America’s working class is falling behind, particularly white males


From NY Post: Have you ever wondered why so many of America’s working class feel left behind and cheated? Why this country’s economic “miracle” has created such a negative feeling in so many Americans?

While this economy has been harsh to many individuals of all colors, races and ethnicities, the data in a study just put out by the Sentier Research highlight just how screwed over working-class white males with a high school education have been.

Over an 18-year period, from 1996 to 2014, white males in the working class have seen their pay fall by 9 percent, according to the study, which looked exclusively at white males.

That’s hard to accept for virtually anyone. Take, for example, those in the 40- to 44-year-old age group, commonly a parenting age. The average earnings of the working-class white male high school graduate in 1996 was $60,126; in 2014, it was $52,512. Eighteen years later, he’s making 12.7 percent less.

In the 45- to 49-year-old group, it’s even worse. Their earnings fell from $62,767 to $54,303, a 13.7 percent loss in income.

To add insult to injury, this population group has been shrinking significantly over the years, therefore there is less competition for jobs, something that traditionally has elevated pay.

In contrast, it does pay to go to college. White male college graduates saw their income rise 23 percent.

An analysis of health-care costs by Aon found that there has been a 134 percent rise since 2005 in employee contributions and out-of-pocket co-payments and deductibles.

So a 23 percent income increase over 18 years in reality is actually a very weak number, although it’s far better than a loss of 9 percent.

So it’s not hard to see why the working class can relate to a pro-business billionaire like Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. They may not like everything he says, but they are hurting and they want a change.

America’s white working class is working as hard as ever and are not only not getting ahead, they are falling behind.


8 responses to “America’s working class is falling behind, particularly white males

  1. The Progressives (as they like to call themselves) have been at war with whites and the middle class. That is why Trump’s message is resonating with so many.

    AMERICANS FIRST. Simple concept which the Left is distorting into racism.

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  2. Make No Mistake: This post is true, and the results we see have been deliberately engineered. Say what you will about Whitey: Throughout history he has set the tone for the rest of humanity, regardless of his flaws. Once Whitey is gone (and there have been, and are, people working on this), history will see the slaughter become commonplace and unstoppable.
    People can’t see it because it’s too esoteric: Christianity is in eclipse and the Cabala and witchcraft are on the rise, in government and money, behind the scenes. In addition to reading FOTM and Henry Makow and listening to Alex Jones, those who cannot understand what I am talking about need only to engineer it backwards: LOOK FOR AND IDENTIFY those EXTINCTION PROTOCOLS you see going on in society: Contraception, abortion, chemtrails, vaccines, legislation, and every other eugenic move (whether medical, “scientific” or economic—especially economic). “By their fruits ye shall know them.” So do what Alex Jones has instructed, and LOOK FOR those actions and platforms he calls the “soft kill” of the genocide.
    And get used to my term (which I have coigned) and share the daylights out of it: LOOK FOR and IDENTIFY these EXTINCTION PROTOCOLS. And Make No Mistake: The Ruling Elite wants the white male EXTINCT, because he is the only credible threat to their Satanic, Anti-Christ, Anti-Christian agenda. This is no tinfoil paranoia: It’s been happening in earnest since at least Margaret Sanger came on the scene.

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  3. Obama may be the King of Lies, but Hillary is the Queen of Hipocracy.

    Hey all you intrinsically racist white lard asses; Hillary explained it all for you last night.

    For mild things she is sorry, for serious things she ignores them.
    Tired of blaming Bush, now blames Lincoln.
    She meant to blame Columbus.

    She explained her plan for screening immigrants, didn’t you understand? To bad she forgot to screen her own staff and bow they are running the White House.

    She explained why we need to tweak Obamacare because it is important to keep that “Obama” name going, don’t we?
    Well that’s until she moves into the White House and fumigates it, then it will no doubt become Hillarycare. (Did she actually use the words ‘We’ , share and ‘healthcare problems’ in the same sentence?)
    Give me a break. My medigap premiums have gone through the roof to the point where I will soon not be able to pay them.

    She explained her method for selecting Supreme Court justices; didn’t she? Nothing about the Constitution, but she still complained that the left leaning ‘justices’ weren’t cooperating with the left’s agenda.
    Well now they whacked Scalia, and a few others are getting frail, so no worries, she’ll fix it for once and for all.

    Do the dummie republicans think they can block her for four years or do they really share her goals?

    The Luntz focus group seemed to figure out they were being served the same re-heated crap they have grown sick of.
    Some of us figured it out a long long time ago.

    Go Trump!

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  4. “In contrast, it does pay to go to college. White male college graduates saw their income rise 23 percent.”

    I don’t think this number takes into account lost time and lost opportunity costs, nor do I think the cost of student loans is accounted for. That aside, it concerns me that college seems largely designed to mold students into EMPLOYEES, not business owners. While not everyone is cut out to be a business owner, too few are willing to give it a go. I understand that regulatory and tax burdens, and increasing liabilities make owning a business less attractive all the time, but small businesses provide a lot of bang for their buck: innovation, increased competition, employment opportunities, and the chance to invest in one’s self. However, it requires capital and a stomach for risk. If you’re already in the hole for $50K (or more) by age 23 or so–not to mention likely with little to no practical work experience–a steady paycheck probably sounds pretty good; however, debt- and wage-slavery is still just that: slavery (if voluntary and without the beatings).

    We all must work to eat and live; that’s as it should be. However, we can still choose how we want to labor. I’m not particularly creative, but I KNOW there are goods and services we don’t yet know we need; it’s a matter of figuring out what that is. Take nail or tanning salons for example: it’s all about creating (or meeting) wants and needs. And, to meet the vast majority of these wants and needs, no college is necessary.

    I have never had a job where I needed to use anything I’d “learned” in college. The job may have “required” a degree to be hired, but the degree was, ultimately, unnecessary. In any case, the greatest job growth (according to the Feds) is projected to be in home health care. You don’t need a degree to change a bedpan…or to operate a string of homes offering nursing services and care.

    The university system operates under an antiquated mindset and really only benefits the elite (and that’s mostly networking benefits, not more/better education). It’s so 20th Century. It’s hard to see because we are so invested ourselves, but once you see it…you really SEE it.

    This is bigger than Trump or Hillary; the whole system is collapsing, and though it served us well in the past, it’s time is over. Now, we should be concentrating on how to keep ourselves freer, not tightening the knots that keep us tied to the State.


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  6. Men are getting hit from all sides…

    Female pharmacy owner in NYC is charging males an extra “MAN TAX” supposedly in rebellion to “income inequality.” Surely that must be illegal. I hope some men sue her for discrimination (or they could claim to be “Female for a Day,” haha, that should show her!):

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  7. From a few days ago, another anti-male/jobs headline:

    “Lawsuit: Yahoo CEO tried to get rid of male employees”:

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  8. Re the economy crashing & resultant job losses, this major big regional mall operator, who runs 89 total, is closing 73 of them this Thanksgiving! This story is dated today:

    “Major mall operator to close 73 shopping centers on Thanksgiving”:

    It says that only stores with external entrances will stay open, but all the interior portions of the malls will be closed off.


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