedo in other roles in contemporary drama; I think she’s a fine actress.

          The enormous age disparity; the fact that the actress playing maiden Margaret (whom The Hollow Crown TV series described as “fair” and stunningly “beautiful”) is neither fair nor beautiful; and that an obviously black actress pretended to be a real person in history who was white — made it impossible for me to suspend my disbelief, which is necessary for anyone to watch a historical drama or any dramatic performance, period.

          Lastly, you have not responded to the question I asked:
          Would you applaud if a white actress plays Michelle Obama?

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      • Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, sorry I don’t have those emoticons, but that is SO spot on!

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  8. Well, we’ve had an illegal alien, Kenya-born, marxist, muslim black dude ‘playing president’ for almost eight years now….. and damned poorly, at that!
    Would you say that is PC? (political collusion……or pure crap, take your pick).
    …… and he can’t even fart without a TelePrompTer telling him how!

    2016 has turned out to be a real upside down year….
    The unqualified Clinton candidacy….with never ending scandals.
    Megyn Kelly being exposed as a libtard feminist with her head up Hillary’s ass…..
    The (gasp!) Cleveland Indians playing the Chicago Cubs (!) in the World Drearies….
    And now, a middle aged black hag portraying a 15 year old “fair maiden”!
    What next? Bill Clinton having an illegitimate black son by a whore?
    ….. it could happen.

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    • Chulai, you surely jest when you wrote this: “Bill Clinton having an illegitimate black son by a whore?” because that very subject was recently unearthed in an autobiographical article a few weeks ago!

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      • Ah, Joseph…. ya got me!
        Actually, I added that as a bit of Low Humour, already knowing that it had been mentioned in the ‘alternative news outlets’ (not in the MSM, to be sure).
        In all truthfulness, I wouldn’t be surprised to see more ot them ‘come out of the woodwork’ in the future.
        His ‘gene pool’ is probably spread pretty thin by now. Hell….. there are a lotta blue dresses out there. And, even more ‘no dresses’…..
        But, now that I think of it, seems like there was a rumor that Chelsea wasn’t his biological daughter because he had a low sperm count.
        (lower than Web Hubble’s, at least, according to rumors…..)
        Guess he just needed to ‘plow a more fertile field’…….Hillary’s womb was a ‘rocky place where his seed could find no purchase’ (I’ve always loved that line from “Raising Arizona”)…..

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  9. Will Will Smith portray Kublai Khan in the next Marco Polo epic?

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  10. It has been happening here more and more. Almost every commercial and program has mixed racial couples, people of race in a powerful role/position in TV programs, tipping the percentage of 13% of the population into a majority.
    So an older black playing a young white fits right in with this movement,
    I am far from being a racist, just noticing the shift going on.

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    • Good observations, Glenn47! I haven’t watched TV per se for several years, only Internet & home theatre, so I depend on others to inform me about the TV world, such as it is….


  11. I was actually annoyed by the casting choice until I read what people were writing about it, especially in comments sections like this. People are so obvious and disgusting in their hatred that I’m almost glad the PC crowd exists. At least they’re helping to balance out the extremes (a little).


    • How is it “hatred” to question the casting of a middle-aged black woman to portray a teenage white maiden? Did someone kick you in your head when you were a kid for you to make this ludicrous accusation? Or are you so cowered by the PC-tyrants that you can no longer think clearly?

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  12. When I first saw this I was stunned. They took a lot of effort in clothing and scenery to make it look historic and then they mess it up with casting.

    The directors explanation is contradictionary. First he claims she was the best choice for the job, then he says;

    ‘ I don’t think that you can do a piece of work that is about who we are as a society and just have white people doing it.’

    So it wasn’t just her quality as an actress, but her race was part of that quality…

    It is ridiculous. The play is not about todays society at all, but about a medieval society that is long gone, but was white.

    If the director would have been consistent, he should have done the same with gender; why is king Henry still a man, and Joan of Arc still a woman? That isn’t really who we are as a society today.

    I have been an active anti-racist all my adult life, but I am shocked at some of the ideas of the younger generation. Their shoddy reasoning and their concentration on unimportant matters distract from the struggle against real racism that still exists all around us.

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  13. How pathetic! When I heard this I was laughing. A black lady playing a white teenage queen. Really how silly.
    This is plain stupidity!
    And I loved the Tudors, Rome, Medici’s. I love period drama’s but I refuse to watch this travesty.
    I love the War of the Roses. I even flew all the way from California to the Uk and visited the sites of the battles. But this really is a piece of crap.

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  14. Let us now make a movie with, say, Tom Hanks as .. eh … Nelson Mandela. After all, Hanks is male and tall and has a strong on-screen personality. Perfect!

    The liberals and lefties would love it. Wouldn’t they?

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  15. We all know that Shakespeare was a negro and that Englishmen were black.


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