Black Trump supporters: He’s not a racist

Watch two black Americans tell reporters Donald Trump is not a racist.

Both men are wise to the MSM’s lies.

Beginning at the 0: 16 mark:

Black man to CNN reporter: “I’m down here to make sure that I express my support for Mr. Donald Trump, and I’m fighting back against people like Black Lives Matter with CNN support, along with the Hillary Clinton Foundation and the Bill Clinton Foundation — the traitors to this country.”

CNN reporter: “What do you think about the fact that white supremacists support Trump?”

Black man: “It doesn’t matter. That’s their right to free speech. I’m sick of this racist divide, and CNN is always doing that, always divide and conquer. People have the right to choose whatever they want. What the hell that’s got to do with Donald Trump? He’s not a racist! I’m sick of that. It’s a scam, and I know it’s not going to get on CNN. We’re sick of you media.”

Beginning at the 0:08 mark:

Reporter asks black man named Ronnie Simpson: “So why are you out here today?”

Ronnie: “You know, I am a Trump supporter. I don’t know if I would vote for him, but I have to support what he’s standing for because I’ve been seeing all this opposition coming from Bernie, Hillary supporters and sitting there talking about ‘We’re liberal, we just want peace’. Yet they throw eggs at you and punch you in the mouth because they’re peaceful and loving.

I saw what went down in Southern California. It got to me. I had to actually come out here and actually talk about what’s going on. [Note: Ronnie was referring to a man who was assaulted by a mob in El Cajon, California, for wearing a Trump “Make America Great Again” cap.]

These people don’t want to talk to you, that’s the problem. They sit there and say they don’t have double standards and they’re not hypocritical. They’ll come up to you and just yell and scream like you’re just nobody: ‘We hate you, you’re racist, you’re misogynist, you’re homophobic.’ I have black friends, I have white friends, I have Mexican friends, and supposedly I’m a racist! Wow, that’s crazy.

My family is black, we’re all mixed, okay. So it has nothing to do with race. I think Trump is really just trying to get the sovereignty back in America when he’s talking about the borders, like he’s not saying deport all Muslims, deport all Mexicans. He’s talking about the drug pushers, he’s talking about the criminals, he’s talking about them. He’s not talking about good people that are going to work every day and paying their bills. There’s just too many of these misconceptions by the hype of the mainstream media, and people just kind of buy into it because of the herd mentality.”

Bravo, my brother in the red t-shirt!


Bravo, my brother, Ronnie Simpson!



20 responses to “Black Trump supporters: He’s not a racist

  1. God Bless all of our black brothers and sisters, those who have listened to and recognized the truth.

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  3. I’ll bet that CNN reporter just about had a heart attack!

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  4. truth…the one thing liberals fight tooth and nail against….they want to create their own “truth” from lies.

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  5. truth to a liberal is like water on the wicked witch of the west….

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  6. Wow, this is one GREAT posting, and if only 50,000,000 could see it and finally GET IT!

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    SHE SAYS (from online articles)———-

    Blacks are losers & super predators
    Blacks-“That God damned nigger”
    Campaign calls blacks “never do wells”
    Muslims are sandniggers
    Democrats are stupid
    Jews-“Fucking Jew bastard”
    PA & OH-white trash & stupid morons
    Hispanics-bunch of tacos & “needy”
    Bernie supporters-sleep in basements, her campin compares them
    to Soviet Union Communists and no hope for the $15
    Trump supporters-deplorable, irredeemable & un American Bill Clinton says Trump’s supporters are rednecks.
    Millenials are losers
    Democrats are plain stupid & easy to manipulate
    She hates everyday Americans
    She and her campaign hates Catholics & Evangelicals
    Catholics are backward thinking yahoos
    Stupid kikes
    Bring them to heel
    Handicapped-“fucking retards”

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  8. loved the t-shirt: “THINK, it’s not illegal yet”

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  9. Looks like these gentlemen have actually refrained from screaming in people’s faces and listened to the messages.

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  10. I’ll be 74 in Feb., and it just occurred to me upon re-visitiing this posting: it reminds of when I went to Berkeley, CA in 1963! Fifty years ago the newly formed Black Panthers made a lot of sense in their context, and comments like those of Ronnie Simpson [no clear relation to Bart] would have also made a LOT of sense, especially after the assassination of MLK.

    Few people alive today know what that era felt like, especially after the death of MLK: it didn’t matter what political arena you came from, as we were all smacked in the face with the events. One major political-social leader after another was gunned down [Note: I have nothing against guns, it just happens to be the case here] and we knew we were given a clear message: Fall in line, or else!

    To me it feels much the same today: after fifty years of being worked over by TPTB/the ruling elites/the 100% corrupted political process, whatever one choses to call what transformed the nation into its present chaos, we know how we feel and that, I think, matters most. Someone should ask our Joan d’Arc to comment as she’s the right age, was absolutely aware at that time, and can articulate these feelings better than I can.


  11. Ahh…It’s so nice to see people who can still think for themselves.

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  12. These guys are salt of the earth just like some of my old school relatives from Italy and Poland. What makes salt of the earth? Common sense and love of truth. You can also add love of God, family, and a sense of humor, something which most libs lack. By the way, the hyper msm is constantly bombarding us by reminding everyone that she now has a double digit lead. Sounds more than a bit worried.

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  13. One more reason to doubt the so called ‘Polls’ that the MSM tries to feed us.

    By the way, has anybody here been contacted by a pollseter?
    And if so do you think your answers were included in the poll results?

    The only polls that I have answered questions for are on vapor blogs and unfortuneatly I doubt any libatards participate in them since they either don’t read conservative writings or don’t believe what they read if they do.

    I encourge everybody to read both sides of the argument, no matter how difficult it might be to read libatard dribble. At least you’ll know a little more about how the other side thinks. (or thinks they’re thinking)

    ‘Keep your friends close. Keep your enamies closer.’


    • “By the way, has anybody here been contacted by a pollster?”

      I’ve received a few phonecalls from pollsters. Except for one, I refused to take their polls because I’m sick of their bias. I’m sure I’m not alone in refusing to answer polls, which is yet another reason to wonder about the veracity of the polling data we are told.


  14. Even some brothers know that we’re up against a system that has no interest in the truth, that we all are following a “narrative.” Yeah: A “narrative” that keeps us all on the plantation. Maybe they can’t give us a well-written dissertation with academic jargon, but their gut instinct is spot-on.
    To paraphrase Jesus: By their GUT INSTINCTS Ye shall know them!

    Journalists and politicians are “educated fools from educated schools”!


  15. Haha, loved that the 2nd guy mentioned Edward Bernay’s book re Propaganda. Hopefully every person who saw that video will go investigate that book!

    Great 18-minute audio interview (10/25/16) with the also very passionate (black lady) Brunell Donald_Kyei who is the “Vice Chair of Trump’s Diversity Outreach.” She says Trump has 25% of the black vote. She fondly reminds me of strong black ladies I’ve known in the past.


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