$150 for a dozen eggs: Venezuela in 720% hyperinflation death spiral

Susan Warner writes for The Gatestone Institute (via ZeroHedge), that Venezuela, an oil-producing OPEC state that at one time claimed to be the most prosperous nation in Latin America, “is unraveling at breakneck speed”:

  • A dozen eggs now cost $150, as inflation will hit 720% this year according to the International Monetary Fund.
  • It’s not just insanely overpriced food; there is a shortage of food to buy, as well as medicine, electricity and water. For some months now, there are reports of people waiting in supermarket lines all day, only to discover that expected food deliveries never arrived and the shelves are empty.
  • A once comfortable middle-class Venezuelan father is seen scrambling desperately to find his family’s next meal, sometimes hunting through garbage for salvageable food.
  • Desperate people are killing household pets and zoo animals for food.
  • The 75% majority of Venezuelans who were in poverty before the economic collapse reportedly are verging on starvation.
Typical grocery story in Venezuela

Typical grocery story in Venezuela

But President Nicolás Maduro, who succeeded Hugo Chavez — actor Sean Penn’s BFF — is doubling down on the proven failed policies and philosophies of “Bolivarian Socialism,” while diverting attention away from the crisis by blaming Venezuela’s collapse on foreign “enemies” such as the United States, Saudi Arabia and others.

Only 9 years ago, U.S. policy “experts” celebrated Chavez’s socialist revolution. In a 2007 study, “The Chávez Administration at 10 Years: The Economy and Social Indicators,” for the liberal Washington, D.C. think tank, the Center for Economic and Policy Research, economists Mark Weisbrot and Luis Sandoval wrote:

“[a]t present it does not appear that the current economic expansion is about to end any time in the near future. The gains in poverty reduction, employment, education and health care that have occurred in the last few years are likely to continue along with the expansion.”


There’s a name for people like Weisbrot, Sandoval, and Penn.

It’s “useful idiots”: People who, unwittingly, are propagandists for a cause the goals of which they are not fully aware, and who are used cynically by the leaders of the cause.

Except that in the case of intellectuals like Mark Weisbrot and Luis Sandoval, they are not unaware ignorants. Neither is Sean Penn. There should be another name for them:

Malevolent useful idiots

It’s just too bad these “malevolent useful idiots” for socialism are never there to pick up the pieces for Venezuelans and other peoples across the world, including the American poor and middle class, when it all goes bad — which it always has and inevitably will.

Meanwhile, as the people of Venezuela starve, Sean Penn is still nowhere to be seen in their country to help out the starving poor.

With an estimated net worth of $150 million, Penn has lived a privileged life since birth as the son of actor-director Leo Penn (and grandson of Ashkenazi Jewish emigrants from Lithuania and Russia). Sean has been signed to star in a new movie, Professor & the Mad Men, with Mel Gibson, and was last spotted on August 23, having dinner at the elegant Mediterranean restaurant Il Piccolino in West Hollywood, where the menu includes steaks, chicken, veal, lamb, artisan duck sausages, seafood pasta, and octopus appetizers.

Sean Penn at Il Piccolino restaurant, August 23, 2016

Sean Penn at Il Piccolino restaurant, August 23, 2016

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13 responses to “$150 for a dozen eggs: Venezuela in 720% hyperinflation death spiral

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  2. On my recent ‘girls day out’ to purchase apples directly from an orchard, we discussed the smaller selection of food products in our own grocery stores. The stores hide it well, but those of us who can forsee what is coming, it is blatantly obvious. May the Lord have mercy.


  3. Vote Democrat in Nov 2016 to have this here!

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  4. Someone needs to develop an app that adds the beard, locks, and Hasidic garb on photos of the Penns and Weisbrots of this world for instant identification and, as Dostoevsky put it, so “everyone will immediately understand everything” regardless of their lying mouths.

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  5. Her Muchness and Sewn Putz should buy –or better yet, employ hundreds of people– in Venezuela to create immense mansions with attached hospitals, set in the midst of giant farms, so they can feed the starving campesinos they so dearly love and care for, ASAP, then live amongst them all in peace, love, and harmony. Just saying….

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    • Not to worry, Anonymous: we get the same results under mega-corporatism, as it evolves into fascism, exactly as Mussolini wrote and said. Today the easiest way to become a multimillionaire w/o having to become educated, learn skills, practise them, and be paid for doing very, very little real work is to become a Congress critter who gets itself re-elected enough to benefit accordingly.

      This isn’t true of all of them, but surely 80%+ is a reasonable guesstimate.


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  7. Ain’t commoonizm wonnerful?

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  8. Well, socialism/communism has struck again! They look like Detroit – what a shame they fell for the false utopia. When will foolish people with a propensity of selfishness stop wanting an evil king who will offer them a promised life full of “freebies” that ultimately turns into their false and tyrannical government??? Total destruction of people, society is always the the result of this (evil) system. It’s false and wasn’t designed to be for the betterment of mankind, but for our complete and utter destruction. It only creates more wealth, prosperity and opportunity for the global elites (fallen angels in embodiment). There’s only one true utopia and that’s one where people have abundant opportunity for self-expression to develop themselves into a higher consciousness, a truer heart full of love, wisdom and power. A society that’s run by responsible people who see and know real self and know what their real purpose in life is.


  9. That is terrible news! It sounds like Argentina 2.0. (Some years back I used to read this guy’s blog who lived through the Argentina crash/bankruptcy & he’s been blogging how to “survive in the city” during major economic crash ever since. Always very interesting. He calls himself Ferfal):

    Went on a cruise with a church family back in the 1980s & one of the stop-overs was Caracas, Venezuela, for a day. The onshore “day trip” included a ride in a big old bus up the mountain where the “clouds sit on top” so it was like a very misty & moist “rainforest” up there, smelled great, so clean & fresh, on the way to a small crystal glass “factory” at the top.

    Arte Murano Crystal Glass:

    But on the way up, embedded into the sides of the mountains & spread out all over creation were TONS & TONS & TONS & TONS of brown “shanty shacks,” zillions of them it seemed. Evidently that was about correct. YouTube vids say that slum area is named Petare & is the largest slum in all of South America. Very short video clips of the slums:

    A comment under that one, from six months ago (caps in original), says:


    Other YouTubes say Caracas has the worst crime rate in the entire world. There are also “tourist” videos showing the “best & beautiful” side of the city. I noticed in one of them Caracas has its own gigantic obelisk in one of the city squares. Figures! The “concrete city” at the bottom of the mountain looks VERY clean & neat in some of those videos, very modern. Their “oil boom” began in the 1970s, but I don’t remember it looking that good in the 1980s.

    The biggest thrill while there was the unbelievable Mariachi band that lined the entire stage in the banquet room where they fed all the cruisers lunch at one of the hotels, & the band played their brass & other instruments the entire time. I’d never seen anything quite like it, gorgeous yellow costumes, sombreros, etc., & tried to find something similar at YT that was THAT GOOD. Thought it was a lost cause until I found this… not as many band members but just as good if not better, with additional backup ensembles.

    Mariachi Flashmob in Madrid, the audio is SUPERB w/earbuds! Definitely a thrill! It starts out slow; revs up at 2.5 mins., but don’t fast forward or you’ll miss the TWO “grand entrances,” so funny!

    It seems Mexico must be on a goodwill tour, as they have Mariachi bands/videos at YT visiting Moscow, Zurich, London, Ukraine, Bogota, etc. Those guys are all over the planet! I welcome them through Trump’s wall, & hope an entire band moves next door to serenade me all the time. 🙂

    (Speaking of Trump, YT was MISERABLE today as every other video supid YT played the SAME Hispanic-lady Pro-Hillary, Anti-Trump ad over & over & you could not fast forward through it.)


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