Bill Clinton’s look of guilt

Last Sunday, before the second presidential debate at Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, Donald Trump convened a meeting of four of the Clintons’ victims:

  • Juanita Broaddrick, who claims Bill Clinton raped her in April 1978 when she was 35 years old.
  • Paula Jones, a former Arkansas state employee who sued then  President Bill Clinton for sexual harassment (he reportedly called her to his hotel room, exposed his penis, and ordered her to perform fellatio), which precipitated Clinton’s impeachment in the House of Representatives in 1999. Although Clinton was acquitted, he paid Jones $850,000 in an out-of-court settlement.
  • Kathy Shelton who, when she was 12 years old, was raped by Thomas Alfred Taylor, whose defense attorney was Hillary Clinton, the feminist, who knew full well her client was guilty. In a recording about a decade later, Hillary laughed while recalling her defense of Taylor.
  • Kathleen Willey, a former White House volunteer aide who in 1998, on the TV news program 60 Minutes, claimed that Bill Clinton had sexually assaulted her on November 29, 1993, during his first term as President. Willey was subpoenaed to testify in the Paula Jones sexual harassment case.

Then Trump seated the women in a front row of the debate room.


This was the haunted expression on Bill Clinton’s face when he saw the women — the “ghosts of his Christmas past”:


Doesn’t look like Bill has learned from his frightening near-death experience during his quadruple bypass surgery in 2004. As he recounted in an interview on ABC’s Primetime Live, he found himself in a dark hellish place:

“I saw, like, dark masks crushing, like, death masks being crushed, in series, and then I’d see these great circles of light and then, like, Hillary’s picture or Chelsea’s face would appear on the light, and then they’d fly off into the dark.”


32 responses to “Bill Clinton’s look of guilt

  1. Those dark and death masks? The devil, buddy. Guilt of criminal deeds will do that to you.

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  2. I think all Politicians end up in Hell Frankly, but the Clintons, they are special…they have VIP box seats where Hitler awaits to sodomize them for eternity.

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  3. That picture of Clinton really tells the whole story! He looks haunted. In some ways I hope he lives a long life (as long as he has his mental faculties) so that he can contemplate what eternity will be like for him. Can’t you just imagine the rest of us having to suffer with him residing in the White House again? That is enough to turn one’s stomach!

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  4. That is a jewel of a Bill Clinton photo! Beady guilty eyes!

    Poor Juanita did not age so well (who of us does?), but she was very cute when younger:

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  5. That above Brock book was published this month in 1996. Referring to Bill Clinton, the official Amazon review includes this quote:

    “The greatest seducer who ever lived.”
    –Former White House aide David Watkins.

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  6. One site is now selling Bill “Clinton Rape Whistles.” I’m not wild about making money off of human tragedies, even if for making a “campaign statement.” Roger Stone tweeted the link suggesting that if Bill Clinton is coming to your town, to get a Bill Clinton Rape Whistle & to use it during his speeches (or during Hitlery’s for that matter).

    That URL links to Roger Stone’s website’s “Shop” page, but there are no whistles there yet; only 3 books.


  7. Leave it to the pigs on The View to degrade Bill Clinton’s victims by calling them “tramps” (short video clip at this tweet):

    Behar later apologized saying she was “only joking.”

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    • Gosh, will the women of The View call “tramps” the women now crawling out of the woodwork, accusing Trump of having groped them? I’m not holding my breath!

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      • That would definitely be good to know, whether The View witches even bring up the Trump-accusers or whether they let that “bit of news” slide.

        As for holding you breath, please don’t, or you’ll turn blue & may be accused of being an (unwitting) member of that UniteBlue lib group! 😉


    • “Behar later apologized saying she was “only joking.” ” Really? She was “only joking” about something which traumatises a person and changes her/his life. Surely such empathy is rare amongst public figures, is it not?

      Some readers here will recall my account of being drugged in 1963 at age 20, when I was on a delivery to a florist in El Cerrito as he was closing his store. He put some kind of knock-out drops in a Scotch and water drink he offered me after I made the delivery, and I foolishly accepted, feeling accepted as an ‘adult’.

      I was very fit, and even in my stuporous state able to keep him off of me, but these women were not as lucky. These rapists all are clearly pre-meditated and deserve the full weight of the laws, although that wasn’t so much 25 years or more ago.

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  8. Another Joseph Watson 6-minute video clip: All of Hitlery saying one of her merits is that she’s a woman. Near the end it covers the story of the 12-year-old rape victim (who was in a coma five days afterward) who young Hillary-the-Attorney used deception to get the rapist off:

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  9. What’s the difference between Bill Clinton and his wife? Bill Clinton is a MAMMAL.
    I have stated before that I think Bill Clinton is demonically possessed. But they say a picture is worth a thousand words, and Bill’s countenance of fear beats a countenance of seething anger (although the anger is there).
    The whole point Truman Capote saw in writing about the “In Cold Blood” murders in 1959 was that, “alone, neither one of them would have committed this crime. But together, they formed a ‘third personality’ that would.” I say ditto for the Clintons: “A trapeze act in which they both hate each other but cannot let each other go.”
    Justice is coming for each and every one of us. I know Bill Clinton never knew his father and loathed his stepfather. I know his mother had a “checkered career,” to put it mildly. I strongly urge Bill Clinton (or anyone who knows him who can urge him) to get to a Traditional Catholic priest while there is still time: Even if Hillary’s Side actually succeeds in stealing the upcoming Election, NO ONE escapes the VORTEX of consequences. The chickens always come home to roost.
    Mr. President, get to a Traditional Catholic priest IMMEDIATELY.


    • Very astute observation about how people individually (like Bill and Hillary) would NOT commit outrages/crimes against America/Americans standing alone….but together—they form a huge, pulsating, people-chomping SLIME creature–a third personality, as you stated (like out of an ancient tale—Beowulf or something) with NO boundaries except those that MIGHT limit their power over others/their ACCESS to WHOLE and FREE power of their OWN: Power for Power’s sake. They literally OOZE over their targets, engulfing them in their slime and stench…..and then, ooze away having sucked out their “Mo Jo” and let them (and us) mere Earthlings twist in the wind, bury our dead, make protests that are rarely heard or given the time of day…..or they change the subject—-mostly targeting others…..

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  10. Can “Anonymous” be believed? I can’t say I’ve ever really followed what they do.

    Below is a 5.5-minute video by Anonymous which has almost 600,000 views & it was just posted at the below YT channel three days ago on 10/11/16. Anonymous is saying that pedophile Jeffrey Epstein used to tape the sexcapades at his “playgrounds,” & that supposedly there is a tape of Bill Clinton raping a 13-year-old that Anonymous says they will be releasing. Supposedly Israeli Intelligence was also involved in these tapes.


    A recent NY Post article 10/9/16 re the sordid history of Jeffrey Epstein:

    nypost. com/2016/10/09/the-sex-slave-scandal-that-exposed-pedophile-billionaire-jeffrey-epstein/


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  12. On no, you’re kidding! Arrrrggghhhh! Shame on Scott Adams! Thanks for the tip & link. Are there now more than the three women I heard about late Wednesday? I’m a little behind on the latest, though I did see these tweets today at Roger Stone ‏@RogerJStoneJr (I haven’t clicked on his links yet to see who is who):

    From 13 hours ago:

    “Busted- woman who accused @realDonaldTrump of groping her had a previous problem with the Trump Org. “:
    twitter. com/RogerJStoneJr/status/786827868823252992

    From 16 hours ago:

    “BUSTED- at least one of the women claiming @realDonaldTrump groped her has been tied directly to the Clintons
    twitter. com/RogerJStoneJr/status/786791620096106496

    From 8 hours ago:

    “The women coming forward to falsely accuse @realDonaldTrump of groping them are so clearly a set-up orchestrated by @davidbrockdc “
    twitter. com/RogerJStoneJr/status/786913285060890624


  13. Ugh, I read your dilbert link, & was not amused. Was he trying to be humorous? Also I noticed he has “comments temporarily disabled.” Afraid of the fallout, I suppose.


    • Scott Adams is devoid of courage. Not long ago, he declared he’s endorsing Hillary because he didn’t want to be assassinated. Then he said he’s endorsing Trump. Now, he’s endorsing Gary Johnson. I will no longer read his posts, which are all his way to get attention and sales for his book.

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  14. Haha, thanks, Adams is truly all over the map with his candidate choices. Very wishy-washy. #BoycottDilbert ; #BoycottScottAdams . I supose within the next few weeks he’ll jump from Johnson to Stein to Evan Egg McMuffin, whichever way the latest “hot news trend” blows.


  15. To answer my own Q re how many are there now accusing Trump of groping, I see it’s up to about 10 []. Oh dear!

    I see several of them are saying they decided to come forward after the P tape was released (10/7) &/or when he “lied on the debate stage” (10/9) re his taped remarks.

    So it took them from 3-5-6 days to “go public” when they could have jumped on Twitter or FB or whatever their favorite social media & slammed Trump ASAP, on the day the tape was released (10/7) or during or right after the debate (10/9).

    If I hear anything, I’ll post more.


  16. Back to Wicked Willlie Clinton, this was posted by Wikileaks on 10/10/16 @ 7:25pm:


  17. Funny “Clinton Family Humor”…

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  18. Tthat’s the same look my dog has when he knows he’s been caught. I wonder if hitlary hits him with a rolled up newspaper……..


  19. What about ALL the rapes Hilary has committed? How is he any worse than many women ?


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