Muslim ‘migrants’ have transformed the city of Paris into a garbage dump

Gone is our antiquated image of Paris, France as an elegant, civilized city.

Here’s a video showing how the Muslim “migrant” invasion has transformed the French capital into a literal garbage dump, with men lounging on mattresses on streets choked with litter and garbage. I recommend you watch the video in full screen to get the maximum impact.

Notice that the vagrants are all men, and not just men, but young, able-bodied, military-age males. Where are the pore Muslim women and children of the media’s propaganda?

Here’s another video — of a Muslim riot in Paris:

Meanwhile, tourism in France has plummeted. In August 2016, the French government announced that the number of tourists in the country has fallen by 7% since January. Minister of Foreign Affairs and Tourism Jean-Marc Ayrault acknowledged that “The perception of security risk has had a clear influence on certain travelers, including the wealthiest ones or those from Asia.”

While all of France is affected by the drop in tourist numbers, Paris and Ile-de-France and have been hit particularly hard. The tourism sector in Ile-de-France has lost a billion Euros in sales since January, according to a report of the Regional Tourism Committee (RTC).

But France’s socialist president François Hollande, in a speech on September 8, 2016, defended Muslims and called on his country to be “tolerant” and “embrace” Islam.

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52 responses to “Muslim ‘migrants’ have transformed the city of Paris into a garbage dump

  1. And since Hillary is pro-sanitation she wants to bring more of them to the United States.

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  2. Truly disgusting. Are these migrants homeless (which would explain the mattresses & other belongings) or just unemployed and loitering on public property? Either way, my sympathies are for the French citizenry forced to live with these uncivilized, and possibly dangerous, aliens. President Hollande and his ilk should be deposed and tried for treason for what he is putting his country through.

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  4. “President François Hollande, in a speech on September 8, 2016, defended Muslims and called on his country to be “tolerant” and “embrace” Islam.” and that will do what for France, mon cher President Hollande?

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    • The Marxist globalist controlled EU leaders are pushing this white genocide agenda to turn the entire EU into a third world garbage dump to incl. countries who exited the EU where Muslims are still moving in. The Euro “males” are useless cowards, allowing all this mayhem and soon to be killing and destruction and a caliphate with the middle east and women taken into slavery. Soon Euro folks will be forced form their housing into the streets to make room for more invaders. Stuck in stupid Europeans. No one in their right mind would travel anywhere over there.

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  5. Did the degenerates finally come home to roost?

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  6. and obama is at the un today urging everyone to open their hearts to refugees…

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  8. The Maginot Line did not work, the Nazis came right in, perhaps Hollande thinks that a warm welcome will protect France from the greater threat, Islam. (I don’t really think that is his mindset, I believe that he is led by dark globalist motivation.) Ou sont Charles Martel et Charles de Gaulle? Take just about anyone other than a NWO creature. The name doesn’t have to be Charles, the gender, at this point, given the absence of men, doesn’t have to be male; try Marine Le Pen.
    Je ne suis pas Francois; il n’est France.

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  9. I am just shocked that the numbers of tourists has only dropped 7% . . . if anyone had seen these videos before deciding to come to Paris, they would have voted with their pocketbook and gone somewhere nice. Why would you go someplace reminiscent to the black hole of Calcutta for a vacation? I certainly agree the French people need to throw Hollande out, and try him as a traitor to France.

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  10. François Hollande is a traitor to France and the French people!

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    • Yes, he is. So are the rest of them. Let us not omit Ohomo and the heir apparent. No one will “do anything” here either. What would that look like? I actually think they would have a better chance in Europe of rebellion than we would here. The cops are not quite as militarized.

      This is not some agenda that sort of “developed”. This is a product and they are selling it HARD. There will be no choice involved. So, in my opinion, there is no first step other than to realize what we’re dealing with. They are already in the process of implementing this.

      They are hellbent on destroying all of the white cultures and replacing them with chaos. If we allow it they will overwhelm us. Not allowing it will take more than just registering a complaint.

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  11. Looks like Some are fighting over Wives. Small riots turn bigger thats all. lots of little riots taking place near You!


  12. Paris occupied again, very sad!

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    • Paul,etc. : the Euro people allowed all this by doing nothing. They will still “do nothing” when men are lined up for execution and women taken as slaves, people forced out of their houses while the victors move in. I don’t feel sorry for people who condone all this.

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  13. Ahhhhh…how obvious is the “FRUIT” of Socialism!! Dirty, rotten, and debauched! “Wherefore, by their ye SHALL know them!”

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  14. I believe it is too late for countries such as France, Germany, England and Sweden. The other Scandinavian countries too with Italy soon to follow. The once beautiful French city of Marseille is now 40% Muslim.
    ~Meanwhile, a 13-minute Hungarian television documentary (with English subtitles) about no-go zones in Paris can be viewed here. The presenter interviews a French crime reporter named Laurent Obertone, who is the author of a bestselling new book entitled, “La France Orange Méchanique” (France: A Clockwork Orange).
    In his book, Obertone writes that France is descending into a state of savagery and that the true magnitude of crime and violence across the country is being deliberately under-reported by politically correct media, government and police.~

    This is from my old country which I no longer recognize. It is estimated that by 2050 the majority of the population will be Muslims…..

    Believe it or not – this 2 minute video is from Hamburg, Germany:

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  15. what a bunch of worthless pig barbarian NIGGERS! Surround the area with heavily armed military men, close in, and just destroy these vermin.
    These things are simply breeding vermin.


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  17. and you better believe JUDEO-masonry is behind it all. Don’t hate these people. They are pawns in the game–many of whom have really been displaced from their homes.
    The real tell is that despite the fact that 20% of the Syrian pop. is Christian, you can count on your fingers Christians in this torrent of “migrants.” Also, most are sunnis (the more radical) not shiites.
    Divide and conquer. Meanwhile, israel sits pretty. Ditto saudi arabia, its secret brother in arms.
    They own us. Check to see the billions we are sending every year to israel, which cheats, spies on us and otherwise controls us like a bad parasite. No politician will challenge them for a minute–that includes hillary and Trump and, yes, obama (all show).

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  18. Esther Bunny Brown

    “When their common enemy and object of hate is gone or neutralized or marginalized, the glue that keeps them together for their ‘peace’ (of mind), then the infighting will start.” (Psalm 55:15, Isaiah 29:5, Isaiah 47:11, 1 Thessalonians 5:3)


  19. While I certainly understand the sentiment expressed here and the likelihood of the outcome, we should not forget that “the Europeans” are any different from us in terms of being forced into a mold not of their choosing.

    These “leaders” work for the New World Odor, not their constituents. There is no real reason to destroy existing cultures other than the desires of the NWO tyrants. Of course, some idiots go along in order to “belong”, but many understand that this is not in their interests anymore than it is in ours.

    My wife had the TV on again the other day and I happened to walk by as they aired an ad for us being “global citizens and our responsibility to not be Donal Trump”. I couldn’t believe how blatant the propaganda has become. It is overt and in your face. Your “choice” is to get in lockstep or be re-educated.

    Make no mistake. This is part of the final push. They will destroy our cultures with these mutts and “tweak” Islam into a new world religion. It will favor perversion and submission. It is down to those who recognize manipulation and resist and those who do not.

    So, “the Europeans” did not invite this, this was foisted upon them and they were given the same “choice” that our traitors have planned for us. They just happen to be a little farther advanced along the path at the moment. Soon you won’t be able to tell the difference.

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  20. Civil war is now overdue. fight back or lose your land, your homes, your culture and your country. Fight back or lose your lives.😠😠😡

    There is nothing needy about this huge group of troublemaking men invading your country’s in the name of Allah and hatred of whites. Whites should arm themselves and fight back hard

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    • You are right, it is an invasion, a war, but it is probably planned, and part of the plan is to create a reason to call in NATO and UN troops to end the chaos the Globalists have planned to bring about for their NWO. The troops of every army should be told what is happening and who their enemy really is. That is, following orders given to support David Rockefeller’s army of the UN is war against their own families, friends, and countrymen.

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      • There can be no doubt about that. It is planned to the nth degree. As long as their people are in control positions they have clear sailing all the way. They really don’t care if the lot of them ends up murdered. It is the chaos they’re after.

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  21. Concerned Aussie Crusader

    The police are just pushing them back, but back to what or where? They need a pincer movement, attack from the front and back. Snipers would not go astray. How many of these terrorists have been arrested? Have any been removed from France? I do think Holland is a traitor to his own country and people.

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    • Well there’s the trick. You need to gather them up, ship them to some African paradise. Every one of them should have a politician attached. Take their passports and leave them there.

      They should be hunting Soros like a rabid dog. There are laws in almost every country against what he does in the open. To stop this one needs to get the perpetrators and their enablers.

      Merkel should be working on her tan while learning to outrun the local fauna.

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      • But first, Holland’s, Merkel, Soros, Cameron, QE II, Prince Phil, et al, must clean up the mess of the guests they invited.

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        • “They” invited their “guests” because they work for their owners. Just like here. There are no “countries” any longer. They just exist in name only. The EU was a step to openly acknowledging that accomplishment just like the “Trans-Pacific Union” will be applied here.

          These are not “accidents” or the decisions of individual political parasites. It should be obvious that what they do on a daily basis is counter-productive to good order and the success of their own “countries’. It only makes sense in the context of them being employees and having assignments from their owners.

          They couldn’t be more contrary to their constituents interests if you were to write a fiction story complete with characters designed for that express purpose. I ask you, how is Merkel, or the Swedish Prime Minister still in power? They are profoundly hated. Yet, there they are. Aren’t these “countries” with “democracies”? Of course they aren’t.

          It is never about what they SAY. It is always about what they DO.


  22. My son wanted to travel there, but I am trying to persuade him to wait. Europe is ruined.

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  23. ALL OF EUROPE is being turned into a TOILET, by design! These inbred throwbacks did not get to Paris—or anywhere else in Europe—of their own initiative or accord. MAKE NO MISTAKE: This is PLANNED, and it’s coming HERE. Go Ahead and blame Obama—just make sure you blame both Clintons and both Bushes, along with George Soros, Zbigniew Bryzynski and the usual suspects. Wait—there’s more! BLAME FRANKENPOPE, TOO!!!

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  24. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    What we can expect in the United States if we do not wake up and speak out.

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  25. The French solution – move them around to temporary facilities. I read 74 sites here, meaning not just the sidewalks of Paris are being polluted. Free food, medical treatment and sneakers. What’s not to like?

    In the meantime Swedish soldiers are running around on a picturesque island preparing for a Russian invasion. That may be the answer for all of Europe – a Russian invasion. Can’t be worse than it is now.

    September 16, 2016 8:59 AM
    Police evacuate migrant families from Paris sidewalks
    Read more here:

    ~Housing Minister Emmanuelle Cosse said 2,038 people, from Afghanistan, Sudan, Eritrea and elsewhere, were taken in by social services or taken to temporary facilities in the Paris region. A regional administration official said they are being bused to 74 sites around the Paris region where authorities will give them food and medical treatment and help those who are eligible for asylum.~

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    • They can reinvigorate that Hanjin shipping company. They have plenty of shipping containers. Just shove ’em in the front door and out the back into the containers. Next stop, Africa.

      Of course they should reserve several containers for the “elite”. They can go to where they can better work on renouncing their white privilege. That cannibalism thing could be a nice change of diet for them. It adds a whole new meaning to having someone for dinner.

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  26. lophatt, I like your idea. We have been told time and again about starving folks in Africa. Here is the solution right under our noses. Ship them to Equatorial Guinea where the local dictator dines on human body parts. I’m sure he has a good size freezer.

    Good news for the Brits, next door to Equatorial Guinea is Cameroon. What did we hear about Cameroon recently? Oh yes, the large parasitic family from Cameroon (via France) to UK and how they feed off British taxpayers. Load them up and ship them back to Cameroon. The politician attached to them should be one named Dave Cameron.

    Meanwhile back at the ranch in Equatorial Guinea, the son of the cannibal faces his own headlines:

    Teddy the cannibal even dined at the White House back on August 5th, 2014.
    Per CNN:
    ~On Tuesday guests will dine on chilled tomato soup, a vegetable salad, and Wagyu beef (raised in Texas) that’s been marinated in chermoula, a garlicky herb blend that’s used in northern Africa.
    “Even though it’s an American beef we want to give it an African touch,” Comerford explained, pointing to other ingredients like cinnamon, coffee and saffron that accent traditionally American dishes on the menu. Produce harvested from the White House garden will also appear.
    Like every aspect of the evening, the menu was created with the array of guests in mind. “We want to make sure that our Wagyu beef is all Halal, all of our purveyors make sure that everything we use is secure, came from reliable sources, and the things that we use here are wholesome and good for our guests,” Comerford said.~

    Ok then, no body parts.

    President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama greet His Excellency Gabriel Arcanjo Ferreira da Costa, Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe

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    • Well, I guess that means the cloven hoofed demons are safe for now. Cameroon, perfect. That would make them “free range immigrants”.

      I love that picture. Mooch the Monster. There they are, “The Master Race”. I think Ohomo and the cannibal would fit in one container. They may need to ship Mooch separately.


  27. Our daughter-in-law is an international counsel (corporate business attorney) & left a job headquartered in Switzerland/France due to this degradation of European business/society. She was mugged at knife-point on a Switzerland-to-France train (lost passport/everything) by one of these “poor refugee 20-something men”…among other more minor griefs. She took a corporate job solely centered in the USA—where she does NOT have to travel internationally for weeks at a time (she is the mother of our ONLY baby grandchild at this point, too) and makes almost DOUBLE what she made with this international company….and is SOOOOOO much more appreciated for her competence than was attributed to her by foreign-based employers…..

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    • Yes, I have a friend who’s son does something similar. He makes good money but is constantly traveling in Europe and Asia. He used to enjoy his time in Europe. Not anymore.

      I lived in Germany for a couple of years. Then it was just the Gypsies that people worried about. They were all rather tame compared to this. It is hard for me to imagine that it has gotten this bad. When I was there the German men were not averse to giving someone lead poisoning if they got too overbearing.

      I had to help investigate a number of shootings, usually in bars. Nobody ever saw anything. No one would cooperate. The Polizei didn’t care. It was VERY civilized. No one with manners would ever have cause for concern.

      Time moves on and things change, but I can’t shake the sense of wonder at how they have sunk to this level. Many men used to carry these little .25 calibre pistols, some of them were full-automatic. Obviously that isn’t the case any longer. Too bad. I suspect that would have a profound effect on the taming of the new wildlife or their possible decision to migrate elsewhere.


  28. I happened to see the game show ‘Wheel of Fortune’ tonight— the ‘prize puzzle’ was a European river cruise, and the highlight was (you guessed it!) Paris, France! They gotta GIVE the trip away! (Of course there was NO MENTION of the troubles there…) ps- for those of you in the know– yes, I also know that they can, and do, manipulate the wheel! LOL 😕

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  29. History always repeats itself. I remember seeing the French chasing down a CEO that had wronged them, a few years ago. They tore off his shirt before the police got control.
    Remember mussolini? The Europeons are backed into a corner.


  30. Who does not defend their land does not deserve

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  31. It’s almost time to start using bullets instead of batons and tear gas on these cretins.

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  33. Where are the poor “women and children??? Where are the elderly? Nobody there but a bunch of jihadists, that I can see.


  34. Imagine this as an invasion by English lager drinking football fans ….. what would you do?


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