German police tell women to wear sneakers so they can outrun Muslim ‘refugees’

Muslim refugees destroy

More insanity from EU governments.

Instead of doing the sensible thing, which is to stem the tide of Muslim so-called “refugees” and “migrants” into their countries, EU governments resort to silly methods to prevent the sexual molestation of their women, such as:

The German federal police have come up with another brilliant idea — that women ditch high heels for sneakers so that they can outrun “asylum seekers”.

The German-language Freie Zeitan Deutschland reports, Sept. 8, 2016, that last year alone, more than a million immigrants from the third world, almost all men, entered Germany. Since then, the number of sexual assaults has “exploded”.

So this is the German police’s advice to women on how to protect themselves against rape by the “asylum seekers”.

Bundeskriminalamt (Federal Criminal Police of Germany) spokesman Markus Koth said women should trust their intuition. If they have an oppressive feeling about it, if they come across a group of men or a situation that poses a risk, they should definitely avoid the situation, be ready to take “detours,” and get help from police officers in the vicinity.

But if, despite all precautions, a woman is attacked by “asylum seekers,” she must defend herself  “with courage and determination” by screaming loudly to alert passersby and ask them to “please call the police”. For example, you can say: “Hey you over there with the glasses in the blue anorak! Please call the police!”

If you are sexually assaulted, call or get on the government website for advice.

Some other tips for women are:

  • Wear sneakers instead of high heels, so you can run away.
  • Don’t be alone, but travel in groups of at least two or three.
  • Avoid alcohol and drugs.
  • If you drink, it’s best to drink from a bottle.
  • Be aware and observant of your surroundings.
  • If you are assaulted, don’t be a victim. Take action by aiming at your attacker’s genitals, joints, eyes, nose, and ears where you can inflict the greatest pain.


54 responses to “German police tell women to wear sneakers so they can outrun Muslim ‘refugees’

  1. Is this insanity or what? Merkel needs to be ousted, along with all the refugees she let into Germany who are now destroying the country.

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  2. So instead of being Men and protecting their women they want the women to become Olympic athletes so they can outrun the inbred Muslims. On the face they seem like cowards but i believe the elites are using Islam to destroy western countries and usher in the NWO. Evil!

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    • Good point. “Hey, sorry for releasing those rabid gorillas but, we think you can outrun them”.

      Try to imagine sitting around a table when this sort of statement is being composed. No sane person could expect a good reaction.

      Have they so emasculated the men that they will allow this to happen to the women? I wouldn’t be asking for permission here. They should simply form groups and patrol. A pair of matching bricks can be creatively used to take those “urges” out of the vermin.

      If the product of these assaults resulted in being duct taped to lamp posts with flattened genitalia, my guess would be that interest would diminish pretty fast.

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      • A well placed application of Super Glue would do wonders to curb the problem. It melts flesh, you know….. even on subhumans.

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        • chulai1968 . . . . . I L-O-V-E the Super Glue idea. Can’t you just imagine a guy trying to get out of that predicament. I can attest to the fact that Super Glue does indeed work–I accidentally glued two fingers together when trying to glue something else . . . I’m just lucky I’m not still in the process of trying to pry them apart, I can just imagine if that was a guy trying to get his package straightened out!!!

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    • I’ll bet the Germans just LOVE their commitment to no private ownership of guns right now…

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  4. Aaaaaannnnnddd this is the reason why in America smart people pack some heat and fiercely defend the 2nd Amendment from the |diots who want to take guns and magazines away and make bullets impossible to find!

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  5. so stupid advice, you are to blame for letting the savages came in, close the door, that it

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  6. So, it would appear that Obama’s mutant muzzie brothers have ‘Fundamentally Transformed’ Europe, and America is close behind.
    A million ‘male, military aged’ ‘refugees’ are not only invading Europe, but raping and pillaging as they go. Just what did they ‘flee’ from?
    The muzzies are the Ultimate Infidel. They live to destroy and cause misery….. and that includes the ones who are ‘elected’ to public office.
    Liberalism, in government and in academia, is a Mental Disorder.
    I guess my comments place me squarely within the ‘basket of deplorables’, but I think I’m in very good company there.
    P.S. – F**k Hillary and Obama and the rest of the Degenerate dems.

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  7. I’ve got a better idea. Why don’t they teach them to lock, load and fire? Takes care of the problem at its root, so to speak.

    There can be no doubt that this is a deliberate effort to destroy Western Civilization. Those ass-clowns who support this are dumber than a box of rocks. Their government is telling them that they can’t guarantee their safety on their streets. That’s quite a statement when you think about it.

    How and why is Merkel still there? The whole thing is such an obviously contrived surrender of sovereignty.

    In Switzerland the women are commonly trained to use weapons. You aren’t hearing about a lot of rape cases there. Having lived for a couple of years in Germany I’m stunned to see how this has developed. I’m surprised Merkel can show her face in public.

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  8. Well,..All I can say, is that,..’IF’,..Germany had not lost WW2, & the National Socialists were still in power, ..then,..German women would,..NOT,.. be getting raped by,..dark skinned,.. men,. in Germany,..

    So, could that be a bad thing,.?

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  9. liberalism is a mental disorder…all liberals should be spayed and or neutered…at least untila cure is found!!

    and ship everyone of the moooosies back to the sand country they came from!!

    you do not put piranhas in a gold fish bowl and expect the goldfish to like it!!

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  10. That is as about as smart and helpful as obama telling americans to keep the pressure of the air in their tire right to save on gas.

    They all really take us for fools…

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  11. Teufele, get yourself some good track footwear and flee the country.

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  12. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    Fur Deutschland und die Weld!

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  13. This is like liberals telling women to puke or pee on rapists. Can’t fix stoopid…

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    • THAT’S what I was trying to remember-their thought (if you can call it that) was for Women to poop and/or pee themselves,to make them less attractive to rapists. To carry that “plan” a step further,since rape is a hate crime,wouldn’t it make sense that some would-be-rapists would move on to killing these Women? Yeah,right! GOOD plan,Liberals.

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      • I would imagine that Piss And Shit is the favorite ‘fragrance’ among the muzzie scum. Like Chanel #5 is with normal civilized people.
        Hell, they’re just nuts about goats, and they are famous for their aroma.

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    • These people sometimes rape goat for sexual emergency, i don’t think some pee and poo will stop them.


  14. You no longer have leaders up there. I believe you are being ruled by demon possessed men and women.

    No other explanation.

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  15. So this is what’s come of Germany; trying to tattoo it’s women to protect them from rape… It looks like all of the real men in that country died in the 1940s. Don’t get me wrong, they would have tried to gas me, but honestly, at least they believed in something, had some decency back then.

    I guess the loss of good genes and good fathers is just the terror of war we never really talk about.

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  16. Tell the REFUJIHADI INVADERS to wear sneakers and MAYBE they can outrun our BULLETS —–
    All the REFUJIHADI supporters should be PAYING for their muslim friends and taking them into THEIR homes. Giving charity with someone else’s money is THEFT. You give charity with YOUR money.

    you likee Mudslums? YOU GO LIVE WITH THEM. do not make the REFUJIHADIS walk all the way here ,,,, SEND those who are concerned about them over THERE to the REFUJIHADIS’ homeland. Send the CONCERNED ONES with THEIR OWN money to pay for the charity they are SO anxious to hand out because “being charitable” with someone else’s money is THEFT, charity must be paid for with YOUR money.

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  17. Where shoes speak a different story – per CNN.

    Funny, but in all the photos we’ve been shown the “refugees” wear brand new sneakers and shoes. Thousands and thousands of pairs of sneakers and shoes provided for free. Will German women be given the same courtesy?

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  18. Flush with cash now, the “refugees” ought to donate running shoes to German women.

    This was announced by European Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management Christos Stylianides – a Cyprus born Harvard graduate among other elite schools of indoctrination.

    “Up to one million refugees in Turkey will receive debit cards and monthly cash transfers to help pay for food and housing under a new €348-million ($393-million) humanitarian program from the European Union announced Thursday. The humanitarian program, the largest ever from the EU, is part of a €3 billion package of assistance that the EU promised Turkey to support some three million mainly Syrian refugees the country hosts.”

    So where is this money coming from? The shrinking white population of Europe or the printing presses over in Basel, Switzerland at the Bank for International Settlements.

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    • Yeah, unfortunately I’m having another of those “I told you so” moments again. Back when they were promoting the EC, etc., I used to say my alarm was going off.. What could the average man or woman possible gain by joining something like this, giving up your sovereignty and taking orders from unelected scum?

      They just do these things, make us pay for it, and move on. The invasion thing is just TOO much. They should be snatching them up along with every one of these politicians and fellow travelers and sending them East. Why are they not rioting in the streets?

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    • I have a suggestion that could save a helluva lot of euros……
      …. How much would a million 9mm’s cost? Hollow points (like all our non military government agencies use)…..
      That’s about as ‘humanitarian’ as I get…..

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  19. Or better yet, how about European Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management, one Mr. Christos Stylianides, announce a plan to pay for running shoes for German women. After all, he is a management human crisis expert and I’m sure he could negotiate a deal with his superiors who never orchestrated a crisis just to let it go to waste.

    Merkel herself prefers walking shoes. She has nothing to run from – yet.

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    • Not even the most hard up muzzie would want her…..
      She looks awfully familiar….. was she the ‘farm girl’ character in the film, “A League of Their Own”? You know…. the scary looking one.

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    • Ha, ha. What’s that? “The Thing that came from the Swamp”? Merkel is the one who SHOULD be needing running shoes. Her posture says a lot. She looks like “Chauncey” in “Being There”. In her world with the purple sky and orange snow, EVERYTHING looks a bit…..out of place.

      Look at her there, peering at the frogman, “You there. Are you German? If you’re German, get away from me, I don’t like you”. She is a citizen of “The Internationale”. Every time I see her I think “how did they find her?”.

      Then it hits me; “the same way we got Obongo”. There seem to be no shortage of these parasitic….things. Watch while they drag the current prospective queen to the throne. She’s bucking and weaving, collapsing and feinting, no worries mate, Soros says its a done deal.

      There’s a whole mad circus following this stunt. They wheel it in and out in a special van. They have to inject it and empty it periodically to keep it functioning long enough for a one-hour appearance. Nobody DARES question any of this.

      Jamal will be there to keep the flies away during the installment ceremony.

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      • Angela Merkel, now 62, saw her political future come to life after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Perhaps aspiring NWO politicians are given a loyalty test and if you score 100, you are in. After you’re in, you submit to the practices and ceremonies of the underworld without blinking an eye. When you are thoroughly groomed, you’re in for life as long as you stay obedient to the cause.

        Just to be sure, they have a couple of clones/doubles to fill in as needed for high ranking politicians. Angela and Hillary have much in common, even the same tailor it seems. Another thing they have in common is lack of a good physical appearance. A prerequisite for most future high-ranking politicians seems to be lack of good looks. The thirst for greed and power makes up for that lack – a revenge of sorts. If you are half way decent looking when accepted into the NWO fold, after a few years the strain of having sold your soul to the devil becomes very obvious. That goes for all of them without exception.

        One man who would have made a handsome politician was John F. Kennedy Jr. The possibilities he offered could not be tolerated. It is said reports that come in shortly after a major happening, those reports are are often accurate but they vanish quickly. Shortly after the plane crash I read about two certain crime families who had an interest in removing JFK Jr. from the political scene and how it was done. Those detailed reports went by the wayside.

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  20. Might be a good idea for Frau Merkel to start wearing sneakers herself, so she will have a chance at running away from some seriously pissed-off Germans.

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    • Getting off the Merkel circus wagon. Hope has just been announced. Perhaps only 200,000 “refugees” will be allowed into Germany per year now. But not if Merkel has her way. She still wants to empty the ME and Sub-Saharan Africa into her beloved Germany which won’t maintain its German way of life much longer.

      200,000 x 10 years = 2 million. That is not counting all the children who will be born among the 2 million, all dependent on the goodness of the remaining white folks of Europe.

      Germany, with 81 million and counting, has about the same landmass as Montana with 1 million inhabitants. No need to be a math genius here. So we are told that the planet can sustain billions more because there is enough land for everyone to live on. The promoters of such insanity never speak of the quality of life under such conditions. Heck, even tptb may be affected. Even good running shoes won’t help us then.

      ~Last week the CSU threatened to pull the plug on co-operation over Merkel’s migrant policies. Horst Seehofer, leader of the Christian Social Union (CSU) – the Bavarian sister party to CDU – wants to cap the number of refugees in Germany 200,000 per year after around one million arrived in 2015.

      The CSU has long criticised Merkel’s open-door refugee policy and on Saturday Seehofer said the two conservative parties “face election defeats” if they remain at odds over migration. Yet as her popularity slides, Merkel remains defiant on her stance on welcoming migrants. Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU) still insist integration is successful and foreign nationals are openly accepted into German society.~

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      • I’m either very thick, or I’m missing something obvious. Wouldn’t you think that these parasites would be concerned that someone might ask “WHY” they are doing this?

        Further, given all the negative impacts, their politicians can only come up with “this year we will make the holes we drill in the boat only half as large”. Everyone goes about their business like nothing is wrong.

        I understand what’s happening here. What amazes me is that, even those who don’t know enough about deep politics can see that something is seriously amiss.

        Unless and until they start chasing these scum through the streets they will see no relief. There is no plausible justification for what they are doing. They are simply hoping that no one will notice.

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        • Few, if any, ask “why” because they have already been given the answer which is that these countries are in the midst of war and turmoil. The refugees are fleeing from such conditions. End of story.

          Few seem to wonder why these “refugees” don’t stop in the first safe haven they arrive at, but are hell bent on getting to the welfare paradises of northern Europe. The “refugees” have been told about these paradises where manna rains from heaven and is theirs for the taking.

          Nor do few, if any, ask why these “refugees” belong to a class of illiterate and uneducated people, and with a large number of men who could have stayed to fight for their nations. Where do the rest of them flee to?

          And few, if any, ask why NATO countries are there bombing the region to smithereens. That should be the first question.

          We, who believe to know an answer or two, are of course all wrong because Foreign Policy has all the answers and solutions. Propaganda at its finest. The old Soviet Union had nothing on these guys.

          Europe Needs to Let the Migrants In
          Why an influx of new blood would be a shot in the arm for the aging continent.

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          • Welcome to the NWO’s creation of chaos to build its order. I don’t care for what is being done to the greatest nation on earth so that the New American Century will, in reality, become the Non-American Century. America must become great again, for ourselves and the world. The crazies have gotten out of the basement, and their madness is contagious.

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          • What good is”new blood” if it carries AIDS?


  21. This is the most stupid thing i have ever head of. The muslims can run around the streets of Germany illegally but the German women have to dress up different because of them? How about you Mrs. Merkel?

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  22. Don’t know how true it is,but I was told Merkel is in the process of losing her bid for re-election BY A LANDSLIDE. If that’s true,is it even possible she didn’t see it coming?

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  23. IMFemaleHO, this is a perfect case study to illustrate the adage
    “Add Insult to Injury”

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  24. Welcome to the near future in Hillary’s election as President of the United States! Voter fraud will swing the election to Hillary.

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  26. The nuts have taken over this world, giving new meaning to the old adage, “Run! Run for your lives!”. Merkel, and ALL politicians like her, are criminals who need to be in prison, not running for a return to office. I’m heart broken for the German women, that their men are allowing this to happen to them!

    The day American women are told, by grown American men, to put on running shoes in order to outrun the rapists, yet aren’t told to also carry pepper spray, AND a loaded Glock, is the day the Lord’s admonition to us to, “Look up, and lift up your heads…” couldn’t be more timely, because our Salvation must be about to arrive!

    Also, if I ever hear that ridiculous, brain-dead liberal term, “Dreamers” again, when referring to the vermin who are being invited to invade Europe [as well as our country, thanks to brain damaged people such as O’bummer], that loud noise in the atmosphere won’t be Godzilla moving heavy metal filing cabinets, it will be me screaming, hopefully in some ridiculous liberal’s one good ear!

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  28. They would be better off advising women to carry an ice pick.
    At least they could terminate the existence of whomever assaults them,

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  29. “Little sacrifice for the multicultural paradise.” -Merkel


  30. At the bottom here is a short except from a lengthy article written by George Soros (or one of his henchmen) for Foreign Policy Magazine on July 19, 2016. The title is:
    “This Is Europe’s Last Chance to Fix Its Refugee Policy. The EU’s piecemeal solutions are coming apart. Only a surge of financial and political creativity can avoid a catastrophe.”

    So Mr. Soros is getting concerned that things may be getting out of hand with his “refugee” plan. It needs to be capped somewhat in order for it to succeed over a long period of time until the white people of Europe are extinct.

    Mr. Soros wants his readers to believe the following, and they probably do considering the indoctrinated readership of Foreign Policy. The problem is that Soros is not correctly describing the riff raff invading Europe:

    “The benefits brought by migration far outweigh the costs of integrating immigrants. Skilled economic immigrants improve productivity, generate growth, and raise the absorptive capacity of the recipient country.”

    Soros also refers to the Huguenots’ successful integration and contributions when they resettled in various countries. The Huguenots were French Protestants and cannot possibly be compared to the “refugees” now invading Europe. Soros really thinks he can get away with this insane comparison? Again, considering his readership he most likely can. Having spent some time in the Hudson River Valley in New York State, I became interested in the history of the Huguenots who resettled there and their beautiful stone buildings that were built to last.
    “Since the Huguenots of France were in large part artisans, craftsmen, and professional people, they were usually well-received in the countries to which they fled for refuge when religious discrimination or overt persecution caused them to leave France. Most of them went initially to Germany, the Netherlands, and England, although some found their way eventually to places as remote as South Africa. Considerable numbers of Huguenots migrated to British North America, especially to the Carolinas, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New York. Their character and talents in the arts, sciences, and industry were such that they are generally felt to have been a substantial loss to the French society from which they had been forced to withdraw, and a corresponding gain to the communities and nations into which they settled.”
    Excerpt from George Soros’ master piece:
    ~The seventh and final pillar is that, given its aging population, Europe must eventually create an environment in which economic migration is welcome. Merkel opened Germany’s doors wide to refugees, but her generous act was not well thought through; it ignored the pull factor. A sudden influx of more than a million asylum-seekers overwhelmed the capacity of the authorities, turning public opinion against migrants. Now the EU urgently needs to limit the overall inflow of newcomers, and it can do so only by discriminating against economic migrants. Hopefully, this is temporary, but while it lasts, it is both inappropriate and damaging.

    The benefits brought by migration far outweigh the costs of integrating immigrants. Skilled economic immigrants improve productivity, generate growth, and raise the absorptive capacity of the recipient country. Different populations bring different skills, but the contributions come as much from the innovations they introduce as from their specific skills — in both their countries of origin and their countries of destination. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence for this, starting with the Huguenots’ contribution to the first industrial revolution by bringing both weaving and banking to England. All the evidence supports the conclusion that migrants have a high potential to contribute to innovation and development if they are given a chance to do so.

    Pursuing these seven principles is essential in order to calm public fears, reduce chaotic flows of asylum-seekers, ensure that newcomers are fully integrated, establish mutually beneficial relations with countries in the Middle East and Africa, and meet Europe’s international humanitarian obligations.~

    George Soros is chairman of Soros Fund Management LLC and the Open Society Foundations.


  31. It seems all German men are now gays


  32. People of European extraction had best wake up. These governments have no intention of stopping the Muslims from attacking and killing the native-born Europeans, Canadians, Americans or Australians.

    The NWO needs to be rid of us so that it can more easily control the planet.

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