The NFL is blaming its horrible ratings on the election

As Dr. Eowyn reported in September, the NFL is losing viewers in Kaepernick blowback. The ratings continue to slide and yet, somehow, it is the fault of the elections. The NFL is stuck on stoopid.


From Yahoo: The NFL is blaming its horrible TV ratings on the election, according to a leaked memo to team owners obtained by the Wall Street Journal.

Every single one of the NFL’s primetime offerings (Sunday, Monday, and Thursday Night Football) is down double-digits, according to Sports Illustrated. Overall, NFL viewership is down 11% this year.

The NFL wrote that the drop in primetime was likely because of “unprecedented interest in the Presidential election.” The letter went on to reference the 2000 election as another period of time when NFL ratings went down.

The NFL is not the only one to make the connection. In an interview with Sports Business Daily, Mike Mulvihill, a senior VP at Fox Sports, said the current season reminded him of fall of 2000, a year which included the race between Al Gore and George W. Bush. 2000 was the only year during the decade 2000-2010 where the NFL saw a downtick overallSports Illustrated notes.


One thing the NFL said was not affecting ratings was fan backlash against players protesting police brutality by not standing during the national anthem. “In fact, our own data shows that the perception of the NFL and its players is actually up in 2016,” the NFL

Alternative theories

There are a few other theories on what might be affecting ratings this year, however, that have nothing to do with Donald Trump. In a meeting with analysts at Pacific Crest, CBS, one of the NFL’s TV partners, cited three reasons:

  • Small sample sizes (there haven’t been enough games yet)
  • Injuries
  • Unfavorable matchups (for instance, NBC’s last “Sunday Night Football” had a Steelers-Chiefs matchup that was down 26% from last year, but last year’s game was Saints-Cowboys, and the Cowboys are the NFL’s biggest TV draw)

Lastly, there is a far more troubling explanation: people are losing gradually losing interest in live sports, and big TV “spectacles” in general.

NBC had a disastrous TV showing at the Olympics, which saw a sharp viewership dip for the first time since 2000. NBC’s Olympics primetime broadcast was down 15% versus 2012. The damage was even greater among younger people. Among 18- to 49-year-olds, there was a 25% drop for the bulk of the games, according to Bloomberg Intelligence.


21 responses to “The NFL is blaming its horrible ratings on the election

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  2. Kevin J Lankford

    I have never understood the attraction and ridiculous wealth generated from the desire to watch a bunch of goons swarming around some misshapen ball.
    As a parent, I did show appropriate interest in my son’s endeavors at sports and athletic prowess while in high-school, and would have should he have pursued sports in college. Just seems such a terrible waste and defies logic to glorify a game that serves nothing but to accomplish distraction from reality.

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  3. It’s not the election. It’s injuries, penalties, non competitive games, the clownish commissioner, the deflate gate non issue, and refs like Hoculie talking everyone to death. And Ray Lewis.


  4. They can keep their heads in the sand but once people realize they can live without the NFL quite well it’s over. And personally for me the sooner the better! I can’t stand it anyway.


  5. Maybe the satanic rituals at superbowl halftime are a turn-off?

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  6. Election? More like due to eLeftion of the NFL :

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  7. Wow, where to start, it couldn’t be the total disrespect for our country by those that refuse to honor her and get by with it.
    Could it be people are losing jobs and staying in stagnant ones while these over paid “players” are paid ridiculous amounts. No one is worth that much, I don’t care what you do.
    Maybe it is the insertion of politics when it shouldn’t be.
    Maybe it is the idiots running the NFL. Just saying.
    Maybe it is the stupid commercials with different messages tossed at us.
    Maybe, it is because they are just boring and cry babies to boot.
    Maybe people are just too busy praying for our country.

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  8. The NFL can take their racist players and shove it. I don’t need to see overpaid retarded adults demonstrate their bigotry and ignorance and get paid for it. And I will not buy products from the companies that advertise on these games.

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  9. That is good news, and the election distraction excuse is laughable. It’s foliage season in the North East and a significant part of its male population is so pathetic their weekend revolves around shopping at the box stores and watching instead of participating, as so many of them also do with porn, drinking the beer and eating the crap they’re told to, no different from the trained apes running around on the field. The proof is their sitting in front of some giant flat-screen TV for three hours at a time to watch a 1-hour game. Nothing wrong with that, right? And after the game’s over, while they’ve got the boob tube on, they can take in the “news.” As Spengler put it, no animal trainer has his animals more under his control than those who own the media do these trained apes who fancy themselves men for it all.

    What it does to these voyeurs–and that’s what they are–is socially engineer in them the sort of mob behavior that’s inimical to manliness but desirable in mass man. The jingoism, bullshit military presence, and flyovers in these Nazi-like televised extravaganzas have everything to do with mass man losing control of himself as he’s being subsumed under the totalitarian police state, brainwashed into thinking he’s a patriot, too, for supporting a Pentagon that’s the lead bureaucracy in morally subverting the country these fools think it’s defending, and in the same way professional sports subverts virtually everthing good and decent about sports in America. That sounds like a familiar recipe. I wonder who could be behind the NFL and the MSM in their shared agenda of destroying manliness among American men.

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  10. Sports has become too much like a national religion anyway, hasn’t it? Not what we really need.

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  11. No, not the election. Un-patriotic millionaires.


  12. I blame the person most responsible.

    Roger Goodell.

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  13. I’m one of those who has found that he can live without the NFL quite nicely.
    But, I still enjoy watching college football.
    So, it must not be the game itself that has changed ……
    “NFL” ….. N…ot F…or L….ong.


  14. REALLY! LMAO! sign me…Former NFL follower

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  15. The NFL is an insult to all us who serviced in the America military! Except for a few traitors.

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