Banned by HuffPo, David Seaman calls media collusion with Hillary Clinton ‘Orwellian propaganda’

Late last month, a blogger on Huffington Post named David Seaman who’s been on CNN and Fox and who describes himself as “liberal in many ways,” discovered that not only did HuffPo summarily delete his two posts on Hillary Clinton’s health, the liberal website effectively banned him by revoking his posting privileges. (See “Media’s Orwellian censorship on Hillary Clinton’s health: HuffPo deletes article; bans author”)

In the video below, Seaman calls the media out for their collusion with Hillary.

Some excerpts from what Seaman said:

While admitting that the media “has always been lazy and politically biased,” Seaman says that what the media is doing in this election with “fake poll numbers” is “beyond the pale” — “It is Orwellian, like someone just flipped the switch and we’ve got full-blown 1984 stuff right now, where Hillary Clinton is the great leader we all must support, and Donald Trump is ‘sexist’ and ‘racist’ and somebody we all must despise. But why must we despise this moderate businessman who is essentially the Internet’s candidate this time around?”

Seaman calls what the corrupt MSM do as “gaslighting” — the psychological abuse of the American people by manipulating us to doubt our perception of reality and our sanity via “fake poll numbers” that show Hillary winning, when if you go outside or talk to your peers, “it is clear Donald Trump has more organic support than Hillary Clinton.” For example, 65,000 people attended a recent Trump rally, in contrast to only 3,000 people showing up for a recent Hillary rally [at a Baptist convention where there were thousands of empty chairs even though Blacks are supposed to be big supporters of Hillary].

Seaman claims that the media are covering up Hillary rallies’ low attendance with camera angles and “outright deception” to shut Trump and his supporters out of this election “for some reason”. Seaman laments that this deception “is not being discussed” and “we don’t know why this is happening or who ordered it,” but he says “the media has marching orders” and “are doing something incredibly dishonest” and in so doing, “are jettisoning hundreds of years of free speech protections and press protections to get this woman in there,” whom Seaman describes as a “vicious, narcissistic” and “forgetful” “predator” — all not leadership qualities, but rather “a recipe for disaster.” Seaman wants to know “why the establishment is so hell-bent . . . on this woman getting the White House. . . . to the exclusion of all else, to the exclusion of fact, honesty and even their own party” — referring to how Bernie Sanders was treated — “as if she’s some selected royalty.”

Seaman calls what the Democrats have done and are doing “creepy and unacceptable” and gives some credit to the GOP for, despite initial resistance, acceding to the “overwhelming support” for Trump and electing him as their  nominee.

Seaman then singles out the New York Times for its “gaslighting”, citing these examples:

Seaman points out that it wasn’t that hot at the 9/11 ceremony, no one else in the audience was overheated, and that what Hillary has is “the late stage” of “a very serious neurological disorder”. He points to videos of her having a seizure as indicative of something “clearly out of the ordinary” and that the NYT is engaged in propaganda and gaslighting, not journalism, the purpose of which is to discourage us into thinking that Hillary “inevitably” will win the election, and so we don’t go to the polls on November 8.

For our posts on the media’s and academe’s in-your-face pro-Hillary bias, see:

See also “How we know the Trump vs. Hillary polls are wrong”.


27 responses to “Banned by HuffPo, David Seaman calls media collusion with Hillary Clinton ‘Orwellian propaganda’

  1. Just seen his video on YouTube. It’s outrageous how MSM suppresses facts. Hillary is deranged and probably suffering from late stage illness.
    This world is all wrong.

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  2. Who ordered it? Soros?

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    • Probably… all Hillary has to do is survive until after the polls close on Nov 8thg and Kaine’s a no-name Democrat party hack (worse than Kasich) w/o his own “machine” of people and leverage to back him up who’ll happily be Soros’ puppet.

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  3. The SRM has had their marching orders since 2008. And I’m guessing Soros is in on it.

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  4. David Seaman and Paul Joseph Watson are the best Hillary Exposers to watch on YouTube. Both are engaging and defy the lame stream media. David has other videos clearly showing Clinton Collusion with the New York Times, ABC, CNN.

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  6. OT, but I wanted to let everybody see my new temporary NB screen name:


    LOL – Kinda has a nice ring to it, doncha think?

    Like Vlad the Impaler.

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  7. Seaman is being disingenuous. Clearly this election battle is between the forces of nationalism vs globalism. The globalists are using immigration jihad (Muslims and Hispanics) and racial division in an attempt to destroy the Nation State of the United States.


  8. Come to think of it—I’ve not seen ONE “Hillary” bumpersticker in my school parking lot (opposed to the literal GARDEN of Obama bumper stickers of both 2 elections prior). Remember, the teacher’s lobbies….uniformly support the Dems…..Why NOT the same publicly displayed support for Hillary?

    OTOH—NO TRUMP stickers, either. My feeling is…no one wants to have their car or home vandalized if they put up a Trump sticker/sign. That’s MY OWN SCHTICK….I just want to show up and VOTE without being butalized by the Hillary mafia. Hoping there are LEGIONS out there like me. Hoping there will be another historic repeat of that old “Dewey Defeats Truman” headline……..(so….maybe this is NOT THE FIRST TIME THE PRESS has been biased and FAR OFF of the public lead…..)

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  9. Weird things ARE really going on, OR they are creating all these WEIRD events on purpose, to add to the gaslighting psy op.

    Jeff Rense report with good questions… the trip to Chelsea’s apt. being a distraction/diversion, the faked Hillary person who is not seen entering the apt. bldg., but is seen exiting; the WABC TV news that said Hillary had died, etc.

    The WABC video he includes is here — which I had already seen. Could be a hoax, a “doctored” video clip…

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  10. “Hillary Clinton has 1 Year to Live,” says Medical School Professor posted 9/7/16, 10-minutes, well done if it’s for real…

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  11. Reason to delay elections…

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  12. Media complicit…

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  13. @JonRappoport posted this, a frog in Hillary’s throat, lol, Pepe…

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  14. Speaking of Rappoport, the above AbelDanger link, posted by futuret, is by him:

    “Hillary dropping out of the race no longer a fantasy” by Jon Rappoport, September 12, 2016:

    “Hillary dropping out of the race for the Oval Office is no longer a fantasy. It could happen. If it does, the media will swing into gear and try to demand a delay in the election.”

    Maybe “glue failing to stick” on absentee (mailed in) ballots will be the reason.

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  15. She was telling us from the beginning! (photo)

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  16. 15-day-old “news”…

    8/30/16: “A Candidate’s Death Could Delay or Eliminate the Presidential Election – Chaos would ensue if a vacancy emerges near Election Day”:

    Maybe Hillary has been “playing all along” (& maybe Trump, too) to bring the election to this point.

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  17. I’m proud to say I’ve had a Hillary Clinton bumper sticker displayed on my car for months now. It says “Hillary for Prison 2016”:

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