Top 100 U.S. newspapers shun Trump; Arizona Republic loses subscribers after endorsing Hillary

Led by the premier U.S. newspaper, the New York Times, newspapers all across America are coming out endorsing either Hillary Clinton for the presidency (17 endorsements), or the Libertarian Party candidate, Gary Johnson (3).

Not a single paper among the top 100 U.S. newspapers endorses Donald Trump.

Here’s the list from The Hill:

top-100-us-newspapers-endorsements-in-2016-presidential-electionHere are the 17 newspapers who endorse a sociopathic liar, lawless criminal who should be behind bars instead of running to be POTUS, and heartless woman who abandoned 4 Americans, including two members of her State Department staff, to die in Benghazi, Libya:

  1. The New York Times
  2. Los Angeles Times
  3. New York Daily News
  4. Chicago Sun-Times
  5. The Dallas Morning News
  6. Houston Chronicle
  7. The Arizona Republic
  8. The San Diego Union-Tribune
  9. San Francisco Chronicle
  10. St. Paul Pioneer Press
  11. The Baltimore Sun
  12. (South Florida) Sun-Sentinel
  13. San Antonio Express-News
  14. The Charlotte Observer
  15. The Cincinnati Observer
  16. Akron Beacon Journal
  17. El Paso Times

Notice that The Arizona Republic is among the 17 who are endorsing Hillary Clinton.

The newspaper is now, deservedly, getting blowback for its endorsement.

Fix This Nation reports, October 3, 2016:

Republicans all over the country are cancelling their newspaper subscriptions […] against editorial boards endorsing Hillary Clinton for president.

It’s unlikely that the New York Times lost many subscribers when they endorsed the former secretary of state; it would have been unthinkable for them to do anything else. A blind alien living on the moon could have seen their endorsement coming. Some days, it feels like there’s a secret competition between the Times and the Washington Post to see who can bury Donald Trump the deepest. Anyone who would have canceled their subscription based on bias would have done so many months ago.

Newspapers like the Arizona Republic, however, have cultivated a conservative readership over the years. In the paper’s 100+ year history, the editors have never endorsed a Democrat for president. This year, they broke tradition, claiming that Donald Trump was unfit to take the country’s most important mantle.

“Trump’s long history of objectifying women and his demeaning comments about women during the campaign are not just good-old-boy gaffes,” the paper said in their endorsement of Clinton. “They are evidence of deep character flaws. They are part of a pattern.”

But The Arizona Republic is now feeling the consequences of their endorsement:

The subscription cancellations were coming every 10 minutes. Angry readers have been calling in droves. One caller issued a death threat.

philip-boasPhilip Boas, The Arizona Republic‘s editorial page editor, had a pompous pity party in a telephone interview on Oct. 5. He said about the canceled subscriptions, “We’re feeling the weight of our history.”

No, Boas, you POS, what you’re feeling is the weight of being on the wrong side of history.

Fix This Nation rightly observes:

There seems to be this assumption among many media-type conservatives that once Trump is finished, the movement he built will vanish along with him. As long as they can just get through this election, things will go back to normal. […] But more likely, a Trump loss in November will only crystallize the movement that made him the Republican nominee. And after four years of a Hillary Clinton presidency, that movement will be more powerful than ever. By the time it’s all said and done, Democrats and establishment Republicans may be wishing for the sweet nostalgia of Donald Trump. Millions of conservative Americans are just about tired of playing nice.

H/t ZeroHedge

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33 responses to “Top 100 U.S. newspapers shun Trump; Arizona Republic loses subscribers after endorsing Hillary

  1. It looks to me that all these newspapers are “taking one for the team”—the team of the losing side. They will gladly Kamikazee themselves, because they are of the mentality of waiting for the tornado to pass.
    But absent a successful vote-rigging scheme, the “tornado” they call Trump shall not pass. Even if they happen to pull it off (and they will try!) there is a populist revolution in ideas taking place. It hasn’t surfaced completely, YET. It is likely to surface late in Mr. Trump’s second term, or thereafter. But THIS is the real tornado is coming! It is upon us!
    These loony leftist liberal losers are running scared, hoping to live long enough to collect their pensions and “go gently into that good night.” But they are too late! Their children and grandchildren will be left behind!
    And this is because the tornado they fear is BIGGER than Donald Trump. An army cannot defeat an idea whose time has come! We are about to face a convergence of ideas and events that will yield a qualitative change in the graphs of human interaction! It cannot be stopped! THIS is the tornado we are all facing. THE WAVE IS COMING. All Donald Trump is doing is riding that wave; It won’t be his doing that the wave will turn out to be a WIPEOUT.
    The loony leftist liberal losers are RUNNING SCARED.

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  2. Donald J. Trump is making history, (before he’s even elected) as 45th President of The United States of America.

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    • During his interview with John Pilger for Dartmouth Films, Julian Assange stated Trump will not be allowed to win the election.
      The interview was release on November 5, 2016 on RT (Russia Today).

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      • Julian is not a man of faith, and so he hasn’t considered that for believers, defeat is NOT an option. We will never quit. We are winners. #MAGA


  3. Orders from Media Matters…

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  4. Yesterday Hillary ran ads on the Weather Channel, taking advantage of those seeking vital information for the safety of themselves and their families. Finally, only after after Eric Trump shamed her into it, did the hag take them down.
    Also yesterday, Bill Clinton, in a show of shocking callousness and greed and total lack of guilt and empathy, suggested that people donate to the Clinton Foundation to help hurricane ravaged Haiti!
    There is a special circle in Hell reserved for the Clintons ( although they may share it with George Soros!)

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    • Yea, I wondered how long it would take Slick Willy to propose that “we the US citizens” pony up money to his “foundation” to help the people of Haiti. He’s going to go back and scarf up anything, and everything he didn’t on the first time round. He raped and pillaged those poor people last time. I agree the Clinton’s will do well in Hell, where they deserve to go.

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  5. Those newspapers have much influence in the world system, but not in the Kingdom of Heaven. The Lord working through Christians who are totally surrendered to His will can cut through the world system like a hot knife through butter. Keep praying and believing and we will defeat Satan’s strategy of putting Hillary Clinton in the White House.

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  7. I think the newspapers are going down. It’s only the older people that read newspapers.

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    • Finally us “older people” have awakened to the fact that today’s newspapers print such trash that it is a waste of good money . . . unless you need paper to line your bird cage.

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  8. I was raised in Arizona, and I was a paperboy in Tucson for that paper. It is a solid Conservative state, Boas is a fool. If the Republic doesn’t fire him quickly, they may sink that newspaper…

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  9. Excellent. This will make it so much easier to round them all up for their stint in the salt mines.

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  10. An objective of the Globalists is to control all media. The only truth to be heard by the herd is what is useful to them for us to know. I would guess that most of the media listed above have CFR members in positions of importance to each globalist propaganda medium. Pres. GWB once said that when one had the position he held, that person had to repeat the messages, “catapult the propaganda.”

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  11. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    All the news they deem fit for you to know.

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  12. I would actually be worried if these garbage wrappers endorsed Trump. He doesn’t need them, so let them be fools and vanish.

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  14. Good! Hope they suck it in their revenues.

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  15. This ought to be a good thing among thinking voters. Not having a cadre of propaganda sources behind you is actually very telling in a major positive way.

    But of course, most voters don’t really know much about the matters they vote on and thus are expected to believe everything their propaganda sources tell them. The old Soviet Union and Joe Goebbels had nothing on these modern day scoundrels. Even China and North Korea lose the competition these days.

    The powers that be are pulling out some of their last tricks to get Hillary seated in the tarnished office. Trump is a distraction and he probably enjoys every minute of it, being the showman that he is. Whether he “wins” or “loses”, his net worth will improve significantly.

    Politics, media and traveling circuses are one and the same. In politics and media the clowns practice their tricks behind the scene, then come out to fool a gullible audience. The circus clowns learn clever tricks behind the scene as well, before dazzling their brand of audience.

    I have a friend in Phoenix who often challenge Arizona Republic on the nonsense they print and the real news they leave out. He’s become a major thorn in their side.

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  16. Trump is pissing off all the right people, as well as exposing the RINOs for being the frauds most of us know them to be.

    That’s why he’s getting my vote in November – and his may very well be the only vote I cast.

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  17. Here’s another clueless newspaper to add to the Boycott list:


  18. And…


  19. I can’t believe there are libtards in a place like Omaha; but I CAN believe that most ALL media, including newspapers, have sold out to the NWO Agenda; so in that light, it figures…

    “Omaha World-Herald endorses Dem for President for first time in 84 years”:


  20. The Des Moines Register likewise are bottom feeders:


  21. Some good news! Headline from 2 days ago, referring to the Las Vegas Review-Journal:

    10/24/16: “Trump nabs first major newspaper endorsement”:


  22. A funny reply to a Hillary tweet bragging re newspapers supporting her:


  23. The New York Times: All the News the Jews See Fit to Print.


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