Darwin, the retriever cat

Meet Darwin, a cat who was found as an orphaned kitten and adopted by a kind-hearted woman.


Darwin brings home leaves and found objects, mostly paper items, from his nightly prowl.


Here’s an account by Darwin’s person, Karen Flynn:

A friend from West Oakland called me. He had found an orphaned kitten. I was going to just socialize him and adopt him out, but that … uh … didn’t happen. I knew from the get-go that he was odd. I called him Darwin because I was convinced he was going to naturally select himself out of the gene pool. If there was a dangerous object, he would find it. He would chew on tacks, broken glass, scissors, X-Acto blades, walk toward hot burners and open flames, that sort of thing.

He started out by bringing leaves. It took me a while to figure out how they were getting in the house. The early ones scared me. I was living alone at the time, and I found them under the kitchen table. I finally remembered to look for the fang marks. Phew.

I think the first non-leaf thing was the instructions for quinine bush tea. He still makes a big yowling announcement when he brings these gifts. If I’m out really late, I’m lucky to get anything. If I’m home early, he’ll sometimes make 5 or 6 trips. Most of it is just yucky garbage, though.

Darwin doesn’t just retrieve garbage. Over the course of a month, the cat brought home 2 matching pairs of slippers.


Darwin even has his own Facebook page, which includes motion-activated infrared video footage of Darwin bringing his found objects home in the middle of the night.

There are other retriever cats.

See, for example, “Timmy the cat ‘borrows’ neighbor’s tiger toy“. A cat in Israel brings home the dog, LOL:



8 responses to “Darwin, the retriever cat

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  2. All signs of gratitude for and thanks to the owner calling for understanding that it is the thought that counts.

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  3. I hope Miss Flynn keeps a keen eye on Darwin, as he likes to chew on sharp items! Cats really are more observant and intelligent than we give them credit for. This really made me smile.

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  4. Better Darwin bring home leaves than dead mice! Good kitty 🙂

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  5. Well, DCG, where I live any mice -or rats- brought in will be celebrated!

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  6. Miss Flynn should really keep Darwin inside. Cat owners who allow cats to roam free, especially at night, are ignorant and uncaring.


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