Thursday Funny: Redneck LGBT


H/t FOTM‘s Ken R.


8 responses to “Thursday Funny: Redneck LGBT

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  2. I want one!!!!

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  3. That is hilarious! Thanks for sharing.

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  4. Esther Bunny Brown

    I wouldn’t be surprised, if interest in all things LGBT is caused by a metaphysical cloud of negative thoughts.


  5. I”m ROFLMAO……..and, I’ve discovered that, when I do this,, I “cackle” like my grandmother did……skipped right over mother into the grandmother likeness….sigh…….ALSO…shared this with others. THANKS!!

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  6. I have got to get one. 😀

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  7. SSgt. Joe Biggs of Infowars! YEAH!

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  8. I want one….but being a girl, I’m gonna replace the “T” with say…tacos 🙂

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