Tuesday Funny: Ingenious redneck inventions


H/t FOTM‘s Ken R. & josephbc69


7 responses to “Tuesday Funny: Ingenious redneck inventions

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  2. Half my neck is ‘Sicilian rosso’, proof that being a redneck is genetic. Some of these I thought were ingenious adaptations to living in the bush/country, as I did for nearly 8 years w/o ANY electricity, not even a generator. It was probably the best time of my life, age 26-34, 1970-78.

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  3. Hilarious. I liked the apple-peeler, great time saver. Note to self-worth trying. Although, last time I tried one of these ingenious tips, it didn’t work out very well.
    A workman showed me how to start my chainsaw, by holding the impossible- to- pull starting cord and letting the chain saw drop off the deck. He didn’t explain how I was supposed to haul it back up and get a grip…still, the apple peeler looks quite harmless, we shall see.

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  4. Ha, funny stuff!

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  5. How true! WD-40 and duct tape can fix everything!

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