Saturday Funny: ‘Take that, Melania!’

moochmichelles-weenieH/t FOTM‘s cs



32 responses to “Saturday Funny: ‘Take that, Melania!’

  1. Gosh, I hope Melania can’t do that! 😀

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  2. Perhaps the main reason why Obama wants to impose his transgender policy on the military is because Michael is giving thought of joining the military once out of the White House. ​

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  3. You got to wonder if Barry can do that.

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    • Barry hasn’t been able to do that since Mooch made a Mojo bag out of his scrotum. Ever since they sent his “body man” away he’s been playing too much golf. He can’t wait to get back with Rahm and “Man’s Country”.

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  4. Perfect ad for “Snap-On” Tools…?

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  6. Maybe Michelle is wearing Bullet-Proof panties… 😉

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  7. Between lesbian Hillary and transgender Michelle, the White House has never seen such trash in first “ladies”. Those two have no competition.

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    • On second thought, there is a third one – Barbara Bush. Even her beautiful mind does not separate her from the other two.

      Quote from Babs: “So, why should I waste my beautiful mind on something like that……” She was speaking of soldiers returning in caskets from the first Iraq invasion.

      “… this is working very well for them”, Babs once again exercising her beautiful mind on the Katrina refugees jammed together in the Houston Astrodome.

      When it comes to pure evil, Hillary and Barbara are a tie. They say behind every great man is a great woman. Same goes for evil men. Behind Bubba and George stood Hillary and Barbara, starting their cozy relationship at Mena in Arkansas.

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    • Let us not forget Elenore Roosevelt. She was way before my time but lots of speculation about “female friendships” outside the marriage of both Franklin and Elenore.

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  8. Well, Ohomo feels “constrained” by his job. It seems that he considers himself a young man and plans to create more chaos for a good many years to come”

    Yes, he has a few bones to pick with Whitey. He isn’t into all that “democracy” stuff. No, he wants a totalitarian world monarchy. He scoffs at our puny demands for justice. No, HE will decide what sort of future us maggots will have.

    You know, with each cycle they get worse and worse. But this one has exceeded even my worst fears. The fact that he remains where he is is a testament to how broken this is. This POS should be leading the largest frog march of all time. Beach hustler or “Constitutional scholar” you decide.

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    • Since Obongo has such a hatred for white people, I wonder if the white side of him really exists. Supposedly he had a white mother and was raised by white grandparents. What if that is a fairy tale too, as well as his birth certificate, social security number(s) and education. This creature is a total fraud who fronted the silent coup d’état of these former united states turned banana republic.

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      • The whole tale is frankly, unbelievable. However, it is all we have. It seems that “Mom” attended “French School” for a time in Lebanon. Remember, “Gramps” was a “furniture salesman”. He must have specialized in Lebanese furniture.

        I think its a safe bet to speculate that Gramps worked for the “Company”. I think “Granny” did too. It seems that all of that communist upbringing caused “Mom” to have trouble keeping her panties on, especially around black men.

        Gramps, who was ultimately in Hawaii working for the Company on one of their African operations, was responsible for the Kenyan goatherd who was after a PhD and white women. His womanizing reached a point where Gramps made a deal to have the Kenyan claim ownership of “Mom’s” offspring that she created with Frank Marshall Davis.

        The Kenyan got to stay a while longer and Mom got to leave for Indonesia where, somehow, she married Lolo Soetoro, Number One military guy. He “adopts” little Barry and puts him in said madrassa.

        At this point things get “fuzzy”. Somehow, “Mom” leaves Lolo for a life of writing micro-loans for the Company, er, “bank”. Little Barry ends up in Hawaii under Grannie’s care. Just what Mom was doing and why this happened is a bit of a mystery.

        Nonetheless, little Barry, the Moslem, is immediately accepted in the premier school in the islands (something they never did before) or since. Someone, presumably, had to pay for this as well. We know from interviews with his teenaged friends that he primarily powdered his nose with money he earned turning tricks for queer middle-aged businessmen he met at the beach.

        Somehow, he graduates and gets accepted to Occidental. Later, he has a rather unusual college career (of course) and ends up with a law degree from, where else, Harvard. No one can be found that attended any classes with him during this period, however.

        From there its all success. He gets a “job” as a “community organizer” (think Alinski) and has a charmed meteoric political career. All of this smacks heavily of CIA. In fact, it reeks of it.

        So, what does he have to “hate”? Who knows. Ask the BLM morons. I suppose Whitey didn’t work hard enough to satisfy their every desire. Whatever the answer is, I suspect he would have a lot more in common with that horde of miscreants invading Europe than he would with any American citizen, which is precisely WHY he’s where he is.

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      • What about that report that the CIA had conducted a DNA test on Obama and the (white commie) grandparents and it did not match?
        Just who the Hell might he REALLY be????

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    • What’s to be expected?
      He, o’shitbag, went to an Indonesian school. They’re called “Madrasas”; a mozlem school.
      ONLY MOZLEMS are allowed in Madrasas. Get it?!?
      It’s time we understood who is really in OUR wh.
      The enemy is within our gates and running OUR country into the ground!

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  9. BHO made one of his gut churning speeches today at some waste of taxpayer money he no doubt considers an important part of his “legacy”.
    The museum dedicated to the victims of his presidency.
    I didn’t watch or listen, although CSPAN had it on both channels; but I did happen to see him as he left with the U.S.S. MICHELLE OBAMA trying to manever through a building designed for pedestrian traffic rather than her triple + wide butt.

    It blotted out the Sun and crushed two Secret Service guys who got too close.
    They’ll build a museum for her fat ass and Hillary can do the dedication. Build it in Charlotte.

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  10. We’ll never know the truth!


  11. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:

    Those camera angles sure do play tricks! Hey I’m all for transgender ppl!


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