Please help long-time FOTM reader josephbc69

Josephbc69 has been a part of FOTM‘s family since this blog’s very beginning. Regular FOTM readers are familiar with his gentle, civil presence and observant comments.

Joseph, our brother in Christ, needs our help.

He needs to raise $2,250 to pay for an overdue bill for his beloved dog, Dakota. The veterinarian is Dr. Laurie Clarke of Garry Oak Veterinary Hospital in Sidney, British Columbia.

I suggested that Joseph consider Go-Fund Me, which was used by Steven Broiles, another member of our FOTM family, when he found himself in financial straits, behind on his rent payment.

Here’s Joseph’s Go-Fund Me appeal:


Dakota turned 8 years old on August 30th, and had 8 molars & other teeth to be extracted under anesthetic, etc.  At the time my small home improvement [business] was doing well, so I told his vet, Dr Lori, that I could make bi-weekly payments.

But a few weeks after that, for too many reasons to go into here, my crew’s personal problems became my problem, and in turn became Dakota’s when I ran out of all savings & income beyond the basics.

As I approach 74 [years old next] February, I never imagined I’d have the problems I’m having, but I’m NOT complaining: it’s sad that Dakota has to suffer as a consequence.

Dr Lori agreed, and went ahead ‘on trust’.

The procedures were successful, but I’m not able to pay down the remainder of his bill.  I no longer have credit cards, only debit & cash, not yet in bankruptcy.  This is my only attempt to source funds outside of my friends [all my adult children are working stiffs], and it was suggested by an Internet friend.

Today we got a notice from Dr Lori that in 14 days she’ll turn over our account to a bill collector, which is truly tragic. She’s been AMAZING for both Teddy [deceased] and now Dakota, as it will steal 50% of what she earned.

For those of you w/doubts. google or cluuz ‘joseph e fasciani’ and see what comes up.


Help spread the word!

Please help our brother in need, no matter how modest your donation. Even $1 or $5 helps.

To Joseph and other pet-lovers:

Don’t wait until your dog or cat develops dental/gum problems. By then, it’s too late, making costly dental surgery (extraction) the only solution, not to mention the terrible trauma surgery inflicts on your pet. BRUSH YOUR CAT OR DOG’S TEETH!

Thank you, and God bless you,



20 responses to “Please help long-time FOTM reader josephbc69

  1. Best of everything, Joseph, to you and Dakota in this rough time you’re having.

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  2. Done and done. Good luck and God bless.

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  3. Good luck Joseph. I’m confident the money needed will be raised soon!

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    • Dear DCG:
      Boy oh boy, were you ever right about the generosity of strangers to help us, so much so that at this rate Dr Lori will be paid in full by Friday next! I applied for a withdrawal so I can bring her an initial payment Wednesday, as I don’t want her to think I’m stalling her.

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  4. I’ll make a donation in a few days after I get paid. Love to Dakota…..and you too, Joseph!

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  5. Geez, all of you, you’re making my tear ducts go into overtime!

    FotMs is a VERY special place for me because of our beloved Eo, who even when she chastises does so gently, that we can grow in strentgth. A VERY rare quality in us Weans!

    This fund-raising was put off until the very last moment. Eo’s timing was PERFECT: the day after it was posted I got a notice [my first ever’] from Dr Lori in nearly 20 years, that they’d have to turn it over to a collection agency, i.e., legalised sharks. I phoned today to tell them what I’d done & to please wait another week.

    Yesterday we had our first donation [from a devout RC on Long Island whom I met through my dear recently deceased friend Dr Tom OBrien, an early financial advisor to the Clinton duopoly of murder, mayhem, and profits], and then the flood began.

    I will post an overall response to all donors as soon as I can, but I’m overwhelmed by work [just came off 14 days back to back on a bathroom reno where the husband [a wife oppressor] stiffed us $200 on the final $500 payment owed to James Alexander, my 63 yr old business associate, so I’m again swamped by the fools put here to test us beyond redemption.

    But hey! Thank you God & Heaven for giving me the ability to get through this chaos and wandering these past five years!!

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    • Joseph,

      I’m reposting my response to a comment you wrote on another thread because it’s important that you get my message.

      You wrote (on that other threat): “one person who’s a ‘friend’ suggested I shoot him [Dakota] w/a .22, gag reflex”

      Our dog/cat companions are genuinely part of our family. Would we say “put him down” if this were a human member of our family?

      Joseph, your “friend’s” elderly dad — who, despite his age, remains trustful and naive about human nature — should watch his back. Since euthanasia is now legal in Canada, if he doesn’t want to be “put down” by his daughter when his old age and inevitable infirmities become a “burden” on her, make sure he has an Advanced Healthcare Directive that specifies he does not want to be euthanized. Please take my advice seriously!

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  6. Joseph, this was the case of a friend of mine in New York State. Her Doberman, now deceased, due to a severe illness left a large bill with her local vet of many years. The vet agreed to monthly payments that she could afford and after two years the balance was just paid off. It was a win-win situation for both and no money to some bottom feeding collection agency. Blessings and prayers to you and Dakota.

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    • I know of veterinarians and even hospitals that agree to monthly payments by patients who simply don’t have the money to pay off their bills in a lump sum. I don’t understand why Joseph’s vet, Dr. Laurie Clarke, is so heartless, unless of course Joseph has not asked for this arrangement.

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      • Eo, Dr Lori went ahead ‘on trust’ when I told her my business was doing well enough I could make bi-weekly payments of $250, which I did to cover the first exam and then the pre-op [which I’d not known was needed or so much], so mea culpa for not keeping my word, a crucial trait amongst Quakers.

        But at the time I didn’t know that two of the younger guys I hired were about to fall apart from drugs & bad habits, as I’d hired them based on my crew leader’s recommendations. That crack-up occurred after I made two payments; I started working 16 hour days to ‘make up’ for their lost time, which really isn’t possible, so Kody & I struggled on, falling more behind every day, until your genius idea saved our bacon from the fire.

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  7. About a fourth of the balance has been contributed, mostly by donors wishing to remain anonymous.

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    • Pet Lover & Friends of the FotMs, I’m TRULY staggered by the swift responses. I just posted an update: “…at this rate I may be able to pay it off next Friday.” Can you believe it?

      So MANY good people, but the MSM publicises the worst of the worse, i.e., Broom Hilda and all the rest down to Hell’s 9th Circle!

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  8. Just gave some, Joseph. Praying for you, too. Just this week we almost lost one of our cats to a medical emergency. I know how truly Dakota is family to you.

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    • Yeppers, traildust, you got that all-too-right. It’s funny how just when we raised our children into successful adults, we take on NEW responsibilities & cares w/a puppy or kitten, and start all over!


  9. $1,005 raised so far…excellent!

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    • Friends of the Fellowship:

      i’ve phoned Dr Lori’s office and told them I’ll bring in whatever cash we have up til Friday, October 14th, so she’ll be able to deposit it that evening. I’m sure she’ll be very happy for ALL concerned.

      Let me tell you just how grand she is: when my Theodore E Bear, Prince of Peninsular Pomeranians had to be kept in hospital over a weekend after surgery, she decided to take him home with her, bought a turkey on the way, made him broth and fed home-cooked meals all weekend. Was he spoiled when he came home? Not really, because one can never do too much for a Pom! Jokes aside, her daughter had a floormate friend all weekend and Teddy came home very happy.

      No one’s ever taken me home and bought a turkey for me, but I’ve brought at least two turkeys home who cooked me pretty well, which is in good measure why we are in the bind we were! I think you all can sense how much the burdens been lifted from me, for which I thank everyone, and Dakota –normally a silent shy bystander– says “Bow-woof!”

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  10. MHB has been hacked as of 10:45 10/13/2016


  11. Friends,
    I just sent an email ‘Thank you’ note to one of our readers who donated to Dakota’s dental surgery. We’re very close to a final payment! A re-shingle job came in tonight [9:00], so I think we’re nearly over the hump in the road.

    Many thanks to all who saw their way to help my 8 yr old dwarf Spitz, as he’s VERY bad about brushing twice a day, no matter how many times Dr Laurie and I tell him!

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