Fisher-Price apologizes to mom disgusted by ‘girl’ toy

First-world problems.


From Sacramento Bee: Gina Zuk Gerber did not like what she saw recently when she was shopping in the toy aisle. She shared her displeasure on Facebook, and now toy giant Fisher-Price has apologized to the Baltimore mom, promising to fix the “girl” toy that caused her displeasure.

“My son’s favorite toys growing up were Little People. I always just grabbed the fire truck or barn and didn’t think much about it. Today when shopping for toys for Anna I was disgusted to see the ‘girl’ versions of Little People,” Gerber recently wrote on her Facebook page.

“The only ones with all girl figures were all smothered in pink and purple, they worked in interesting places like the ‘home,’ and they all lacked the multiple educational elements the ‘boys’ toys had.”

The offensive toy...

The offensive toy…

But this is what really set her off: a plastic SUV with a mom doll. “Please note tagline ‘time for yoga and a smoothie.’” Gerber wrote. “It’s 2016 people. Fisher Price needs to step … up and show women working in all types of fields and in leadership roles.”

Gerber’s post quickly went viral among other moms who felt the same way. “Because all women do is yoga and sip smoothies,” one woman wrote. “Oh Fisher Price you screwed up big time!”

Redbook magazine took a swipe at the toymaker, too, writing that girls can be “more than just SUV-driving stay-at-home-moms.”

“Sure, the dutiful stay-at-home mom breaking a sweat from cooking some fatty meat has ‘progressed,’ for lack of a better word, to a health-conscious mom who cavorts about town in a care-free manner, scheduling workout classes and sucking down smoothies to better herself rather than please someone else,” the magazine noted.

Judge Judy shakes head rolls eyes

“But it’s still representative of one kind of mom: a stay-at-home mom, which, while fine to be, shouldn’t be the only possibility illustrated to young girls. After all, they can be much, much more.”

The company told ABC News that “as a result of Ms. Gina Gerber’s advocacy, we are planning to make a running change to both the package and audio chip.”

Fisher-Price also sent Gerber a direct message on Twitter, The New York Daily News reports. “You’re absolutely right; we could have done a better job,” the company wrote to her. “You’ve inspired us to change the phrase the toy says, and also the words we call out on the package. . . We’re getting to work on that now!”

The company also reiterated its commitment to breaking down stereotypes in its toys. “You can find a female Little People firefighter, dentist, mail carrier, farmer, and in 2017 you’ll see our Little People friends branch out even more with both female and male characters in professional and community service roles such as servicemen and women, doctors and dentists, athletes, construction workers and others,” the company told Gerber.

A male writer at took Gerber to task for making much ado about nothing, “bullying” the company into making an unnecessary change and for taking her case “to the only place that would care if a dumb toy was offensive, Facebook of course.”

Gerber told ABC she doesn’t have anything against yoga, but was still offended by the insinuation that yoga and smoothies are a big part of motherhood. “Maybe it’s one relaxing moment in a day, but it’s definitely not representative of being a mom,” she told ABC.


11 responses to “Fisher-Price apologizes to mom disgusted by ‘girl’ toy

  1. Next thing Fisher-Price will be forced to do is to make gay, lesbian and transgender Little People! When will this garbage of people being offended stop? Buy the little girl a toy tractor and a pair of bibb overalls to put on her girl Little People. Problem solved!

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  2. So many “sensitive” people! So much to take offense at!

    A defining attribute of the Narcissistic Personality Disorder is easily taking offense, even when none is intended.

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    • With a name like hers, it’s a safe bet that the deep-seated personality disorder on display, which is narcissistic in nature as you say, is actually an expression of the grandiosity associated with paranoia.

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    • another narcissistic, crybaby, PC attention seeker…probably raised in daycare because mom was away trying to “be much, much more”.

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  3. Talk about furthering offensive stereotypes: Redbook’s Mallory Schlossberg wrote, “a stay-at-home mom, which, while fine to be, shouldn’t be the only possibility illustrated to young girls. After all, they can be much, much more.”

    She offers an off-hand crumb to stay-at-home moms by deigning to opine that what they are doing is allowed–it’s “fine” in her lingo. It’s okay, for what it’s worth.

    Then she reveals her true attitude towards women who choose to bring up their own children instead of allowing a nanny, the state, a paid babysitter, or a day care worker to raise them (God only knows how well): these stay-at-homes could be “much, much more.”

    She doesn’t state that there are many options for mothers than to stay at home with children. She doesn’t state that they can choose many more ways to be. What she does, in essence, is imply that stay-at-home mothers, while “fine to be,” are actually much, much LESS THAN those mothers who don’t stay home with their children and instead have other careers. This, she argues, should be “illustrated” to young girls.

    Do you perceive her disdain for the choice stay-at-home women made? I do.

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    • Actually, now that I think about it a little more, she seems to be showing disdain for motherhood in the first place. “Women can be much, much more” than mothers, “not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

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  4. Obama's boyfriend

    I bet she uses Moochelle as a role model, or perhaps the Hildabeast.

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  5. Oh good grief, snap out of it people. You don’t have to buy the stuff. Just walk on by.
    FP first error was apogizing, now they will probably offend someone else.
    I am personally sick to death of hearing all the crap from “sensitive” people.
    If something so simple offends you, maybe you should be a parent.
    Buck up and act like an adult and stop trying to control the world.
    Judge Judy’s face says it all.

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  6. my ex insisted on working. one child later she had to go find herself. 3 years later the marrige was done. took me 10 + years to recover and start over.
    my brother’s wife was a stay at home mom. 40 years later 4 kids all married and happy with kids. two are stay at home moms. Brother still married. Still happy.
    Do the math.

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  7. I pray fisher price doesn’t get the PC bug and goes to ‘the dark side’.
    If they do, I would stop buying their new toys….I do like their vintage toys.

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  8. This is the worst thing that ever happened! Oh, the shame of it all!

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