Who’s more narcissistic? Trump or Hillary?

The image that the MSM portray of Donald Trump is that he’s an inflated egotistical narcissist.

Not to say that he isn’t, as narcissism and an inflated opinion of oneself seem to be requirements for being a politician. But using how often one talks about oneself as a measure of narcissism, a recent study found that — SURPRISE! — Hillary Clinton is more than double a narcissist than Trump.

Martin Armstrong reports for statistica that analysts at Socialbakers looked at posts on Facebook and Twitter by Hillary, Trump and their teams in the days leading up to and after the third and last presidential debate (Oct. 6-12) to count how many times each talked about themselves.

They found that Hillary Clinton is the clear winner:

  • On Facebook, Hillary mentioned herself in 46% of Facebook posts, whereas for Trump, it was just 20%.
  • On Twitter, Hillary mentioned herself in 28% of her posts, whereas Trump mentioned himself in only 15% of his tweets.


By the way, a high score on narcissism isn’t just indicative of the Narcissistic Personality Disorder, narcissism is also a defining attribute of Anti-Social Personality Disorder, aka sociopathy or psychopathy, i.e., psychopaths are narcissistic.


We’ve already had 8 years of Obama the narcissist.

God help us if we get another 4 years of Hillary the narcissist and psychopathic liar as President.

H/t ZeroHedge

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14 responses to “Who’s more narcissistic? Trump or Hillary?

  1. Well based on this report; some rethinking of clinical terminology is definitely overdue.
    In one case we have an individual (Trump) who has worked hard and smart, and has altruistically put himself on the stage of public opinion to save our country from a progressive/socialist doom.
    He necessarily validates his message with verification of his real accomplishments and goals.
    I do not think this reflects a distorted self image, and really wanting to win is normal for a competitive goal oriented person.

    In the other case, we have someone (Hillary) who is criminally insane and doesn’t care if you know it, because she thinks you can’t stop her.

    She ‘validates’ her message by repeating the same lies over and over (and over).
    Believing your own bullsht even though you know it’s bullsht, but you still want everyone to buy it is a distorted self image and seems like narcissim to me,
    but hey, I’m not a shrink.

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    • Good argument, and as far as “clinical terminology” goes, iconoclastic psychiatrist Thomas Szasz noted its purpose is to obscure the obvious and pathologize the normal. As you point out the important distinction is straightforward, one of good versus evil.

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  2. This is left/liberal progressivism, this is your brain on left/liberal progressivism, any questions?

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  3. Trump can have as big an ego as he wants as long as he keeps telling the people the truth, however painful.
    Hillary just spews lies which makes her ego even larger.

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  5. She’s like and old magician. She’s knows how to do all the tricks but her hands aren’t as steady as they used to be. Her presentation is not as smooth as it used to be. And now everybody knows who she is. They’ve seen her show over and over again. They know all her tricks by heart. And she’s not fooling the whole crowd like she used to. She’s not even fooling some of the people who act like they’re fooled. The crowds aren’t what they used to be. But she still thinks she’s got it. Because people are still smiling and clapping for her even though they may not know why.
    If her quest for power and wealth were not so dangerous it would be tragic.

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    • Ditto: an old “magician” that we’re thoroughly disgusted with, tired of, wishing to never, ever see again—EVEN exhausted by and with all those OLD, tired tricks. PLEASE HILLARY and BIll et al….GO AWAY! LEAVE US ALONE! TAKE YOUR DAMNED EMAILS AND YOUR DAMNED FOUNDATION AND YOUR DAMNED LEFTIST/FASCISIT FAILED , WEAK, SELF-SERVING POLITICAL AND FOREIGN POLICIES WITH YOU —THE BOTH OF YOU!!!! PS—and take Barak Hussein Obama with you….and let’s then HOPE and pray that we never ever ever again have a “Hussein” or Clinton in office (there are others, for sure…but these are the latest thorns…) AGAIN!

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    • Al that and everything else…


  6. Trump may be an egoTIST, and he may be an egoIST, but a narcissist he is not (I wish Dr. Seuss were here to write a book on this!) But Donald Trump is no narcissist. He is, as New Yorkers of old used to say, a BLOVIATOR. He is of that old generation that pontificated on anything at the drop of a hat. But over the years, he has toned it way down.
    He said it himself the other day: “I built a great company and made a lot of money. I could have retired and enjoyed the fruits of my labor.” The man comes off as a sincere and well-meaning soul, and his delivery at the Al Smith Dinner demonstrates his ability to size up the environment he is in, and to build the intent to confront it. Unlike college-educated politicians who think that law school is everything, Donald Trump went into business and built things and employed a lot of people. In Plain English, this means he is no dummy.
    In contrast, Hillary’s actions have benefited no one BUT herself (and her husband). What has she built? What is her philosophy, other than grandiose entitlement? We’ve heard it from the Secret Service, and a couple of their chefs themselves, as to how Hillary treats the help.
    How many underlings have complained to the press about Donald Trump’s treatment of them? Certainly, the New York Times would have found them by now.
    All right, Donald Trump MAY have an inflated opinion about himself and his abilities, but he has always backed it up by solid, irrefutable ACHIEVEMENT. And keep in mind, also, that if one wants to open a casino in Atlantic City, he will get the political proctological examination of his life. Jersey didn’t find anything, despite any business he may have done with shady concrete vendors! He has played by the rules.

    Donald Trump is no narcissist. You know, W.C. Fields once observed, “Show me a good man, and I will show you a poor husband. Show me a great actress, and you’ve met the Devil!” Sounds like Hillary, the Klownish Koughing Kween, to me!

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