Insanity of free tampons for men’s restrooms spreads to Cornell U.

Earlier this month, Brown University’s student association distributed free tampons and sanitary pads to restrooms across the campus, including men’s restrooms because, as student body president Viet Nguyen put it, “not all people who menstruate are women.”

The insanity is contagious: It has now enveloped another Ivy League institution — Cornell University.


Laura Gunderson reports for the conservative student newspaper The Cornell Review (via Campus Reform), Sept. 29, 2016, that by a majority of 78.6%, 3,034 voting Cornell students passed a student-sponsored #FreetheTampon referendum to provide free tampons and pads in all Cornell bathrooms, regardless of gender.

The reasoning behind Cornell’s insanity is the same as Brown’s — not all people who menstruate are women, when accounting for so-called “transgenders”.

In addition to voting, students also posted pro and con statements about the initiative on the Cornell Assemblies Elections page:

  • Many of those who voted “yes” made claims along the lines of, “this is a basic human right, like water or shelter,” and that it’s “ridiculous” and “insane” that they aren’t free already. Many noted that condoms are freely available at the campus health center, so tampons should be, too.
  • Those who voted against the referendum expressed concern over the potential financial burden the project would create and lack of planning, as well as the likely waste of the products, especially in the men’s bathrooms, considering that less than 1% of the population is “transgender”. Like voices crying in the wilderness and in vain, one student argued that “In any situation in which a discussion is being had about a given institution providing some good or service for free, it is essential to first be able to estimate the cost of such a provision prior to implementing it.” Another said that the proposal “seems expensive, and unnecessary.” Yet another student asked, “Having the school subsidize more products leads to an increasing cost for students to attend…where does the subsidizing stop? The school shouldn’t provide other services that aren’t directly relevant or necessary for education.”
  • Some students attempted to stake out a middle ground, asserting that they would be in support of supplying the women’s rooms with free tampons, but not the men’s.

The issue will now be presented to the president of Cornell University for potential implementation, though the details of the proposal are still unclear. No doubt, like Brown University’s administration who applauded the distribution of free tampons, Cornell’s will also cave in to this latest madness in America’s lofty institutions of “higher education”.

By the way, there may be a sort of method to this madness.

After blogging for 7 years, I have come to the sad conclusion that there is no limit to human depravity. On a hunch, I did a search for “tampons as butt plug” and, sure enough, had my suspicions confirmed. See “I Like To Put Tampons In My Ass“. (A word of warning: The disgusting article is for “mature” eyes only, defined as those 18 years or older.)

There is a practical reason why gay men use tampons as butt plugs.

According to WebMD, the vast majority (90%) of men who have sex with men engage in receptive anal intercourse. But anal sex is fraught with health risks. In fact, “anal intercourse is the riskiest form of sexual activity” because the anus is not designed for sexual (or any) penetration:

  1. It lacks natural lubrication, unlike the vagina.
  2. The anus is full of bacteria.
  3. The anus’ skin lining is vulnerable to tearing and the spread of bacteria and infection.

One of the consequences of repetitive anal sex is the weakening of the anal sphincter — a ring-like muscle that tightens after we defecate — making it difficult to hold in feces until the person can get to the toilet. In other words, repetitive anal sex results in fecal incontinence.

Reuters reports on Feb. 4, 2016 that, using national health survey data from 6,150 U.S. adults, a study found that increased risk of incontinence from anal sex is particularly high for men who sex with men. While women who have had anal sex were 50% more likely than their peers to report having fecal incontinence at least once a month, the men’s odds of incontinence are three times that of women.

But, due to the relentless propaganda in popular culture (see, for example, a movie targeted at teens, Kingsman: The Secret Service), the practice of anal sex is increasing even among heterosexuals. According to a recent study led by Dr. Alayne Markland of the University of Alabama at Birmingham, as many of 37% of women reported trying anal intercourse at least once.


18 responses to “Insanity of free tampons for men’s restrooms spreads to Cornell U.

  1. They finance all this stuff with student loans and grants.

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  2. When did this ‘miracle’ of cross-dressing transgender being able to menstruate come about? Are they confusing female menstruation with male masturbation?
    I am so sick and tired of those who mimic the opposite sex by the wearing of their garments now making the whacky claim they need to be provided even the basic essentials of womanhood.
    If a female transgender is having her period and needs to make use of tampons then let HER go to the ladies room where they might be provided free or through dispensers. Most of us carry them in our purses anyway.

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  3. “not all people who menstruate are women.”??? Is this idiot brain dead? If you don’t have a womb you don’t menstruate, PERIOD.( NO pun intended). Just because you claim to be a woman but were born with a penis doesn’t mean you start to menstruate ! When the cost of college goes up because of unneeded FREE hand outs these same idiots will be whining again. The school’s give out free condoms because the students are to stupid to prevent pregnancy on their own.

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  4. Dr. Eowyn, when these ridiculous and perverted stories started coming out a while back, the question I asked my husband and daughter was, “where are they going to put them?”. You have answered the question for me. 🙂

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  5. There is no such thing as free. Somebody has to pay for it. Stupid people.

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  6. I will be as delicate with this as I can. We know that tampons come with applicators. The tampon, in this politically correct story (the story itself and not your post) becomes the substitute for the phallic symbol, the tampon applicator.
    In other words, a gun is a phallic symbol. The tampon becomes the vicarious phallic symbol; viz., the tampon applicator becomes the Freudian symbolic gun, and the tampon becomes the bullet. In plain English, this is a veiled threat, from the “feminocracy” against men! In other words, the “feminocracy” is fed up with men doing what Nature designed them to do (and what God Has Ordained for Marriage).
    Long Story Short: According to the Cabbala, the truth itself (the truth we Christians—and even Ayn Rand herself—call “objective” or verifiable) is not knowable. Therefore, the objective truth, in and of itself, doesn’t matter; What matters is the “narrative.” The word “narrative,” has become the media’s buzzword of prominent use over the past few years.
    Think of the illogic: The media IS NOT telling us, one way or another, whether they are telling us the truth; All they admit to is passing on a “narrative.” This is the so-called victory of post-modernism—that truth, in and of itself, is not knowable. This is no mere Lenny Bruce cynicism; It is outright insanity. It is DIABOLICAL EVIL.
    The late Thomas Merton—no right-wing member of the John Birch society, he—has written that the Devil himself DOES have a theology. And that “theology” is that the Devil is God. God Has Unveiled the Devil’s intent in Isiah: “I shall ascend to the throne of the Most High.”
    We Traditional Catholics do not claim to understand everything about Our Lady of Quito, LaSallette or Fatima. But we believe. We believe we have been warned of the template of what is about to happen—and we see what has already happened (if we are intellectually honest).
    Instead of trying to discern the Third Secret of Fatima, I would suggest that we watch and identify what happens on a daily basis: We cannot dictate what God will do! But in general terms, I see what this little Punch & Judy show is all about: The audience is being primed with a “narrative.” They’re being “warmed up” before the stand-up humorist comes out on the stage. We’re all assumed to be residents of Plato’s Cave. The so-called “humorist,” the Devil, having convinced many that truth is not knowable, has ’em all duped. And then he is going to cull the herd.
    Those in the know will run for their lives. The others, “precious little snowflakes” that they are, are going to be slaughtered, en masse.
    The Devil hates marriage and reproduction; He substitutes sodomy (at least as St. Thomas Aquinas defines it) instead. But he is fed up with both: He is coming to cull the herd.
    That is what this is all about.

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  7. I haven’t menstruated yet and I am way past puberty…..
    Should I see a gyn or a proctologist?


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  8. Just wait ’till that cannibalism thing gets going. Now it isn’t considered weird to be perverse, it’s a “right”. I suppose they have a “right” to have gay sex and die of AIDS. I don’t have to pay for it.

    I can think of a number of other disgusting practices. Should all of those be publicly supported as well? i mean, if people insist on engaging in unhealthy actions shouldn’t healthy people pay?

    Lastly, you can stick tampons in your anus all day but it won’t make you menstruate if you’re a man. Do these students not know this prior to college? Maybe their sex ed. classes should concentrate on basic biology rather than kinky sex.

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    • “I suppose they have a ‘right’ to have gay sex and die of AIDS. I don’t have to pay for it.”

      Oh, so sadly, we DO pay for it. And we pay for other travesties, like sex-change operations, abortions, cloning, and “stem-cell research”.

      But what does everybody mean, “tampons don’t go in the butt”? That’s where I’ve been putting them all these years…no wonder they haven’t worked very well. If you’d only told me sooner! 😜

      (I joke so I don’t cry. Sigh.)

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  9. Two words come to mind, disgust & depraved. Thank you lonely author, for the much needed humor. Tampax manufacturers must be overjoyed.

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  10. For being the party of “science” demorats sure do demonstrate their lack of scientific knowledge.

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    • …..and every OTHER kind of knowledge. It’s painfully obvious they’re DE-generating to a point they’ll really NEED their “fearless leaders” to remind them how to do the really tough things in life-feeding themselves,using toilets,getting dressed in the morning,I’m sure you see where I’m going with this…..Naturally,they believe Killary will cover their backsides (quite literally),while Trump will force them to grow up,and learn how to do for themselves,like the GREAT people in History have always done.


  11. Human nature makes us want to “fight or flee.” (Fight or Flight). I don’t want to “fight” these people who walk on the side of perverse/endlessly diverse society. My preference just now is to flee—avoid. I don’t understand them….or their motivations…..I have “pity,” and compassion, love many of them as long-time friends in my lifetime (come on—art major…art teacher….art community…..I know a diverse community of people) but, OTOH, they don’t understand or is it—have an compassion for me(?)…MIDDLE AMERICA, nor do they return the same “pity” for me or my tax checkbook. I might “tolerate” them, insofar as that, if they are not taking anything emotionally from me, minding their own business…similar …..I might NOT care…BUT, when it all comes over into a place where it affects my world, like—going into a department store woman’s bathroom and seeing a man’s penis while I am biologically unable to retain my OWN urine in his/her presence…..and I MUST relieve myself in his/her presence….or change a tampon….or WHATEVER….OR, that I have to pay more for THEIR sexual preferences than what I do for those who are born and retain their “sexual identities,” then…it starts to eat into my checkbook
    or my everyday functioning….GEEZ LOUIZZEE… when I was in school…there were NO FREE TAMPONS IN THE WOMANS” room….and I used crumpled-up toilet paper to get me through most of my educational LIFE. NEWSFLASH…and it is ever thus even NOW in our public schools at the elementary/middle schools/high schools. Now, all of a sudden…..with all this gender politics …there are FREE TAMPONS in the mens’ rooms at colleges???? I’m feeling so devalued just now. I’m feeling so STUPID that I could NOT BLEED monthly as a matter of biology and did NOT see that I could DEMAND that tax-payers PAY FOR IT, in the “spirit” of political correctness. What the crap was I not “seeing” that these others ARE?????? Even if it all seems ‘unfair” that today is going another radically different way than my past experience ……..does that mean that it is all logical or in any way equitable by comparison?

    Nothing keeps your head on straight more than when you “visit” the past. Aren’t we supposed to learn from history? I spent the summer in my ancestral birth place, Pennsylvania, doing sad family business, but then, also, visiting family churches, graveyards, records in the local library, citizen-built monuments that honored men and women from the county who contibuted historially to the nation…… I’VE DONE this before…through many years…but the older I get…the more it means to me…& I just can’t imagine my ancestors who struggled SO damned mightily to establish themselves in a NEW WORLD without so much as a donated gallon of milk or a “free” childhood vaccination or a freakin’ FREE tampon—-might be thinking of us all now if they could “divinely” reach out to us and speak from the grave to us. PRETTY SURE they would not pivot to the “free female menstrual tampons in the men’s room” topic.

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  12. Political Correctness never hut anybody!
    Try saying that with a straight face. Ha-Ha-Ha..

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