Actor Robert De Niro threatens violence against Trump

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In a video that aired yesterday on Fox TV’s “The [Megyn] Kelly File,” actor Robert De Niro lashed out at Donald Trump, saying he’d “like to punch him in the face.”

The 73-year-old actor also calls Trump many invectives: “blatantly stupid,” “a punk,” “a dog,” “a pig,” “a con,” “a mutt,” “a bullshit artist,” and “an idiot”.

As reported by Ted Johnson for Variety, Oct. 7, 2016:

De Niro’s remarks came in a video produced by Anonymous Content, which has been making a series of short interviews for a voter initiative called #VoteYourFuture. The director of De Niro’s video, Tom McCarthy, asked him, “What do you care about?”

De Niro’s anti-Trump remarks were so emphatic that the producers concluded that it could not be part of the campaign, which is non-partisan. But it was given to Kelly’s show for airing and publicists for the production firm released it to the media on Friday.


You can see a video of De Niro threatening to punch Trump in the face here.

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42 responses to “Actor Robert De Niro threatens violence against Trump

  1. It is funny how people criticize Trump and his rallies. Meanwhile the violence that takes place is caused by the left.

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  2. I’ve heard a great many of the people who work with DeNiro would like to slap him around.

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  3. I do believe the movies DeNiro played in has gone to his head in a mob style mentality

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    • Pretty much… sorta like Matt Damon:


      • I don’t understand what just happened.

        DeNiro fake punched that guy and he fell down, then a guy held a fake unloaded gun to his face and…

        Oh, Sorry, Hollywood movie.

        I thought it was MSNBC or CNN reporting.

        What’s the Difference?

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        • Hey, it’s good enough to make Liam Neeson an expert on gun control while making Taken Umpteen where he gets paid for doing wildly reckless things with lots of cool firearms…

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          • Liam,
            Needs to walk thru Harlem or Compton or Chicago with $20 Dollar Bills hanging out of every pocket with a sign that says “All Lives Matter”.

            Bet he changes his mind….

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  4. Of course he does. The left are sooooooo tolerant.

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  5. Well, that was certainly very adult like. Typical liberal, thinking that ranting like this to the world is acceptable, versus a 11 year old bragging fest held in private.

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  7. Robert De Niro needs to go back to Sicily and stay there.

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  8. A HOLY Promise:


    Can’t wait….


  9. De Niro’s trivial sideshow aside, any thoughts on Trump’s behavior and comments?

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  10. Yeah, yeah, we got it…


  11. Just another Actor/Actress/Rapper/Rockstar we’re going to have to send to the FEMA/Re-Education camps that were originally designed for Us…January 21 2017.


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  12. The Deer Hunter and the Taxi Driver who never served. the fact that he defended Jane Fonda shows his true colors.

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  13. A twerp like De Niro couldn’t reach Trump’s nose, and as for punching, I’d be surprised if he could do an air slap in Trump’s direction without hurting himself.

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  14. Leeann Springer

    I never cared for De Niro: He has psychotic eyes; very disturbed in fact! He is another ego-tripping Hellywood narcissist! He better be careful he isn’t given an offer he can’t refuse. Leeann

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  15. Who cares what De Niro says? or for that matter any of the “quitters.” And I don’t care what Trump said a decade ago. I see all this crud being flung around as the attempt by the elite to influence Trump supporters negatively. Poo on George Soros, EVIL man that he is. He’s behind all this. His goal with all his crummy money is to destroy our republic, our nation and push it into a one-world government. God is watching and there will be no mercy for people like him when the final judgment comes and it is coming!

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  16. Just another attempt to divert attention from what really matters: The crimes of Hillary Clinton, the fascist Obama regime, and the MSM.
    “Look…. Look at what my right hand’s doing….. No…. Don’t look at my other hand. That doesn’t concern you.”
    All the while, George Soros, “the Wizard of Odd”, is behind the curtain, pulling levers and blowing smoke……. yeah, Glenn Beck’s “Spooky Dude” is there…… all the time. He’s the 800 pound octopus in the room.
    I fervently believe that, although an imperfect human being, Donald Trump is the only one who can wrest the reins of power away from the Establishment types and the political criminal element in Washington.
    The Left, and the Establishment repubs, will continue to dredge up things that, in the overall picture, do not have a damned thing to do with saving this country. All because they fear him upsetting their cushy lifestyle of corruption and the possibility that they might face future prosecution for their crimes against us all.

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    • Soros is a 4th Reich Nazi. He worked with Adolph Eichmann confiscating the property of fellow jews as a teenager, was a member of the Romanian Iron Fist Nazis following that, and is currently a member of the ICG; the International Crisis Group, whose function is the manufacture and study of crises.

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  17. I thought De Niro was dead already..oh well, must’ve been some other wrinkled old guy.

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  18. Actor Jon Voight, no saint himself, but who is a Trump supporter, chastised fellow actor Robert DeNiro at his @JonVoight twitter feed yesterday via a string of 7 tweets; read from the bottom upward…
    […] against Trump. Let Donald Trump know we are completely behind him, and may God give him the strength to continue his calling. I am calling for all Trump supporters to express their outrage and anger against DeNiro and all of the Republican turncoats. if any Republican said words like Robert DeNiro used – against Hilary Clinton or Barack Obama? All hell would break loose. Donald Trump’s words were not as damaging as Robert DeNiro’s ugly rant. Trump’s words did not hurt anyone. Can you imagine. I don’t know of too many men who haven’t expressed some sort of similar sexual terms toward women, especially in their younger years. who has worked harder then any other man I know in the past year and a half to get a good message to the American people. I am so ashamed of my fellow actor Bobby DeNiro’s rant against Donald Trump. What foul words he used against a presidential nominee. […]

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  19. He’s just made the Donald Trump didn’t sell his soul to the devil like he had too to be a success. Times almost up De Niro, you’ll be spinning from the ceiling fan next.


  20. LA Deplorable Ric

    What’s wrong with Trump liking Pretty Girls and Kitty Cats?

    I like Pretty Girls and Guitars…
    Am I a Bad person too?


    • Trump needs to ask Hillary Clinton why she, her husband, Barack Obama and Michelle have all lost or forfeit their Law licenses in Lieu of disciplinary action or prosecution?

      I’ll get Popcorn going.
      It’s gonna be a long answer.

      I’m all ears.


  21. DeNiro is a flaming asshole who thinks that he is really Don Corleone.
    He played a psychotic vet in Taxi Driver and gave Vietnam vets a bad name and he probably really thinks he is a vet because he played an SF NCO in the Deer Hunter.
    Makes me wish I still lived in New York so that I could see him in SOHO.
    Vets should picket his loft in Lower Manhattan.

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