Colleges now offering safe spaces for students to take naps


From Fox News: Over the past two years, universities have embraced nap pods and nap rooms to address what California State University calls “the sleep crisis on college campuses.” Predictably, they’re being branded as “a safe place to sleep.”

The nap areas are the stuff of preschool dreams.

In September, CSU-Fullerton brought a special nap trailer to campus, where students could take a 40-minute snooze in personalized compartments. Last semester, the same campus hosted a “Sleep Eazzy” event, designating a special nap area on campus.

Similarly, students can take a 45-minute nap throughout the day at CSU Northridge’s Oasis Wellness Center. The campus purchased six nap pods, which cost about $9,000 each and are outfitted with soft music and “subtle vibrations on the back.”

The University of Michigan took a lower-tech approach a few years ago, installing six vinyl cots in the undergraduate library. To make room for the nap spaces, the university removed a bunch of study tables.

From Indiana University’s web site:

“For those students too weary-eyed to go on, Indiana University is proud to announce the launch of innovative new nap pods on the Bloomington and IUPUI campuses. The nap pods, created by renowned sleepologists at the Daydream Institute in Sleepy Hollow, New York, come in a soothing Dunn Meadow or Taylor Courtyard green.

Located in popular spots like the Herman B Wells Library and the Campus Center, each nap pod comes equipped with an aromatherapy unit that emits a unique, relaxing scent for each campus: “Lavender Squirrel” for Bloomington and “Minty Jaguar” for IUPUI. An iPad with soothing music is also in each nap pod, as is a comfy chair and IU fleece blanket.

In addition, at select times, nap pods will offer cats for additional snuggle support, who can be called to the pod at the push of a button.

The nap pods are just one more way IU is fulfilling its promise to ensuring student success.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t nap sitting up in a chair. They should have provided one of these:


11 responses to “Colleges now offering safe spaces for students to take naps

  1. We are breeding and coddling a generation of helpless snowflakes.
    God help us!

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  2. Straightjacket not included.

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  3. i have never seen so many dumb kids coming out of school and college in my life. It is the teachers and professors causing it.

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  4. Does this mean if a student NEEDS to nap during a time he/she should have been in a class that the Professor would have to stay after class so that student can catch up??? Whats next? Nappy time for employees at work that get to tired to do their job on time?????? BTW, is the university going to have to supply bottles of milk for the napping children???????

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  5. I’d like to get PETA and HSUS after Indiana University for offering live cats instead of stuffed toys. Can you imagine cats wandering around a college library, and going outside into traffic? I’ll be emailing the above mentioned animal welfare associations to see if we can derail this. As for the university and its student, to Hades with them.

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  6. Watch the video all the way to the end. It’s a joke. But it wouldn’t surprise me at all if some schools did this. Minus the cats, it’s entirely plausible.

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  7. What….. No milk and cookies?????? I thought all the little kiddies in kindergarten (aka, ‘college’) got them……
    This all ties in with the current rage of ‘adult’ coloring books.
    What a bunch of infantile bullshit. Just like that pathetic photo of Obama wearing a helmet and riding around on a little girl’s bicycle.
    The New Amerika….. no wonder every other country ridicules us.

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  8. Good Grief! I was forced to give up my blankie and nap time when they kicked me out of kindergarten, and promoted me to First Grade . . . . .

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  9. I was thinking about this article while I was watching bits of a few college football games tonight. I believe it was during the Alabama-Arkansas game(not positive since I channel surfed between several games) that there was a sideline shot of a player with a damned pacifier in his mouth! Not a football mouthguard, but a large pacifier!
    Just perfect…..
    Then I thought that the perfect ‘symbol’ for college students (even better than ‘Pajama Boy’) would be……. Linus. With his Security Blanket, and his thumb stuck in his mouth. “The New Joe College”.
    BTW…. I hope Indiana University has plenty of those ‘nap pods’, with or without little kitties to hug, for their sad football players after they got their asses handed to them by Ohio State’s Buckeyes.
    Poor, sensitive, babies……
    Not only ‘dumbed down’, but castrated.
    The whole country is turning into Kalifornia…… or France.


    • If these children would sleep at night, like GROWN-UP, instead of partying all night they might not need nappy time! I pity them when they get into the real work and try to work a real job!


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