8-year-old to be TV’s first openly transgender CHILD actor

Here’s one thing People Magazine excluded from their list of must-knows about this child: From a medical and scientific perspective, there is no such thing as a transgendered person.


From People Magazine: On Wednesday, Jackson Millarker will break new ground by guest starring on Modern Family which will make him the first openly transgender child actor to appear on television. Before his episode airs, Millarker and his parents are opening up to PEOPLE about his journey to the small screen. Here are five things to know about the 8-year-old actor.

  1. Why did he pick Modern Family to make his big TV debut? “When we explained the role to him, he was very excited about the opportunity to portray a character that is so similar to himself,” moms Stacey and Jen tell PEOPLE. “Jackson has been a young activist in our community and he knew that Modern Family would portray the role of a transgender child in a positive light.”
  2. Millarker transitioned at 6 years old. “We followed Jackson’s lead from a very early age and supported him in every aspect of his transition,” his parents share. “He is very wise beyond his years and was able to communicate open and honestly about his feelings and what he was experiencing. He was always a very gender-neutral child, but at the age of 4 he started experiencing intense anxiety in his daily life. As his parents, we pulled together resources and support to help us through the earliest stages of his transition, while at the same time continuing to give him the freedom to express himself however he felt comfortable,” they add. “At the age of 6, he came to us with the request to use male pronouns at home. He quickly decided that he wanted to use male pronouns exclusively, because he realized that he was in fact transgender. He entered second grade as his true self, a boy. His family, friends, and school have been very supportive from the beginning. He is now a confident, happy, healthy young man.”
  3. Eric Stonestreet and the Modern Family cast made his time on set a blast! “Aubrey Anderson-Emmons [who plays Lily] and I were near her room on the set, and the two dads were walking around the corner,” Jackson tells PEOPLE. “When Eric Stonestreet walked around the corner, he stuck his tongue out at me!” The fun didn’t end there, recalls the young actor: “My favorite moment was when I got to play the game with Aubrey! We got to do it over and over again,” he says. “It was really fun! I felt welcomed from the very beginning! In the first five minutes of meeting the cast, I was already laughing.”
  4. He loves frogs! “Since I can remember, I have enjoyed performing,” he reveals. “I have always performed plays at home for my family. When I was 6, my parents finally signed me up for a theater class! I joined a musical theater troop and I was Baloo in the Jungle Book. I love being on stage and making people laugh and smile. I also absolutely love frogs!”
  5. He wants to give fellow young actors and actresses a very special message. “Be yourself!” he encourages. “Remember that you are loved and that you, too, are special!”


30 responses to “8-year-old to be TV’s first openly transgender CHILD actor

  1. The ultimate genocide. Neuter & spay our children by fostering delusions.

    Progressives really are some sick fucks.

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  2. You don’t know who you are at eight yrs old! I do sympathize with this child. Can’t help but wonder if he’s being led to this after expressing something benign.

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  3. I’m sure the kids’ folks “helped”… ah, but this is not child abuse because progressive left/liberals like it.

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  4. One more reason why I gave up TV years ago.

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  5. We have scientific data that a majority of “transgender” children change their minds later. In other words, children’s conception of their self identity is very fluid.

    I’m sorry to say this, but Jackson Millarker looks possessed. Just look at his eyes.

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    • Esther Bunny Brown

      Given how puffed up his eyes look, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was anally abused in a ritualistic manner, not just for the purpose of destroying childhood.

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    • The article says “moms,” seems two liberal lesbians managed to get ahold of this child (originally a little girl) and turned her into a self-hating iteration of their own desires. Possession is one thing, but it’s quite clear that this child is possessed by two deviant “mothers” who have hammered their corrupting agenda into this little girls brain, confusing her so bad she plays the false reality of being male.

      This tranny infatuation is the ultimate rejection of God. This is the sickness that can’t be prayed for.

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      • I hope the kid gets his/her/its mind righted soon-what I’ve read indicates kids who “get converted” by “Parents” or other adults are overwhelmingly inclined to suffer from drug and alcohol addictions and mental instability,and are prone to suicide if they can’t get help and free themselves from this trap.

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  6. I have comments but it wouldn’t be nice.

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  7. I gave up television years ago. Be that as it may: This story is so horrible, I could not finish reading it. I make the sad prediction that this child actor will, in all likelihood, be dead by his own hand before he reaches middle age.
    I am reminded of the gruesome and horrible story of Sylvia Plath: When her father died, at age 40 of cancer, the young eight-year-old Sylvia, who had been praying for her father’s recovery, announced, “I’ll never speak to God again!” Apparently, Yes, a child CAN make a decision that they intend to stick to for the rest of her life. (And we see the pathology of this with Plath, and her epitath, “Even in flames the lotus can bloom,” solves nothing!) YES, children CAN and DO go to Hell. As in flames and torment under the slavery of Satan, Divinely Revealed and Catholic-defined HELL.
    Looked at by another unbeliever, Albert Camus, one could assume, as he did, that “there is no fate that cannot be surmounted by scorn.” Problem is, the Damned in Hell will be DENIED this “luxury.” God Will See to that!
    So now what George Orwell has written in “1984” is coming true. After torturing Winston Smith in Room 101, O’Brien tells him, “My dear Winston Smith! In the end, the orgasm shall become the property of the Party!”

    Long Story Short: To the endgame: The Destiny the Satanistas have prepared for us is “a boot stomping on a human face forever.” (T.S. Eliot was wrong: This does not “end with a whimper.” Rather, Yeats correctly predicted this state of affairs: “Things fall apart, the center cannot hold.” That is where this is designed to lead us all to.)
    They are out to destroy unborn children; We have seen that with abortion. Now they are out to destroy childhood, and its innocence, itself.
    This child’s parents—and many of entertainment’s producers, as well as the doctors who will perform the “surgery”—should be prosecuted to the full extent of the Law.

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  8. The mother looks like she’d be up for a genital swap with the kid.
    The kid looks like a fruit loop.

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  9. Yes we do. Everyone should read it. It isn’t what they think it is.


    Those who promote these fantasies are destroying their children.

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  10. And having two mothers had nothing to do with it. Like maybe he wants to be the man of the family?
    At his young age, what does he know?
    The damage selfish people to putting on our innocent children.

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    • Or, does this young one believe what has been tendered to him from birth—first from his “parents” and then from the US Government—that YOU can CHOOSE your own gender, or at least the gender at which you choose to “operate” and, if your two mothers have lived the lifestyle….(and who knows what THAT was—-two lesbians who LIKED being female to female…or one who desired to transgender into a male, but it was not available very much at the time for him/her…or two females, one of which just like to cross-dress and “play” a male role….and on and on…..so confusing—confuses me—do YA THINK it would confuse a child??????)

      I’ve just had a senior moment here—-BOING! Should have seen this LONG LONG ago!!!! Doesn’t this sound like we are becoming DENMARK?????? How long before legal prostitution, legal euthanasia at any age, legal drug use, and the long list of gender/sexual act identifications?

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  11. This reminded me so clearly of something that happened at a restaurant in Huntington Beach, Ca. It has to be at least 45 years ago because my nephew who is the center of this story is over 50 years old now, he was 6 or 7 then. We were having a family dinner. And my sister and her son Ross was there. This was the hippy days and my sister had let Ross’s hair grow a little long, it was blond and he was cute, but all boy. Anyway when the waitress came up she looked at Ross and asked this goofy question, “are you a little girl, or are you a little boy?” And he snapped right back at her the perfect answer, “I AM A KID!”

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  12. No kid that age knows they want to change sexes, without a lot of prompting from mom & dad. This is just ridiculous. Glad we don’t watch a lot of the horrible sit-coms on TV. It’s enough that most of the movies are so old we’ve seen them all a dozen times. Thank God, I can play video CDs and at least watch something we want to see.

    Yeah… something about that kid’s face, “just ain’t right”.

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    • Dale, being transgender has really little to do with changing sex. Transgender is simply a social construct that reinforces a delusion that encompasses a number of deviant phycological manifestations.
      The overwhelming number of so-called transgender are transvestites and in fact heterosexuals who want acceptence for their diviant behavior. It is that simple!
      If they were to be given a free sex change I doubt but a few who might be so far gone that they might well accept it. And those few would probably be attracted sexually to the same sex as before but it seems now that would link themselves to the absurdity of identifying themselve as lesbian. I heard the term transbians, another social construct, and I think that really suits them.
      Before the onset of the transgender idiocy there were those who had been medically diagnosed as transsexuals. But that is much different than those who include themselves under the transgender umbrella, a term promoted by a cross-dressing hetersexual publisher of the magazine ‘Transvestia’ That alone should explain what transgenderism really is: a purposeful attempt to make it seem transgenderism is something other that what it really is: fetishism.

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  13. The child has a maniacal look, in my intuitive opinion. I feel profound sorrow for any child that is ruined like this. The mother, frankly, looks “crazy” in her eyes. She also has something manly about her; so it could be a tranny. The doctors, parents, and those who murder children in abortion clinics are going to burn in Hell, but sometimes, it doesn’t seem soon enough. The child in this picture has a disturbed look, overall, and reminds me of a boy who stuck needles in goldfish. The little monster lived in our neighborhood and he was not allowed to play with my son. Other parents, when finding out what a creepy kid he was, also wouldn’t let their children play with him either. Leave it to the media to further the work of Satan. The kid in this picture looks “off” and so does the “mother, if in fact she is a female”. They both have the same creep factor look, like the boy named Jazz, who is a gender bender freak .and his equally nuts mother. Our God is not going to strive with America much longer, and it will be Hell to pay. Leeann

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  14. He looks likethe next Adam Lanza. The so called Mom looks a little demented as well. Wonder what the other ‘mom looks like. A hedgehog? Bet she has a mullet.
    The whole friggen bunch of them are mentally ill.


  15. This is a poor little girl. I can understand why People Mag does it, but why do some (not all) here use male pronouns in reference to her? Seems like that just adds to the fiction of ‘transgenderism.’


  16. Thank god she didn’t identifies herself as a zebra.


  17. Well, what do you know…Jackson has two mommies. Another example of a “transgender” child with no father in the picture. Shocker, not. “Jackson has two mothers, Stacey and Jen. Jen has two daughters of her own and works as a special educator. Stacey is an art teacher in Georgia’s Dekalb County school system, and also teaches at a hippy camp.” http://www.earnthenecklace.com/jackson-millarkers-wiki-5-facts-to-know-about-first-transgender-child-actor-in-modern-family/

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  18. Twenty or thirty years from now, after years of hormonal therapy, etc. this child will probably end up with cancer.

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    • Let us make the point clear – this child is not fully aware of what HER gender expression is nor does she understand that gender (brain) is much separate from sex (genitalia). But that is the focus of the LBGT power brokers: make it seem that if one feels emotionally the opposite sex, even temporarily in childhood, then of course that relates to gender and extended to the subterfuge of trans-gender, a mental fetish condition that links itself to the sexual deviancy of homosexuality even if no such link exists in the minds of the young except for the confusion instilled in their minds by deviants.


  19. Having a twisted world view has consequences:

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