Illegal alien murder suspect arrested in Georgetown, Texas previously deported 3 times

Illegal alien criminal Luviano/Fox 29 photo

Illegal alien criminal Luviano/Fox 29 photo

A tax-payer relief shot would have worked for me.

From KXAN: Silvestre Franco-Luviano, the man accused of kidnapping a Georgetown man on Monday and wanted in connection with two murders in the Dallas-area over the weekend, has been captured in Georgetown.

As tactical teams were trying to begin negotiations with the 43-year-old suspect Tuesday evening, a fire broke out in the apartment, located in the 2100 block of North Austin Avenue, where police believed the suspect was located. Shortly after the fire broke out, Georgetown police say, Franco-Luviano tried to get away by breaking through the drywall into another apartment.

“The back side of the apartment was the first one he was in and he caught that one on fire then he kicked a hole through the wall and got into this one in the front and set that one on fire too then he ran down the stairs and that’s when they caught him on the third floor,” said neighbor Wes Brauer.

The incident then came to an end at 7:30 p.m., as Luviano was escorted by police out of the Parkview Place Apartments in handcuffs. A .45 caliber handgun was found in the apartment, but police say they are uncertain if it was the same weapon used in connection to the Dallas murders.

Brauer said there’s so much water damage from the fire, several neighbors stayed elsewhere for the night and are starting to cleanup. “My house is wrecked. I gotta go fix my house. Like they had to move stuff to get my dogs out, throw the clothes around,” Brauer said.

Bling Johnson, a witness at the apartment complex, said, “The flash bombs went off, you heard them hit the door really hard, you knew they were going in and the [window] screen comes flying out as if he was going to jump out of the third floor, so he had nowhere to go and at that point he had to know that that was it.”

Nearby Georgetown High School was placed on lockdown during the incident, as authorities searched the apartment complex for the man. Police said they received information just after 5 p.m. that he was inside one of the apartments. KXAN Viewers say they were ordered by police to stay in their homes. Georgetown police say the situation could have ended much differently.

“This is the outcome that we want. No injuries to citizens, officers or suspects so it worked out perfectly,” said Cory Tchida, Assistant Chief of Police with Georgetown Police Department. “The community that I serve has been terrified and understandably so when they start hearing about these acts that are alleged to have been committed by this suspect.”

Reports came into police Monday of an aggravated robbery and kidnapping at the Bealls department store at 1103 Rivery Boulevard in Georgetown. The victim was found around 10 a.m. unharmed at a gas station, around one mile from where he was kidnapped. Police say Luviano let the victim go at the gas station.

On Sunday night, police say Luviano shot at two vehicles in Cedar Hill, Texas at 11:03 p.m. A woman was injured in that incident. He then drove to a Texaco station near U.S. Highway 67, where police believe he shot and killed 44-year-old Welton Betts, who was pumping gas. He forced the passenger out of the car and drove away.

Luviano, who has numerous aliases, is also the suspect in a murder in Dallas prior to the incident in Cedar Hill. He allegedly opened fire on multiple vehicles near Spur 408, killing the occupant of one of the vehicles.

Georgetown police said in a statement Tuesday night, “We are pleased that Franco-Luviano was taken into custody without injury to any citizens, officers, or Franco-Luviano himself.”


Luviano was booked into the Williamson County Jail Tuesday night and moved to the Dallas County Jail on Wednesday on a murder warrant. Additional charges are pending.

The U.S. Marshals says Luviano has been deported three times and he currently has a “no status” to be in the United States.

Since 2010, Luviano has been arrested numerous times in Williamson County alone. He was charged with burglary of a vehicle, failure to display a driver’s license and possession of a controlled substance.



16 responses to “Illegal alien murder suspect arrested in Georgetown, Texas previously deported 3 times

  1. Did the police grenades cause the fire?
    Just askin.
    Are they glad they didn’t hurt this gang banger so they can turn him loose again?

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  3. I can tell you for sure that the issue of “the wall” is a hot one in my family. Two of my nieces married Hispanic men, one is now divorced (Thank Heavens! He was a dog.) the other man is a pretty good guy, but he is opposed to building a wall. He and my brother (his father-in-law) have had a falling out over this issue. Dan defriended my brother on Facebook because of things that David has written about illegals coming over our Southern boarder. My thought in this matter, taking into consideration that Dan has twin daughters who are “stellar” in school, one wishes to become a Pediatrician, not sure what plans the other one has . . . but I am absolutely sure that both of these girls will be certainly above average in their earning capacity . . . here comes the dilemma — what parent(s) who has really thought about this problem wishes to weight-down their children with the specter of paying higher and higher taxes to take care of the poorest of the low class of a foreign nation, who have managed to make it across our boarder? Are these parents really thinking about what is good, not only for this nation, but for the future of their own children and grandchildren? Yes, each person has the right to give away the produce of their own labor; but to indenture your children, and future generations to taking care of the poor and indigent of another country . . . then I think someone is not really thinking about the ramifications of their choice and actions, and how that will effect future generations of Americans! It would seem that we are swiftly becoming a “banana republic!”


    • DCG . . . this is a stellar post! Thank you.

      As far this joker being able to sneak into this country three previous times, maim and kill US citizens–I say enough is enough! Drop this fool off the edge of the earth.

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    • Some are good, others bad. The point is, why don’t they fix Mexico? Why does it become incumbent on us to take them all in? There are some real horror stories associated with this. Some were brought here as little kids, later they enter Mexico and find out that they can’t come home.

      I don’t know what the percentages are and, I suppose it doesn’t matter. I went to school and even dated some who were wonderful people. I also met some who were the opposite of that.

      We share a border with a rat country. It is totally corrupt and filthy dirty. I know it sounds awful, but if they just opened fire on them when they charged the border a few times my guess is that things would change.

      They keep coming and coming because they know that there is nothing to fear from us. They bring a load of social problems, diseases, crime, you name it. Obongo has made this a thousand times worse.

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      • lophatt . . . you are correct. Your summation is excellent. I realize that all of what you have enumerated is correct, at what point can our country spend the treasury of future generations to correct a problem that is nor was a problem of our making. Mexico is “a rat” country, which is why they produce so many lawless citizens–because it is a lawless land. Mexico needs to clean up its own act, rather than export their problems to North of the boarder.

        Is it not more humane to build a wall, than order our boarder agents to shoot anyone trying to cross our boarder illegally? I am not anymore opposed to employing any means to stop the hoards from invading my land here in America, than those of Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France, etc. should be in defending their lives and families.

        Yes, the current President, has a duplicitous heart and he has made the problems in our nation “a thousand times worse,” and all because he was such a great orator. He was able to woo people who would not look at his actual history, and based their decision on his charismatic presence . . . . . how many of them now realize the disservice they did themselves and their country?

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  4. Good the cops didn’t kill him… Democrats are expecting his 17 votes this year!

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  5. Wonder what the outcome would have been if he’d been an American and murdered a Mexican in Mexico?

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  6. Back in the ‘dark ages’ when local LEOs could actually get illegals deported without too much effort (if you had valid local charges), I arrested and deported one guy 3 times and backed up a county deputy who did the same on another occasion. This was all within a ONE year span, his girlfriend would send him money for a plane or bus ticket to travel back to our fair city and he was usually back within a couple of weeks. Moral of my story, this cycle is nothing new (was almost 40 years ago) – fortunately my ‘guy’ only did petty crimes, not egregious felonies,

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    • That’s very true. Years ago, when I lived in San Diego, I used to stand on the bridge at San Ysidro and watch the unbroken stream of illegals. It went on day and night, seven days a week. Some simply traveled back and forth each day.

      Some could go ‘legally” through the border crossing. Others simply waited on one side of the Tijuana River and, when the Border patrol went one way, they’d go another. I wouldn’t even hazard a guess as to how many.

      You won’t hear a word of English spoken on the light rail between San Ysidro and San Diego. For all intents and purposes where does Mexico end and the U. S. begin?

      Something has happened since then. I’m not sure that I understand it. For most of our history they simply came in and left when they wanted. In fact, the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo that ceded much of Northern Mexico to the U.S. clearly states that there will be no attempt to interfere with human traffic.

      So, while i know there are problems, I am surprised that they would be “new” problems. Another element is that Ronnie Ray-Gun’s administration passed legislation that punishes employers for hiring aliens who have no legal status. What happened to that? That’s pretty effective.

      Lastly, I also see that many of those crossing now are from Central America or other areas entirely. That was not common either except for a brief period during the 1980’s due to the “Contra” business.

      So, while I don’t claim to have kept up with all of the changes to border regulations over the years, what I see now would not have been a problem several years ago. I do know that the Canadian border is now a pain as well.

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