Designer sets sights on untapped transgender community

Via NY Post: Leo Roux hopes to make his mark in the fashion world by catering to a very specific demographic: the transgender community.

The designer is readying his collection that he promises will offer a better fit than the clothes currently at retail — whether “pre-op, post-op or no-op.”

There are 1.4 million adults in the US who identify as transgender, according to the Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law.

“A lot of transgender people who want to present masculine have to shop in the boys department, and that does not match up with what an adult would want to wear,” said Roux, 31, who was born female, named Louise and transitioned to male in 2012. “We are altering the proportions of clothing,” Roux said.

His Seattle-based company is joining a handful, but growing number of apparel businesses catering to the transgender community, including Chrysalis a 3-year-old lingerie company, and Saint Harridan, which makes masculine clothing for women and transmen.

Leo Roux, which will sell T-shirts, pants, shorts, dresses and blouses, is holding a pre-sale later this month to fund its first manufacturing order.

The duds aren’t cheap — with jeans costing around $70 and T-shirts around $30. Nothing will cost more than $100.

Roux is hoping carving a niche in the casual clothing sector, where there is a dearth of offerings. “A lot of online companies are aimed at crossdressers, and that clothing has a big night club performance feel,” Roux said. “But a lot of transgender people are living their lives in the open now rather than hiding it away.”


6 responses to “Designer sets sights on untapped transgender community

  1. Kevin J Lankford

    “Carving a niche???”, More like exploiting the impaired.

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  2. Won’t be long before we see quick service transgender chop shops, in a guy, and out a gal, or visa-versa, or good luck? Then soon to follow the sleaze magazines, and TV specials about all those operations that went wrong, well you get what you pay for?

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  3. If just a little over one million of our nation’s population are “trans” I would have to ask myself . . . is there really a market large enough to support this guy’s efforts? I am left wondering what kind of duds does he envision? Are there not enough clothing outlets for men that could support the clothing needs for this particular one million plus people. It comes to mind . . . does he wish to incorporate “I’m trans” in the design of the clothing? Thank Heaven’s I don’t have to worry abut this particular problem $30.00 for a tee short, as opposed to just purchasing one in the “boys section” of any clothing retailer seems rather a rip-off!

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  4. This whole transgender thing is disgusting. Men are being feminized and not standing ground. Women that are lesbians hate men but want to be men. What a mess!!!!!

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    • Men make lousy women; women make lousy men. Why would Louise, who could have nicely held her own as a woman, intentionally transform herself into Leo, the epitome of the ninety pound weakling and be treated as such by the men she wants to emulate? The bastards promoting and trying to normalize this psychosexual perversion among severely troubled young people should be hanged by the neck until dead.

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  5. “jeans costing around $70 and T-shirts around $30. “

    Is another name for “transgenders” fools?

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