Hillary Clinton’s problems with walking and standing go back to at least 2009

Remember this?

“Just one more step, and then we’ll go inside and plug you in for the night.”

and this?
Hillary propped up by man in L.A., April 2016

and this?

Hillary’s problems with walking and standing actually date back 7 years, to at least 2009.

Edmund Kozak reports for PoliZette, Oct. 18, 2016, that emails obtained by Citizens United through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request and released on Tuesday indicate that walking around a stage and speaking without a podium to hold onto may have been a problem for Hillary Clinton as early as 2009.

Note: Citizens United is a conservative 501(c)(4) non-profit organization chaired by David Bossie, who is also the deputy campaign manager of the Donald Trump presidential campaign.

In a Sept. 14, 2009 email to Amitabh Desai and Ed Hughes, employees of the Clinton Foundation’s Clinton Global Initiative, Hillary’s top aide and rumored lesbian lover Huma Abedin revealed that Hillary could not walk around the stage like her husband Bill and would need a podium for an upcoming address:

“Just want to make sure someone has coordinated with you on hrc [Hillary Rodham Clinton] speech set up. She won’t be able to give it in the round like he [Bill Clinton] does walking around with microphone. Are we able to set it up so shes speaking at a podium?”


Hughes replied that a high table that doubles as a podium would be on the stage — a stage-in-the-round surrounded by the audience arranged in concentric circles. To which Abedin expressed her concerns that the stage-in-the-round would be a problem:

“I’m worried that will be an issue for her. Can we do a half round or something?”

The email exchange suggests that as early as 7 years ago, Hillary already had trouble walking around on a stage, and with speaking without a podium or  surrounded by an audience.

Hillary’s need for a podium is also revealed in a more recent email from Huma Abedin to Dan Schwerin, which was released by Wikileaks.

In that email on October 22, 2015, Abedin asked Hillary’s speechwriter, Dan Schwerin, to cut the 2-minute long speech he had drafted for Hillary by half because Hillary would face “a bank of Mics [microphones] and no podium.” Here’s a screenshot of the email exchange:


As explained by Breitbart.com, Dan Schwerin, Director of Speechwriting for Clinton’s campaign, had sent Abedin a draft of a “post-game statement” Hillary could make to the press after her testimony before the House Benghazi Committee in October 2015. Schwerin had drafted a 253-word statement, which would take the average speaker less than two minutes to deliver. But Abedin still asked Schwerin to shorten the speech by half because Hillary would not have a podium.

All of which suggests that Hillary Clinton, who means to be POTUS — a very stressful job that visibly aged every president — does not have the stamina to stand without the help of leaning on a podium for even two minutes.

Meanwhile, another email recently released by WikiLeaks indicates that Hillary’s van is equipped with a bed. The April 14, 2015 email from T. Brody is a forward of a National Review article describing Hillary’s vehicle as a Secret Service-owned and -operated luxury 2014 Chevrolet Express van, outfitted with heated leather seats and a sofa that converts into a bed. (H/t Gateway Pundit)

Hillary’s van actually has more than a bed. According to an investigation by National Enquirer, “insiders” say the van is more like an ambulance, equipped with:

  • An oxygen tank.
  • A wheelchair lift to hoist Hillary in and out on a custom-made motorized wheelchair.
  • A strategically placed hook to hold an IV bag and tubing to rehyhdrate Hillary in case she gets dehydrated like she reportedly was at the 9/11 memorial ceremony.
  • A defibrillator in case of heart attack.
  • A stretcher
  • A back area that can be closed off by curtains for maximum privacy.

“Sources” also told the Enquirer that Hillary has a personal Emergency Medical Services team — a squad of local ambulance workers in bulletproof vests who follow Hillary at her appearances.

My joke post, “Hillary Clinton uses an ambulance van,” on Aug. 29, 2016, turns out to be true. 😀

Hillary's ambulance van



23 responses to “Hillary Clinton’s problems with walking and standing go back to at least 2009

  1. The only people sicker than Hillary are her supporters. Pity all of the Afterberniers who jumped on her boat, the emails have shown what a slick backstabber she was to her party comrade. Very clever, very evil, and very magnetic to her fellow sickos.

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  2. With overwhelming evidence, is there one person out there that isn’t convinced she is not healthy enough to serve?
    I have said all along, they will drag her across the finish line and someone behind the scenes will jerk the chains.

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  4. I wondered- how come she looked so ‘good’ at the last debate… Walking around; strong voice; no apparent mind wanderings… Was she on drugs? What happened to the lady who needed ppl to hold her up– who had to get shoved into the vehicle on 9/11?? 🤔

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    • That puzzles me as well. Since we don’t really know what ails her, we also don’t really know what sets her off — the falling, crazy eyes, brain seizure, etc.

      But we do know that Hillary disappeared for days before that 2nd debate, no doubt to rest up. Same with the 3rd debate tonight.

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    • I read where a medical expert suspects she disappears for days before a debate to detox, then they give her drugs right before the debate and they last longer and work better.
      I thought her gait tonight was jerky on stage and someone stayed close to her afterwards.

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  5. The Hillary Clinton campaign is a left wing hate group populated with anti-Catholic bigots!

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  6. unfortunatly the people that need to see this stuff the most will never read it. and if they do they’ll never believe it. we all need to take a different approach to converting liberal fools to responsable conservative thinkers. a daunting task indeed. conservatives need to approach liberals in such a was as to lead them to the truth and to believe that is was their own genius and ideas that lead them there. I’m not sure how to do it myself, but putting up a solid wall will never work. an unstoppable force encountering an immovable object as it were. a force field that holds you more immobile the more you resist. liberals are not bad people. they’re just mislead people. not unlike someone with a chronic disease such as diabeties or high blood pressure, yelling, cajoling, insulting, degrading will not cure them. liberials are sick, albeit mentally, and should be treated as such. don’t present as their enemy, but as their friend, someone that cares about their welfare, someone that wants to help them. It’s what they understand.

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    • youknowwho,

      In the nearly 7 years of FOTM, we’ve encountered many leftists. For the first 1-3 years, depending on the commenter, I was polite and tried to engage the ones who were at least civil, hoping that the FACTS presented in our posts would eventually change their political beliefs and worldview. Not a single one did. Instead, eventually even the civil ones turned nasty, which was when I banned their comments from being published. DCG can attest to this.

      I’ve had the same experience with liberals I personally know, one of whom is an intelligent attorney, who apparently only reads the New York Times. I would email him my posts, hoping that the exposure to the Alternative Media would provide him with information he doesn’t get from NYT and the MSM. Two years later, after he sent me an email mocking Trump as some sort of clown (this was when Trump was just one of the GOP candidates and I had not even selected one as my choice), I realized that my efforts had been futile, so I stopped emailing my posts to him.

      To this day, he would send me occasional emails trying to change my mind about Hillary Clinton, but not directly because he knows it wouldn’t work. Knowing my stance on abortion, he first sent an email informing me that Hillary is a Methodist Christian; to which I responded, “Yeah, some Christian she is. Hillary supports women’s ABSOLUTE right to abort.” My friend then followed that email with another one — an article written by someone on how the Christian writer C.S. Lewis had argued that we must tolerate people who hold beliefs contrary to our moral convictions. The oblique allusion is to abortion — that we should respect and tolerate others’ moral stance on this; in effect, there are no absolute moral truths. Whether or not the author misrepresented C.S. Lewis is beside the point. The point is that my attorney friend tried to use that moral relativism argument to change my opposition to Hillary.

      To conclude, I have not been successful at changing even one liberal. So if you’ve figured out a way, please let us know.


      • Yep, those tolerant liberals just can’t help themselves. You try to engage and eventually, with facts ignored, they resort to name calling.

        “…someone that cares about their welfare, someone that wants to help them. It’s what they understand.” Not when you come from different perspectives of “help.” Liberals (in general) want government to help them: free healthcare, free college, more benefits, rulings to help LGBT tell folks how to run their businesses, etc.

        Liberals want you to help by spreading the wealth and taxing the rich to death to pay their fair share. You shall be punished for only thinking of how to help yourself attain financial wealth. The only way to help is to make sure wealth is fair.

        You care about their welfare by offering the benefits of the Second Amendment and self defense and you are labeled a gun nut.

        You care about the welfare of an unborn baby yet it’s not your body. “My body, my choice” so leave me the heck alone and stay out of my “welfare.”

        I could go on. Between the media and the indoctrination process, it’s going to take a massive break of some system to change liberals’ ideals. And that system is government. It’s broken both financially and morally.

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  7. America has a choice… an easy one:

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  8. Hillary winning this post-debate poll, ugh. It is still open as it let me vote a few minutes ago.

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  9. Very revealing insider comments/emails in your post re HRC’s now-7-years-long health problems. The contents of her “vanbulance” is like a MASH tent on wheels.

    I suppose she wore white/offwhite tonight to look more “pure” & “honest.” Or maybe that’s her “hospital robe” outfit, in case of emergency.

    Twitterverse opinions, post-3rd-debate:
    –“For someone who constantly could barely remember her name before the FBI, Hillary seems to possess a good memory.” (@mitchellvii)
    Replies to that:
    –“She forgot about the $6 Billion lost at DS and Creamer admitting Hillary plants caused Chicago riot.”
    –“She forgot her husband’s vice president @algore contesting an election.”
    –“HRC talked about violence at Trump rallys, she forgot to take credit for that, forgot WiKileaks tapes of her thugs bragging.”
    –“She remembers dirt about Trump!”
    –“She’s ‘remembering’ her tired old debate favorites #rehash little boy in Aleppo, nightclub in Miami…”
    –“In all fairness Bill, she has a lot of crimes to remember and a lot of lies.” (lol)
    –“Must have bumped her head again to straighten things out.” (lol!)
    –“Sudden reversal of amnesia.”
    –“She appears to be getting coaching.”
    –“Helps when you’re obviously reading from answers to questions that Chris Wallace handed you.”
    –“She has notes and someone messaging her talking points.”
    –She sounded like a robot.
    –She was giving itchy nose & upper lip signals.
    –Constant looking down & reading from teleprompter again.
    –The Cleaner man took stuff from her podium again.

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  10. Great article but the comments under it are garbage.

    10/19/16: “SUNY professor says Trump win at least 87 percent certain; other polls ‘bunk'”:

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  11. Some of Hillary’s crooks…

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  12. And this one exposed by the Project Veritas videos:

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  13. 10/19/16: “‘Draw them to punch you’: 2 Dem operatives lose jobs after undercover video comments”:

    That is re Creamer, photo above, who voluntarily “stepped back,” & Scott Foval, the huge blabbermouth in the Project Veritas videos, who was fired after exposure.

    Of course the DNC denies that what the men said/did was due to anything the DNC believes in or promotes.

    And the FOX article naturally, at the tail end, rips up James O’Keefe of the “well funded” Project Veritas as basically being a crook. (I saw a tweet somewhere that said O’Keefe is a CIA operative. Who knows, could be, but great job getting the Dem operatives exposed!)

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  14. My late father contracted polio in 1954, shortly before Salk discovered the first vaccine. He spent 2/3 of his life in a wheelchair. It really angers me that someone who can walk, normally and for ordinary lengths of distance and time, uses a wheelchair. (I am not referring to the elderly, the frail and infirm.)
    This is not Hillary Clinton’s problem. She does not have polio, and she is not frail—at least, not at this point. She apparently can walk, but not for normal and ordinary lengths of time and distance. She has different medical problems that may require assistance, or solid objects to hold onto. That I can understand.

    This is not a political issue for me, at this point: I am putting political opinions aside, for a moment. This is about a person who, as wicked as she may be, will not “give up the ghost” on her quest for power (or to appease her “benefactors.”) This is about an individual who is, frankly and plainly observable to a layman, not medically qualified to seek or hold elected (or appointed) office. (FDR was an exception: His polio or Guianne’s was not as debilitating as my father’s; Apparently, he was able to function). This is an individual (I am appalled at having to call her a “woman”) who does not know her station in life.

    We all of us have some limitation or other. As Clint Eastwood once said, “A man has to know his limitations.” The same applies to a woman. Life made my father know his; It is making me face mine—and I’m as stubborn as hell! In Hillary Clinton, we have someone who is enforcing her own autobiography upon the rest of humanity, regardless of the consequences. And yet, despite her record or her rap sheet, will not allow the rest of humanity to know what, precisely, that autobiography is. THIS is the essence of what Ann Barnhardt calls “diabolical narcissism,” and, once again, History stands at the ready, weary and dreary as She is, saying, “Well, let’s get this over with.” My parents made it a point to “stay in their back yard,” as it were, and strove not to enforce their problems upon others, and they taught their sons to do the same. Not so Hillary: She is the beggar with a gun! She is the moral monster who will leave Lady Macbeth in the dust, given half a chance. The woman is an appalling phony, a “congenital liar” in the words of the late William Safire!

    MARK MY WORDS: If the last 150 years have taught us anything, they have taught us that most great persons are MORAL ABOMINATIONS and EVIL PEOPLE. Hillary Clinton stands at the ready, TO SET THE WORLD ON FIRE. Given half a chance, this is PRECISELY what she intends to do.

    UNDER ZERO CIRCUMSTANCES MUST THIS WOMAN BE ELECTED TO ANY POLITICAL OFFICE. The stakes are just too damned high. May God Almighty take pity upon the human race.

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  15. Whatever Hillary is taking, DJT needs some too. In the past few debates, he has come off as the low energy candidate, which we know he isn’t. No wonder she ignored his request for drug tests.

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