Footage of Angelina Jolie describing her satanic initiation into the Illuminati

A video has surfaced, of a 23-year-old Angelina Jolie talking to two friends, in which Jolie admits to and describes the satanic ritual she undertook to enter the Order of the Illuminati, including twisting of nipples and the sacrifice of a snake.

The video was uploaded by a “James Porter” on September 23, 2016, just 4 days after Jolie, 41, filed for divorce from Brad Pitt, 52. (See “Marriage of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt goes kaput“.)

The pending divorce has already become very ugly.

Although Jolie cites “irreconcilable differences” on her divorce application, she or her proxies let it be known that she’s seeking sole physical custody of their 6 kids on the grounds that Pitt is unfit — doped on marijuana and alcohol. A recent incident that took place when the family were flying back to Los Angeles in their private plane, is cited as what precipitated Jolie to seek a divorce. Pitt and Jolie got into a huge argument. Allegedly drunk, Pitt became physically abusive of one of their children — said to be their oldest, 15-year-old Maddox, whom Jolie had adopted from Cambodia before her affair with Pitt.

“A source close to Pitt” told the New York Post‘s Page Six that although Pitt had yelled at Maddox, “he never raised a hand to the boy”.

All of which makes the timing of the sudden discovery of this old footage of Jolie admitting to joining the Illuminati very interesting — suggestive of an effort by Pitt to retaliate against Jolie.

Or maybe not, since Pitt himself made the Illuminati 666 hand-sign when he posed to have his pics taken for a recent interview with the New York Times. (See “Brad Pitt gets deep on Trump and Brexit; makes 666 hand sign“)


In 2011, while promoting his new movie Moneyball at a press conference at the Toronto International Film Festival, Pitt was asked to reflect on his struggles as an actor in B-movies before he became a big star.

As reported by Fred Topel for StarPulse, Sept. 19, 2011, Pitt “joked” about making a pact with Satan. Pitt said:

“I grew up in a very Christian environment, a healthy environment, a loving family. But there were just parameters and things I didn’t understand. I always questioned it and it took me to my adult years or leaving home where I could really try on something different for myself. That was Satanism. It’s working out really well. I made a pact. That’s why the movie came out so well.”

H/t FOTM‘s josephbc69, molly, and Tim Shey.


24 responses to “Footage of Angelina Jolie describing her satanic initiation into the Illuminati

  1. These revelations should be enough to cause righteous people to shun any and all movies or theatrical work that they produce.

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    • I never watch their movies, haven’t watched a movie in years.

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      • DITTO! I’ve not seen most “new” movies in theatres, except for “God is Not Dead, & follow-up 2nd movie.” Most of my movie “cache” on DISH recordings are black & white (History Channel documentaries, including old newsreels/ film, as well as movies, …”Double Indemnity” “The Ghost & Mrs. Muir,” “Mrs. Miniver…” SOME “modern” movies, such as “White Christmas,” “The Christmas Story” “A Wonderful Life…..” War Horse,” “Lincoln,” & some series, such as “How the States Got Their Names.”)

        So, in short….my response to all this recent hoopla is, “Angelina and Brad WHO?”


    • I’ve heard that Plato thought the theater and dramas to be such powerful vehicles for change that he thought anyone involved in theater should be licensed (by the state of course).
      Frances Stonor Saunders wrote a book that may be of interest titled: The Cultural Cold War, The CIA and the World of Arts and Letters.

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  3. Yes, I saw this earlier. Simply disgusting. She is perfectly fine with it.

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  4. The interesting point about Angelina is this: where did the real Angelina go? The photo search for her has shown that the original Angelina is gone and something else is going on…but that is none of my business.


  5. Brad claims that once he got out from under his parent’s Christian home and upbringing, he found himself “… where I could really try on something different for myself. That was Satanism. It’s working out really well. I made a pact. That’s why the movie came out so well.”

    Perhaps that movie did; it’s not a real life-story. But it doesn’t look as if Brad’s life-story is working out all that well as of late, so he might want to return to his Christian roots and try a little harder to ‘get it’, in my opinion..

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    • Yes Joseph, its all about “them” you know? That’s the root of the whole thing. It’s all about “me”. “Do as thou wilt”. “So mote it be”. “All through the day, I, me, mine; I, me, mine; I, me, mine….”.

      She’s so smug and “cool”. See? You can tell she made the “right” choice because just look at all the things she has. They have a choice to make, just like the rest of us. They chose badly. We should stay away from them and theirs.

      Today’s reflection is to the point. “We were purchased at a price”. They chose to turn their backs on He who gave his life for them. It’s sad really. I take no pleasure in watching people lose themselves.

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  6. In a saner era if parents, celebrity or not, openly discussed belonging to a satanic cult, they would be in serious trouble with child protective services and even the police. Today, it’s just another lifestyle choice. Sick. Our society is truly debased today. God help us.,

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  7. these people can self-incriminate themselves and say they sacrificed kids, but the mindless sheep will just think its a metaphor or allegory or some other bs

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  8. Jon Voight has to be wondering how he ever fathered a daughter like Angelina…really, she’s always been rather whacko…remember the vials of each others blood she and her former husband wore around their necks? Yeesh, nutcakes for sure. We are losing our nation, and these two freaks are divorcing over discipline of their children…

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    • It runs in families. Voigt is not wondering about Angelina at all.


    • Jon Voight has only himself to blame.

      He separated from his second wife, Marcheline, precipitated by his adultery, after 5 years of marriage, when Angelina was only 1; the divorce was finalized 2 years later when Angelina was 3.

      Often mis-described as a “French” actress, Marcheline Lynne Bertrand was an American born in Illinois.

      Angelina and her 2-years-older brother, James Haven — with whom she exchanged a full tongue-in-mouth kiss at the 2000 Academy Awards (see GIF below) — were brought up by Marcheline, with apparently no rules. At 14 years old, Angelina was allowed to bring her then-boyfriend into her bedroom for sex; at 16, Angelina seduced Marcheline’s then-boyfriend.

      Angelina Jolie kisses brother James Haven

      Both Angelina and James had been estranged from Voight, until Marcheline’s death at 56 from ovarian cancer.

      Haven is now the full-time nanny for the Jolie-Pitts children. Surprisingly, Haven reportedly became a born-again Christian in 2009, so maybe there’s hope.


  9. The rise of this Satanism and the genocide of Christians by pseudo-Muslim, escoteric bandits like ISIS etc are no coincidence.

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  10. All these stars who “joke” about Satanism. Funny that.

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  11. Sold out to evil for a quick piece of gold. Hollywood…a weak minded crowd they are.

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  12. William Brandon Shanley


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  13. As I look at the degradation these people willingly accept in order to wield satanic power, I am reminded of the lengths a Christian goes to in order to be filled with the Holy Spirit. All you celebrities, brace yourselves. This may be disturbing:

    “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved–you and your household.” – Acts 16:31


  14. Let this be a lesson to all: If one summons the Devil, he shall receive a response. And let these people also remember that EVERY DEAL the Devil makes with ANY human being always comes with an EXPIRATION DATE.
    I had an uncle (died 1973) who was a 33rd degree Freemason. He worked in the Truman Administration and was personal friends with the 33rd President. He knew all the big shots of that time. And he went to Mass every Sunday. I am certain he knows by now that there are, and can be, NO “double agents.”
    As for Angelina Jolie’s parents, Who Knows? I read what you wrote of her mother and her father. We may not have the full story.
    Suffice it to ask this much: Do we really want to be ruled over by Satanists?
    God SHALL NOT be mocked, and this battle WILL come to a climax—in This Century!


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