Venezuela has come to this: Cannibalism in prisons

Venezuela is a failed state from years of socialism.

There are reports of interminable long lines in supermarkets, although many shelves are empty; of food riots; and of people killing pets and zoo animals for food.

There are shortages of drinking water and of hospital supplies as basic as bandages, as well as massive power outages.

On Sept. 1, 2016, half a million people swarmed the streets of Venezuela’s capital to demand the recall of President Maduro — to no avail.

The South American country is literally falling apart.

Now comes even more horrifying news: Prisoners are being cannibalized by fellow inmates.


14 responses to “Venezuela has come to this: Cannibalism in prisons

  1. How can anyone see this marxist failure and feel safe with a marxist in the white house?

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  2. The last time the Saudi’s decided to pump this much oil, and flood the market was in the late 1980’s. This, many believe, was done on Washington’s insistence to make sure the Soviet Union, nearly bankrupt from their Afghan war debacle, failed. The Saudi’s know that fracking is not going to disappear, there is a fracklog, fracking production costs have declined steadily with technological advances, and, fracking is sure to rebound with higher oil prices. IMO, this is about putting pressure on Russia. The Saudi’s abandoned OPEC limits in June, 2104, three months after Russia’s invasion of Crimea. The Saudi’s also needed to keep Iran in check with lower oil prices, but this was secondary because Iran’s economy had been struggling with sanctions for many years before June, 2014.

    Venezuela is an example of collateral damage, albeit collateral damage of a non-aligned state, to wit, the type Washington relishes.

    “In politics, nothing is accidental. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”

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    • Even if this is true, Venezuela’s economy should not have totally tanked because of the drop in oil prices — the result only because Venezuela is too much of a single-goods economy. Instead of diversifying its economy into a myriad of production and revenue sources, such as agricultural crops, extracted minerals (incl. oil), manufacturing, and services, Venezuela depended mainly on oil revenue. That’s no one’s fault but its government’s.

      And then there’s the matter of the government having overspent when times were good. Even before the drop in oil prices, Venezuela’s debt was $107,200 million in 2010 — an increase of $41,675 million in just a year since 2009. In 2013, Venezuela’s government debt was a whopping 49.8% of GDP. Today, that figure would only be even higher.

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      • This is common in resource rich nations. Look up the term “Dutch disease”. However, it is compounded by sanctions and other covert political and economic activities directed against nations non-aligned with U.S. hegemony to utterly ruin those countries (i.e., an opportunistic attempt is made for regime change of non-aligned countries, especially when they are vulnerable).


      • This is common in resource rich nations. Look up the term “Dutch disease”. However, the effect is compounded in nations non-aligned with U.S. hegemony with sanctions and political sabotage. There is always an opportunistic attempt at regime change whenever a nation non-aligned with the U.S. is vulnerable. Client states of the U.S., such as Saudi Arabia, weather the adverse macro-economic conditions better due to the absence of sanctions and political sabotage.


        • Well, of course it’s all America’s fault! Always blame America first and last. Venezuela is just a victim, helpless like a child, incapable of governing itself. I should have known better. /sarc


  3. Kevin J Lankford

    I wonder just what was on foxx’s and haas’s menu during their stay?

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  4. what an abomination! those poor souls! that entire govt should be put on trial.
    maybe I’m looking into the names too deeply and they’re just a coincidence (but with satanism, nothing seems to be a coincidence), but, I find it odd that the 3 visitors to venezuela all have double letters in their names:penn, haas, foxx

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    • Those double letters add up to 6–and, there were 3 of them–so, multiplying 6 by 3=18–18 adds up to three 6’s, or 666—I wonder if that’s the basics of why they were actually sent there–to show off to their fellow satanists, and/or to demonstrate who is behind it all–‘shock ‘n awe’–better pronounced “Shekina”, as in “shekina glory”, which is the false ‘light’ claimed to emanate from the false deity they proclaim to be God Almighty.

      So, those who have hijacked our govt. are just standing by and allowing those people to literally starve to death, with them being so hungry that they are resorting to cannibalism?! Well, then, I guess “666” really does seem to fit that bunch, with no ‘ifs’, ‘ands’ or ‘buts’ about it.

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    • What an interesting observation….

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  5. Esther Bunny Brown

    I wish the German Colombians could evacuate the German Venezuelans, especially if absolutely necessary. If anyone is unfamiliar with either or both of them, he ought to look them up.


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