2 Adjective Pairs – Choose One on November 8th

successful adept or criminal corrupt

A friend sent this to me.
I think it sums up our choice. 


16 responses to “2 Adjective Pairs – Choose One on November 8th

  1. Easy choice…

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    • …Rockets’ Red Glare, Bombs Bursting in Air…

      …Businessman victoriously stands on the bow…

      …of his “yacht” while the balmy winds blow…

      Colorful animated gif!

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  2. Great post!

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  3. Hillary’s supporters, including almost ALL of this country’s media, simply don’t care, which means they are just as corrupt as Hillary. We’ve met our enemies, and they are fellow Americans.

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  4. “…our enemies, and they are fellow Americans…” (chillingly true!) will just repeat that “Successful Adept” cannot be true because Trump had such & such bankruptcies blah blah blah.

    What MIGHT wake them up, if they watch it, is this new expose’ video by “Project Veritas” (anyone familiar with them?) The guy who runs it is James O’Keefe; I only heard about him yesterday for the first time in Bill Mitchell’s twitter feed that they would be dropping something this week that would be REALLY BAD for Hillary.

    Somehow they go undercover & infiltrate Hillary’s people & videotape them secretly, or maybe they pretend to be Hillary supporters(??) What I don’t understand is why are the Hillary people running their mouths so FREELY? Who do they think they are talking TO? Are their egos that big they can’t help but bragging?

    The video has only been online about 3 hours, & has almost 2k comments. Commentors are saying the total view count is not updating as it should. I saw one former Hitlery supporter saying he/she was switching after watching it because “it’s disgusting” what they are doing.

    It’s 16-minutes, & I’m only about 7-minutes in, & the Hillary guys are just blabbing & admitting all kinds of nasty stuff (instigating trouble at Trump rallies; having go-between guy to deal with HRC Camp + PACs, since it is illegal for them to deal w/each other directly, etc.).

    10/17/16: “Rigging the Election – Video I: Clinton Campaign and DNC Incite Violence at Trump Rallies”
    uploaded by Project Veritas Action:

    Whattaya think? Will this finally put Clinton under the bus? (I guess there’s more to come since this says Video-I.)

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  5. I am going with the guy that wants to save this country, not destroy her.
    Anyone that supports Clinton at this point after she has made it clear how many refugees she will bring in, after admitting, they can’t be vetted, must not care about the safety of their families.

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  6. The Hillary Clinton campaign is a left wing hate group populated with anti-Catholic bigots!

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  8. We’ve seen so many revelations of corruption and blatant criminality over the past 2 weeks, the ‘vast right wing conspiracy’ adage is going to stop being an effective retort for the Clinton campaign.

    Those who oppose us have progressed from mocking and denying facts, through anger to mumbling that we may be on to something rotten. The stench is permeating slowly but surely up their sniffers. I pray enough people can’t take it anymore, and vote in good conscience for Trump.

    This is a fight where victory is the only option.

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