NC State admin calls microaggressions ‘death by a thousand paper cuts’


From Campus Reform: North Carolina State University will host a microaggressions workshop on Halloween about responding to slights like seeing a Confederate flag or encountering mean messages on social media.

According to NC State News, the “Recognizing and Responding to Microaggessions” workshop will teach students about a variety of microaggressions, such as “horizontal oppression,” “environmental” microaggressions, “macroaggressions,” and “microassaults.”

The three-hour workshop is meant to help students, staff, alumni, or other attendees understand when microaggressions occur and how to respond when they do occur, and is one of many such sessions hosted by the school’s GLBT Center, supplementing offerings such as “Trans 101,” “The Spectrum of Sex: Exploring Intersex Identities and the Relationship to Gender,” and “Sitting with Privilege.”

Microaggression expert Renee Wells

Microaggression expert Renee Wells

 “It’s sometimes called ‘death by a thousand paper cuts,’” explained Renee Wells, director of the university’s GLBT Center. “There’s this cumulative emotional effect that leaves people feeling marginalized and invalidated.”

Common examples of microaggressions are remarks suggesting that Asians get good grades, suggesting that women are bad drivers, or asking an African American student whether he got an athletic scholarship, Wells noted, but added that there are other, more subtle types of microaggressions, as well.

“For example, a student walking across campus might see a Confederate flag in the window of a residence hall or a racist slur spray painted in the Free Expression Tunnel,” she observed, saying, “these are things that you see that aren’t necessarily targeted at you, but are part of the environment you are navigating.”

Vitriolic sentiments on social media, meanwhile, constitute what Wells describes as “microassaults,” because unlike microaggressions, they are intentional. “Microaggressions include things you might consider macroaggressions, things that are intentional and overt—people using racist slurs—which are microassaults,” Wells said.

Even members of marginalized groups must be wary of microaggressions, she continued, asserting that “horizontal oppression” takes place when a member of one minority group microaggresses against another minority.

“You may be culturally competent as it relates to your own identity and community…but that doesn’t mean that you’re culturally competent about communities you’re not a part of,” she explained. “The ultimate form of privilege is having the option of not challenging oppressive behavior; to say it’s not my problem.”


10 responses to “NC State admin calls microaggressions ‘death by a thousand paper cuts’

  1. Clint Eastwood is right: America has become pussified. (Apologies to pussycats.)

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    • And things keep getting wussier…

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    • Right, and by design, to neuter American men and their dominance in the natural order of things over the effete emasculattos making up the majority of America’s elites. This Hegelian “Second Reality” being imposed on us attempts to upend the God given natural order of things, supplanting it with lies, evil, and ugliness, and can only be sustained by brutal oppression of all that is true, just, and good in this world.


  2. Microaggression?
    Thousands of lies, psychobabble, and Leftwing bullsh*t

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  3. Let’s go out of our way to find something we can be offended about so we can attack people and things that differ from our views.

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  4. I don’t really like to use this expression but I am compelled to say, “GAG ME”!!

    We’ve already had “Safe Spaces” for ages, where the Snowflakes can run when they can’t handle others’ opinions > They’re called Mental Wards or Insane Asylums!

    They are literally teaching these people how to be dysfunctional. Somebody bugs you on twitter? So what? Use your imagination for a humorous or clever comeback & move on. Big Deal!**

    These Univs. are mental sewers. How people can stomcah going at all is remarkable.

    **For example, a Hilbot was mocking pro-Trumper Bill Mitchell on twitter this morning, saying, “I smell panic all around & it is good!”

    Mitchell replies, “So I take it you won’t be showering this morning then?”

    LOL! & he moves on. The Hilbot continues to try to bait him but he’s long gone to the next tweet. Take lessons little Snowflakes!

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  5. Where do these people come from? Where do they get such ridiculous ideas? What makes this woman think she is an expert? God help us and the people who take her course. (am I guilty of a “microaggression” here?)

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  6. I think even Freud would be laughing his ass off on this one . PATHETIC , truly pathetic . These college indoctrinated boobs will never make it out in the real world ….

    Hell , they’d be lucky if they could wipe their own ass on their own .
    The scarier thought is this ………These pussies will be running the show on down the line . Does the movie ” Minority Report ” come to mind ?

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  7. What on earth will they do if they ever have to deal with MACROagression, Heaven forbid?! (waaaahh!)

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  8. Waaah! Waaah! Mommee! I guess her mother never taught her “sticks and stones may break your bones, but words should never hurt you” Some people just keep running to mommy and never mature.

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