Demonic face of Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew is pummeling the Caribbean and is the reason for what may be the largest evacuation of Florida.

This is a very creepy NASA satellite view of the hurricane, confirmed to be true by


In the interest of truth in labeling/naming, this hurricane should be renamed Hurricane Hillary. It’s alliterative, to boot! (H/t Jay Gaskill)


12 responses to “Demonic face of Hurricane Matthew

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  2. Dr.Eowyn, that’s not a Hurricane; it’s an early morning picture of Hillary taken without makeup(]:-}

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  3. i have a feeling this is a haarp generated “superstorm” like sandy so the elites can get rid of more people without guilt.

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  4. It’s a big joke I think. NASA loves doctoring images and putting faces on them. Look at Pluto, for instance. They actually put plutos’s head on that “planet”. To NASA, everything is a big joke.

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  5. Get your check books out for the Clinton Haitian Relief Fund.

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    • The first thing that struck my mind . . . . how much more can Billy Boy rape and plunder the people of Haiti? I’ll just bet he will be there with both hands out trying to see what deals he can put in place (deals that will steal from the poor people of Haiti, and put money in the hands of crooks.)

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  6. WGN Chicago already had a segment 2 nights ago seeking donations for Haitians. They kept emphasizing “faith-based organization”. Feed my Starving Children and Hope for Haitians were mentioned.

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  7. Weather and earthquakes CAN be a punishment from God; At other times it can be merely nature taking its course. The question is, How do we tell?
    Well, why isn’t Washington, D.C. hit by a monster hurricane? Why isn’t Washington, D.C. hit by an earthquake? Why doesn’t it happen to London, Inc.? The Rothschild Castles?
    One thing’s for sure: One mortal sin can land us in HELL. So, in a way, this Hurricane Matthew is the exact size of one mortal sin, no more, no less.


    • You are right. We are now under the wrath of the Dragon of Rev./Apocalypse 12, he is trying to destroy the work of God, it is physical and material vandalism. We don’t want to be objects of God’s anger when He responds with His wrath. He will save His work, the work faithful to Him.


  8. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    Many with responsibilities in government take our money, plan and carry out schemes to deceive us with it, declare that we are stupid for believing their lies, and then laugh at our expense for trusting them.


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