Texas mom asked to leave Target after trying to breastfeed baby

Earlier this year, Target said, We welcome transgender team members and guests to use the rest room or fitting room facility that corresponds with their gender identity.” Bet no transgender in Target will ever face the ordeal that this mother had to experience.


From KHOU: The mother of a three-month-old baby, who claims she wasn’t allowed to breastfeed inside a Target in Kyle on Friday, said she is no longer upset about the incident.

Jessica, who received backlash on social media after the incident, posted about her experience on Facebook. “It was definitely embarrassing,” Jessica said.

The 23-year-old said her ordeal began when she tried to use a fitting room to breastfeed her daughter; that’s when a female employee approached her. “She told me, that’s really not what they’re for but that there was a bathroom that I could use. She was the only employee back there and there were no customers back there other than me,” Jessica said.

After speaking with the employee, Jessica said she took her shopping cart, which carried a car seat, diaper bag and a few items she planned to purchase, to the bathroom.  The same employee followed her there. “She told me that wasn’t allowed, which I get,” said Jessica.

But Jessica didn’t get what happened next. “She told me I couldn’t leave my cart with the unattended items. So, I asked her where I could put it, and she told me that I should probably not bring a hungry baby out,” The 23-year-old mother said. “She asked if she wouldn’t take a bottle and I said, ‘no she’s breastfed. We’ve had a hard time with bottles.’ and she said, ‘Well maybe you should feed her in the car, maybe you should just leave.‘”

Dumbstruck, Jessica left the store and went to her car to nurse her baby. “The more I thought about it, the more outraged and more outrageous it seemed,” said Jessica.

In June, a mom nursing her baby inside a Connecticut Target was startled by a man upset at what she was doing. She recorded the entire incident as he got upset and demanded money back from the cafe, claiming the nursing mom disrespected him by feeding her baby.

KVUE showed Jessica the video, and she couldn’t believe it.  Jessica said when she breastfeeds in public she covers up, but she won’t go out of the way to do it: especially if it interferes with her daughter’s feeding. “But if she doesn’t want to put a cover on and pulls it off or whatever, I’m not going to fight my kid for her to eat,” said Jessica.

Like most states, it is legal to breastfeed in public in Texas.

As for Jessica, she isn’t upset anymore. She just wished that the employee and others who are uninformed, get informed.

Jessica said Target has since called her several times to apologize, telling her there will be a meeting to make sure all employees know breastfeeding is allowed at stores.

In regards to the incident, Target sent KVUE this statement that reads:

At Target, we want all of our guests to feel comfortable shopping with us. We are proud of our breastfeeding policy, which applies to all stores, and it’s just one of the ways in which we support our guests. Guests who choose to breastfeed in public areas of the store are welcome to do so without being made to feel uncomfortable. Additionally, we support the use of fitting rooms for women who wish to breastfeed their babies, even if others are waiting to use the fitting rooms. We have been in contact with this guest to discuss her experience. Additionally, we are continuing to have conversations with our team to remind them of the policy.

h/t Breitbart


17 responses to “Texas mom asked to leave Target after trying to breastfeed baby

  1. Sounds like Target as a corporation has gone “Bi-Polar” on their customers.

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  2. Another really good reason not to shop at Tar gutter! It’s appalling to me that the oddity, mentally debased and defiled, unhealthy and, quite frankly, evil of transgenderism is celebrated there, yet the natural, normal, special, and healthy act of breastfeeding a child is frowned upon and debased?

    As far as I recall (because it’s been months since I’ve been there because I have boycotted that store) there is NO PLACE in their restrooms for a mother to comfortably sit and breastfeed her infant!

    My daughter’s baby girl turns one in November. Stores like Nordstrom, Bloomingdales have nice places to breastfeed, but when she was trying on clothes one time and needed to stay in the changing room to feed her, the saleswoman there was very accommodating.

    Thanks for sharing this. Another reason to avoid that screwy place!

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  3. My question is, did she just pull out her boob without covering herself? No one ever knew I did, but I also went to the car if in public or to the ladies room. I was not an exhibitionist. I have seen mom’s just whip it out which I find disgusting for a low-life. We don’t know the complete circumstances as to why other that she may have just whipped it out. If I were a shop owner I would ask her to go to a place where she was private and not seen.


    • “Jessica said when she breastfeeds in public she covers up”


    • I Breast-Fed my Child. If by chance when I was out shopping, she started that “Hungry Cry” (most moms who breast-fed know that cry.) I took her into the ladies room, placed her on my breast then covered us with a baby-blanket. It is stupid for any mom to expose herself in such an obvious way.
      That being said: Why Target worrying if they allow men and women to use the same bathroom?!!

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      • To Mrs. upaces88, I can respect you modesty, but I also say you should not have to feed your child in a public restroom. Think about it, a public restroom is NOT the cleanest place in the world. I feel that is a woman doesn’t want to feed in a public restroom she should not be forced to do so. I also think she should, as you did, cover up with a baby blanket for modesty. I am a man and to advise you even moms that bottle feed and a LOT of us dads know that ” Hungry Cry!” Hope you and your childern have a blessed day!

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        • Now days are different. (shhhh, I am old now). I didn’t think about germs at that time….Maybe(?) I should have. Thank you for your concern.
          I just knew that “hungry cry”.


  4. Transgenders in the women’s room are cool, but you hetero cis women manifesting patriarchal oppression get out! (Thanks, Target!!)

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  5. Unbelievable! Target just stomps from one pile of poop to another! They must hire the brain dead.

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  6. Target is a major player in the Gigantic Left Wing Freak Show that is sweeping America!

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  7. Our world is seriously upside down.

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  8. The Target employee that was so RUDE to this mother needs to be FIRED. As for the candy-assed guy that was SO offended by that mom breast feeding that he demanded his money back, he should do his shopping on line in the future so some sexy dressed gal doesn’t give him a heart attack. He isn’t a man but a silly little BOY!

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  9. Can ONLY hope that in a parallel world of “poetic justice for all,” these cretins who would deny a nursing baby his/her food due to “geography” are condemned to eat all their meals in a filthy public restroom, with a blanket over their heads, ….forever and ever. Another good experience to round this out is that they walk around in public with leaking breasts for the rest of their lives…..male or female, bi-, multi-sexual, trans-gendered, trans-brained only but intact physically, blah blah so on and so forth—I don’t care. Learning through experience is the best way to learn and retain 🙂

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  10. I don’t shop ANYWHERE that encourges devient behavior. There are plenty of other places to shop that are moral or at least don’t make a stand to support and encourge unacceptable behavior. As I have said in other posts, I tend to vote with my dollars. LBQGT LMNOP or what ever types are MENTALLY ILL no matter what so called experts say. I pray that someday, before it is too late for them, that they will somehow come to the realization that there’s something wrong with their behavior and that they get the help they need.

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    • to youknowwho, Careful you will hurt someones “Itty Bitty feelings and they will cry. Next they will call you a homophobic bigot. I guess since I don’t shop at Target any more they will be calling me one also! One thing I don’t understand about this bathroom crap. I go to the bathroom to relieve myself not to show off my junk. I also haven’t heard of any women wanting to use the mens bathroom either!

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