Obama, in a fake black accent, talked about ‘eating p*ssy’; Hillary spews obscenities at Secret Service agents

As the MSM and RINOs froth at their hypocritical mouths over the lewd “guy-talk” remarks Donald Trump made about a married woman in a supposedly private conversation with a reporter 11 years ago, why are they ignoring a talk by Obama in 1995 in which he alluded to “eating pussy”?

In 1995 at the Cambridge Public Library in Massachusetts, Obama promoted his newly-released memoir, Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance — which likely was ghostwritten by unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers — to a small, half-black audience.

In that hour-long presentation, using a fake black accent, Obama read a dramatic passage from his book for a full 15 minutes, including an account of a conversation he had with his friends, one of whom said that he won’t go back to Africa because he “has to eat dem ribs, and pussy too”.

Obama thought nothing about the sexist, objectifying “eat pussy”comment either at the time or when he read that passage to the Cambridge audience, but in his book, he was mad at another friend for talking against the black Muslim revolutionary Malcolm X, who had called for violence against white people.

Jack Cashill, writing for American Thinker, says that much of what Obama wrote about his brooding black friend “Ray” is entirely “fabricated”. Obama-friendly biographer David Maraniss had tracked the real “Ray” down. His name is Keith Kakaguwa — a one-fourth black student who was two years ahead of Obama at Punahou, the private elite Honolulu school. Maraniss describes Ray as the “first of several distorted or composite characters” in Dreams. According to Kakaguwa, he and Obama lived close to a carefree Hawaiian existence, not at all the tortured, race-scarred one that Obama depicted in his memoir.

But you don’t and won’t hear about Obama’s lewd “eat pussy” remark from the MSM.

Nor will you hear about the foul language spewed by Hillary Clinton, not in any private conversation, but to the Secret Service agents who protect her with their lives (see “The filthy mouth of Hillary Clinton“):

Gdamn fucking flag”


“fucking ass”

“miserable cocksucker”

“fucking idiot”

And to Bill Clinton: “Put your dick up!”

Hillary foul-mouth

See also “Why Trump supporters don’t care that he made a lewd remark about a married woman 11 years ago“.



13 responses to “Obama, in a fake black accent, talked about ‘eating p*ssy’; Hillary spews obscenities at Secret Service agents

  1. Hillary hypocrisy and elitism are insidious. Interesting how the left–and the never-Trump RINOs–don’t bring up her locker room obscenities directed at secret service folks and her Wikileak-reported outright racist comments directed at Muslims and Blacks. Selective outrage! I’m sick of it.

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  2. Clinton”s vile and obscene language and her down right nastiness and disrespect for those protecting her sorry rear has long been documented by dozens of people. Things she said out loud and to their faces.
    The left wants to bring up one private brag fest, let them be fair and bring hers up also.
    Her actual hatred of blacks, that she only brings up during elections, and her disdain for the police and our military rivals none.
    I can’t wait until she slips up and it comes out on air at a huge speech.
    They have nothing but red herrings,and smoke and mirrors to work with now.
    This 11 year old private conversation reeks of desperation.
    Shame on once was a MSM, they have let the people and country down by covering for this pos woman.

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  3. I despise what the left has done and is doing to this country.

    The commies have been constructing this for decades but got rejuvenated after Viet Nam when it became politically correct and profitable to slander our cultural values.

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  4. Trump will never be as disgusting and dispicable as the clintons. There’s hardly a guy out there that has not bragged about exploites, real and imagined. Both clintons not only don’t have any respect for women, they have no respect for ANYBODY. Thieves, criminals, murderers is all they are and those that protect them and make excuses for them are no better. I’m no saint to be sure, but there’s a specil place in HELL for them.

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  5. I wrote about this today in an article entitled, Jeff Bezos and Megyn Kelly Trash Trump, http://newswithviews.com/Nelson/kelleigh356.htm
    The Bush connection is so obvious! Jeb is getting even, Billy Bush, is the cousin of Jeb, W, Marvin, Neil and Dorothy, and the nephew of George H.W. You think this wasn’t planned long ago when they knew Trump had mentioned the presidency?
    Not only that, but the scum who are going against Trump are ones who are the hardcore neo-con Trotskyites who didn’t want him in there to begin with. And John McCain, that leftist louse unendorses him! What a joke…McCain called his own wife a “c***” in public! Excuse me, but the double standard for these rotten filthy commie globalists is so bloomin obvious!

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  6. When we hear the name Bush, there is reason to be suspicious. Billy Boy’s father was Jonathan Bush, younger brother of George H. W. Bush. Jonathan is also a member of Skull and Bones.

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  7. Different rules for demorats…

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  8. HRC after 40 years in politics can someone name one positive accomplishment, just one? The State Department lost 6 billion dollars, the Middle East is in flames, eased sanctions on Iran, one of the largest financial backers of terrorism, dead Ambassador and servicemen in Benghazi, multi millions in contributions from Saudi Arabia, which has some of the worst limitations on personal freedoms, never mind abuses of women. She literally has not one thing that she has done competently in her ‘career’ and some actually think she deserves to be our President?? Based on what? What gives anyone the inclination that she can perform and accomplish anything she proposes. And you wonder why the only road she has is the Clinton’s long time play book- The Politics of Personal Destruction? She has NOTHING else, don’t get me wrong Trump is providing ammunition against his own cause- but her corruption combined with incompetence is stunning.

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    • Your jumping off point is incorrect. HRC is not incompetent. She has done a great job for those who actually run her and to whom she has given her allegiance. These people don’t live in the same world as you and I. Democracy is a faith based system and most people want to believe. The public has been told since childhood that our government is of the people, by the people and for the people.

      But those in power long ago said that democracy was a ‘grand experiment’ and that it didn’t work because it was too slow. It was hampering their end goal (or end game) which is global government/global religion.

      So they kept telling us that “mistakes were made”. But there were no mistakes made.

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  9. It’s amazing how those who are in power and have money, or run the money system, are seemingly without class and without any respect for those who don’t have power or money. They have no respect for others because at bottom they are Godless creatures who think of themselves as gods.

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  10. It’s not about truth; It’s about “the narrative.” Obama, Manchurian man-child that he is, learned this early. He’s smooth and he’s slick, but he’s still slimy and smarmy. Hillary, on the other hand, has another demon, of overt nastiness, and the only thing that separates her from the ghetto is her skin color. But these two STREET PUNKS understand the paycheck, and that is why their Masters are able to control them!
    Both are VILE SCUM.

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