Illegal Immigrant Deported Twice Charged With Stabbing Md. Teen 40 Times


From Fox News: A 28-year-old violent gang member and illegal immigrant from El Salvador, who was deported twice in the last two years, was charged with murdering a teenager.

Oscar Delgado-Perez, who was arrested in Montgomery County, Md., allegedly murdered Cristian Villigran-Morales by stabbing him more than 40 times, Heather Nauert reported on Fox and Friends Weekend.

Villigran-Morales was working hard at a landscaping business to help his family who was living in his home country of Guatemala.

Delgado-Perez was a reported member of the Mara Salvatrucha gang, often known as “MS-13”, a violent Salvadoran gang active in the Washington metro area.

As FoxNewsLatino reported:

Delgado-Perez, 28, has been charged with first-degree murder for allegedly stabbing Cristian Villigran-Morales more than 40 times – all to impress his gang, according to police.

Delgado-Perez had been deported to El Salvador twice in the past two years, the Post said, citing U.S. immigration officials. Police found him at a Red Roof Inn on Wednesday.

He was expected to show up at Montgomery County [Maryland] court on Friday. At least two other MS-13 gang members were involved in the stabbing, the Post said.

Authorities say that the suspect “directed” the attack on Villigran-Morales, who evidently was lured into a park by a girl, Vanesa Alvarado, who suggested they might have sex.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, also known as ICE, said that Delgado-Perez was deported to El Salvador on October 24, 2014 and on February 26, 2015. He could be deported again, though he would likely serve his sentence first.

Montgomery County Police Department Chief Tom Manger said that while his agency supports cooperation between local law enforcement and federal immigration agents, his officers also must not be seen by the local immigrant community as quasi-immigration officials.

Read the whole story at FoxNewsLatino here.


7 responses to “Illegal Immigrant Deported Twice Charged With Stabbing Md. Teen 40 Times

  1. The only sentence this person gets is “hanged until dead!” There should be no if, and’s, or but’s about it.

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  2. Whatever city he was in, why aren’t the authorities now checking their backgrounds as well as the families’ backgrounds? They didn’t get that way all by themselves.
    In Texas we have the death penalty. As Ron White states, “..AND we use it!!”
    I do know they are not ALL bad. That isn’t the point. They aren’t referred to as “Illegals” for no reason. THEY INVADED A COUNTRY.

    I live in Texas..Shoot! I was born here. We are overrun with Illegals.
    When Obama gave Amnesty, this nice looking young Mexican lady let her dog poop in my yard. I was furious, “Lady, your dog is pooping in my yard.”
    You’ll never guess what she came back with, “I’ll tell on you!” I broke out LOL and said, Go Ahead. You’re a fool.” I walked off shaking my head.

    Have you ever researched what happens if you go into Mexico without some type of written permission? Mexico doesn’t play nice with people who INVADE THEIR COUNTRY.

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  3. In some cases, it’s kill or be killed. Trash like the gang members deserve a heapin’ helpin’ of hospitality with a 380!! Lock and load for Odumas’ America.


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  4. Thanks, Democrats!!

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  5. I knew I should have bought a larger Cal than I did.


  6. Every last crime of every illegal alien is on Barack Obama’s hands: He has done everything imaginable to facilitate them. But let us not forget that the same MUST, in all Justice, be said of George W. Bush, because it was He who set the policies and the precedents to allow these things—and Obama’s policies, by way of succession—to happen.
    Let us not accept the Ruling Elite’s false choice of condemning the incumbent while forgetting his predecessor! Obama’s policies and decisions are the willed continuance of W’s.

    STOP LISTENING to Rush Limbaugh: He is a Bush Operative. He is controlled opposition. (As a matter of fact, except for Alex Jones and Henry Makow, they all are).


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