Failed States: Puerto Rico in second day of massive blackout; Venezuelans eat garbage for food

Like Venezuela, Puerto Rico is a failed state — mired in debt, with a decaying infrastructure.

In June 2015, Puerto Rico went bankrupt, from $70 billion in debt. (See “America’s Greece: Puerto Rico is bankrupt”)

Two days ago, the entire island was plunged into darkness when a fire at a power plant led to a massive power outage.

Puerto Rico in second day of massive power outage (photo by Reuters)

Puerto Rico in second day of massive power outage (photo by Reuters)

The AP reports (via Wall St. Journal), Sept. 22, 2016, that repair crews worked through the night trying to restore electricity to the island by morning. But some schools canceled classes for the day as a precaution, while Puerto Rico’s largest public hospital canceled elective surgeries and nonurgent appointments, and government officials and private groups put off dozens of scheduled events.

Gov. Alejandro Garcia Padilla activated the National Guard and declared a state of emergency, saying, “This is a very serious event. The system is not designed to withstand a failure of this magnitude.”

Wednesday’s outage caused 15 fires across Puerto Rico as a result of malfunctioning generators, including at the upscale Vanderbilt hotel in the popular tourist area of Condado and at the mayor’s office in the northern coastal town of Catano. All those fires were extinguished, and no one was injured, officials said. The blackout knocked out traffic lights, snarling the island’s roads. Businesses, universities and government offices closed early, putting even more cars on chaotic roads. Some people opted to not go home, and hotels in the capital of San Juan quickly filled up. As the sun set, people crowded into restaurants running on generators; others chatted with neighbors while standing or sitting at opened doors and windows trying to beat the hot night.

The outage was the latest hit for an island mired in a decadelong economic crisis and whose government has warned it is running out of money as it seeks to restructure nearly $70 billion in public debt.

The Electric Power Authority (EPA) said investigators were trying to determine what caused the fire that broke out Wednesday afternoon at a power plant in southern Puerto Rico that serves a majority of customers on the island. The fire began at a switch and caused two transmission lines of 230,000 volts each to fail. EPA executive director Javier Quintana said he expected most power to be restored by morning and that airports, hospitals, police stations and water-pumping stations would get priority. But many Puerto Ricans expressed doubts that power would be restored quickly, saying the economic slump has affected basic government services. Hundreds of people took to social media to criticize the EPA, noting they already pay bills on average twice that of the U.S. mainland.

It is unclear how much damage the fire caused or where the power company would obtain the money to repair or buy new equipment as the EPA already is struggling with a $9 billion debt it hopes to restructure as it faces numerous corruption allegations. Company officials have said they are seeking more revenue to update what they say is outdated equipment.

Gov. Padilla, however, insisted that the switch where the fire began had received proper maintenance and that no amount of money or maintenance would have prevented the fire.

USA Today reports that late last night, lights slowly began to flicker on across Puerto Rico as electricity was restored to more than 390,000 of the 1.5 million homes and businesses served by the Electric Power Authority.

Gov. Padilla said he expects more than half of EPA’s customers to have power by this morning and that 90% of customers will likely have power by Saturday. However, he cautioned: “Problems may arise. I don’t want to create false expectations.”

Puerto Rico map

Puerto Rico is not only a sober reminder to us of the result of government mismanagement and spiraling debt, the island’s bankruptcy also directly impacts the U.S. as more and more Puerto Ricans resettle in the U.S. mainland, not as foreign immigrants, but as U.S. citizens. They may even decide who will be America’s next president.

Note: Puerto Rico is an incorporated U.S. territory in the Caribbean with a total population of around 3.5 million people, 12.5% of whom are black or sub-Saharan African. As such, people born in Puerto Rico are natural-born citizens of the United States. The territory operates under a local constitution, and Puerto Ricans elect a governor. However, Puerto Rico lacks voting members in the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate, both of whom have plenary jurisdiction over it under the Puerto Rico Federal Relations Act of 1950. A 2012 referendum showed a majority (54% of Puerto Rico’s electorate) disagreed with “the present form of territorial status” and preferred full statehood in the USA. (Source)

As reported by CNN on August 9, 2016, more than a million Puerto Ricans now live in Florida, a number that rivals the state’s Cuban population who have long dominated Latino political power in Florida. A majority of recent new residents are resettling in the counties along the “I-4 corridor” in Central Florida, which is known as a crucial swing region for elections.

Esteban Garces, the Florida state director of Mi Familia Vota, a “progressive” advocacy group that aims to register more than 30,000 Latino voters in the state before Election Day, said: “Central Florida is a key region of this swing state. And there’s a swing vote in this swing region in this swing state, and that’s the Latino vote. Specifically, it’s the Puerto Ricans. They’re going to decide really who the next president is.”

Venezuelan woman picks through garbage for food

Venezuelan woman picks through garbage for food

Meanwhile, across the Caribbean Sea in Venezuela, people literally are on the brink of starvation.

Venezuelans are killing their pets and zoo animals for food. A new study found that over 15% of Venezuela say they depend on eating garbage — food waste discarded by commercial establishments — to survive, while half of the population say they have had to take time from work to search for food. (Breitbart)

But socialist actor Sean Penn, with an estimated net worth of $150 million, is still no where to be seen in Venezuela helping its starving people, although he was BFF with the country’s socialist president, Hugo Chavez, who died in March 2013 with a family fortune of around $2 billion — similar to the personal fortunes of the socialist Castro brothers (Fidel and Raúl) in socialist Cuba.

Instead, Penn was last spotted on August 23, having dinner at the elegant Mediterranean restaurant Il Piccolino in West Hollywood, where the menu includes steaks, chicken, veal, lamb, artisan duck sausages, seafood pasta, and octopus appetizers.

See also “$150 for a dozen eggs: Venezuela in 720% hyperinflation death spiral“.


16 responses to “Failed States: Puerto Rico in second day of massive blackout; Venezuelans eat garbage for food

  1. I am absolutely convinced that the fire at the power plant was deliberately engineered, to see how far TPTB could push Puerto Rico and her citizens. At the least, it was done so TPTB could push Gov. Padilla.
    The Blackout of Nov. 9, 1965 in New York City occurred on the anniversary of the 18th of Brumaire. New York’s blackout of 1977 occurred on another Jewish Holiday. The blackout of Aug. 3, 2003 happened on yet another Jewish Holiday.
    This is NOT to criticize Jews, Jewish people or people of Jewish ancestry. Far from it: What it means is that the Ruling Elites are, essentially, Luciferian. Specifically, they are Sabbatean Frankists who use the Jewish Calendar to game out their agenda. (They could not care less about the average Jew in the street).
    Looking into the Guiness Book of World Records, the city of Perth, Austrailia endured a 66-day long blackout back in the ’80’s or ’90’s.
    What I am saying here is this: I believe this power failure was engineered. And if I am wrong, certainly TPTB have their eyes on what is going on down there, for this reason: They need to know just how far they can push people.

    The Big Enchilada: If our Ruling Elites can gain from a massive power failure from an EMP from a North Korean missile detonated 40 miles above America (which would, effectively, mean the death of 90% of Americans in a year), they will engineer that to occur. Remember the Georgia Guidestones: “Keep World Population at 500 million.” Make No Mistake: They WILL attempt NEAR HUMAN EXTINCTION, and they will attempt this within the next 20 years.

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    • Steven, I’m not so cautious when discussing Jews. Worldwide they constitute .4% of the population. That’s “four-tenths of one percent”. Let that soak in. In the United States, a generous estimate would be 3% of the population.

      Based on what you see and hear on a daily basis, what would you set the percentage at? Twenty, thirty, forty percent. The anecdotal, observable feedback would make that a reasonable estimate. But it isn’t.

      They wield tremendous, unmerited influence and power. They do this through their control of the banking scam and the media. I would agree that most of them are not “actively” involved in this effort, other than through identity. In fact, most that I know are not “religious” at all. But ALL of them identify as being Jews.

      This is like being a Freemason. There’s a good reason for that but that’s not my purpose here. They tell themselves that they are superior and God wants it that way. That “justifies” all manner of outrageous disgusting behavior. Let us not forget that THEY have a choice as well. They can leave and ask to be saved.

      I do not have “sympathy” for them as none is deserved or required. I agree that, if there is religion involved, it is Satanic. They are quite simply “The Enemy”. As I said, there is a cure for this. The primary reason I view The Inquisition differently than the school book version is this. This was the primary target and rightfully so.

      With regard to Puerto Rico, or any other “target of opportunity”, you can rest assured that our Satanic friends will be found at the head of the line.

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      • My point is that the ruling elites—not necessarily Jews—are Sabbatean Frankists, and that Henry Makow (a Jew himself) says that these elites use the average Jew in the street as their human shields.
        I have found Dr. Makow’s site to be a treasure trove on insider information, with names, episodes and dates all meticulously documented. The man is a walking encyclopedia of all things New World Order.
        I think the Jewish religion is, fundamentally, Luciferian, but that the average Jew does not know that. The Jewish people themselves have been cuckolded; They are, even if they don’t know it, the original “cuckservatives.”

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  2. I would dispute that puerto ricans are natural born U.S. citizens. puerto rico is a common wealth that has continually refuse statehood. I know, at least when I spent several years there in the mid sixties there was no federal taxes or sales tax of any sort.

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    • Puerto Rico is an unincorporated territory (not, as claimed in the article, an incorporated territory) and the people of Puerto Rico have had citizenship since 1917. Everyone born in Puerto Rico is a natural born citizen of the United States.
      They voted for statehood in 2012.
      Their sales tax is among the highest in the U.S. and they pay Social Security and medicare taxes (payroll taxes).


  3. The domino’s are falling — First Venezuela, now Puerto Rico, who is next???? Me thinks that like the huge storms that have been plummeting the East Coast and the massive wild fires that have hit the West, countries going under will also continue to pick up speed. May the Lord have mercy.


  4. Puerto Rico is a nearby island providing corporate tax benefits, low wages for an English-speaking work force, a site for shell and bomb testing without concern for depleted uranium, and chemical production with less control than required in the States. It is also a good low-cost tourist destination with the sea, mountains, and history.

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  5. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    Greece, … Venezuela, … Puerto Rico, … who is next on the way to the New World Order’s march of humanity to a global Auschwitz. David Rockefeller lauded Mao in his imposition of Communism at the cost of seventy million lives.

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  6. Words to live (or die) by, “Yes, many people will die when the New World Order is established, but it will be a much better world for those who survive.” Henry Kissinger

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    • Words to live (or die) by, indeed, coming from the maniac who described us deplorables as the “useless eaters” of this world. Of course the phat phuck can’t even tie his shoelaces or put his belt on w/o a servant’s help, but that’s what we goyim are for, dontcha know….


  7. This may be a clue for PREPA’s financial woes (PREPA same as EPA, the govt-monopoly power company in Puerto Rico):

    4/10/12: “Smart Meter Hacks Cost Hundreds of Millions Annually, FBI Says”:
    An unnamed electrical utility in Puerto Rico [the ONLY one is EPA/PREPA, per Wiki] may have lost hundreds of millions of dollars each year since 2009, thanks to crafty hacking of “smart” home electrical meters.

    In a May 2010 FBI cybersecurity bulletin obtained by security blogger Brian Krebs, the law enforcement agency reported that it believed former employees of the utility and the electric-meter manufacturer were tampering with the meters in exchange for cash.

    In his KrebsonSecurity blog, Krebs said that, according to the FBI’s confidential sources, the hackers used several methods to hack the smart meters, including “using an optical converter device — such as infrared light — connected to a laptop that allows the smart meter to communicate with the computer.”

    After infiltrating the meters, the crooks modified the settings for recording power consumption.

    “Smart” electric meters communicate with switching stations at the power company, allowing the company to control electrical demand during periods of high consumption. They can also be pre-programmed to vary consumption, such as turning off the heat when no one’s home.
    More at above link.

    Your report said “The fire began at a switch…” I wonder if that’s the same as a “Switching Station” mentioned above?

    (I know Smart Meters are known to catch fire right on the buildings they are attached to, because they have NO SURGE PROTECTORS on the back of them like the prior analogs do. How brilliant of them, eh? SMH!)

    As for Puerto Rico, we don’t want a 51st star on the flag; so the USA should just cut PR lose & let it be “Independent.” I was there once via a cruise stopover in the 1980s, & it is a VERY CROWDED place. The highways were insane.

    “It was my father who warned me about Masons. He said they were in all the utilities, board rooms and any institutions where decisions affecting a lot of people were made. Maybe that explains why our society, country and civilization is so screwed up.”
    –Comment by “B” at this HenryMakow article from 12/18/2015:
    “The Aim of Freemasonry is the Triumph of Communism”:


  8. Remember a couple of years ago when Puerto Rico received fema coffins and body bags. Here’s a video I liked if anyone’s interested.


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  10. It’s really not all that complicated:

    Communism sucks.

    End of lecture.

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