Court strikes down proof-of-citizenship voting requirement in 3 states

What could possibly go wrong?

voter fraud6

From Fox News: A federal appeals court on Friday blocked Kansas, Georgia and Alabama from requiring residents to prove they are U.S. citizens when registering to vote using a national form.

The 2-1 ruling is a victory for voting rights groups who said a U.S. election official illegally changed proof-of-citizenship requirements on the federal registration form at the behest of the three states.

People registering to vote in other states are only required to swear that that they are citizens, not show documentary proof.

The three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia acted swiftly in the case, issuing a two-page, unsigned ruling just a day after hearing oral arguments. A federal judge in July had refused to block the requirement while the case is considered on the merits.

The League of Women Voters and civil rights groups argued that the requirements could lead to the “mass disenfranchisement” of thousands of potential voters — many of them poor, African-American and living in rural areas.

Brian Newby

Brian Newby

The groups took issue with the actions of Brian Newby, executive director of the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, who changed the federal form shortly after he took the job last November. Newby is a former Kansas election official who had publicly supported the state’s effort to make the change.

The case now returns to the district court for a full hearing on the merits. But the appeals court said the voting rights groups are likely to succeed on the merits.

The change requires people seeking to register to show birth certificates, naturalization papers or other documents as proof of citizenship. Kansas has been actively enforcing the requirement, but Alabama and Georgia have not.

Opponents said Newby had no authority to take the action on his own. Even the Justice Department has refused to defend Newby’s action and has sided with voting rights groups.

The appeals court’s ruling requires the commission to immediately remove the proof-of-citizenship requirement from all forms. It requires the states to treat all registration applications filed since January 29 as if they did not have the requirement.

Judges Judith Rogers and Stephen Williams were in the majority and Judge A. Raymond Randolph dissented. Rogers was a Democratic appointee, while Williams and Randolph were appointed by Republican presidents.

The EAC was created in 2002 to help avoid a repeat of the disputed 2000 presidential election between George W. Bush and Al Gore following ballot confusion in Florida. It is supposed to have four commissioners, two Democrats and two Republicans, but one of the Democratic seats is currently vacant. The remaining commissioners never acted to approve or disapprove Newby’s action.

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach had argued that the change was needed to prevent voter fraud. He rejected claims that the requirement undermined voter registration, saying Kansas voter rolls have risen overall this year.


12 responses to “Court strikes down proof-of-citizenship voting requirement in 3 states

  1. 11/8/2016 is going to pretty wild.

    the commies are going to rig this election and use MSM, the courts and DHS to do it right under our noses.

    Imagine if 1% of the people attending Trump rallies finally decide they’ve had enough?

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  2. It is a simple matter of common sense that a requirement of proof of eligibility to vote in any and all matters concerning the true citizens of this country is a legitimate and Constitutional concern. Just as it is understood by the comprehending that expanding voting rights to any and all possible, expands the parameters of influence through bribery, expanded entitlements, government controlled education (indoctrination), and the just plain indifferent.

    There most certainly need be a requirement, not just for proof of citizenship, but for a level of education based on the understanding of our Constitution, which is not that onerous to those who have a true concern for the sovereignty and security of this nation.

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  3. That’s handy for Hillary, she can set up a Middle East absentee voter collection service. So she won’t lose her muslim voters who haven’t arrived yet.

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  4. People don’t get it: 9/11 was not some “terror event” that happened 15 years ago today—or a Benghazi standdown 12 years later: 9/11 is the terror event that begins in the courts, and the ACLU, their Manchurian Plaintiffs and their Manchurian Judges are the real terrorists. And before they strike, they ARE the witches in Macbeth, chanting, “When shall we meet again—in thunder, in lightning, or in rain?”
    Terror of the physical kind is HORROR beyond imagination: It is the unchaining of DEMONS. But, despite the horror and the number dead, it is essentially theatrical, in that it strives for that effect. But these so-called intellectuals of the Left FRONT-END the terror at the BEGINNING of their planned event, which results in a RULING. And the numbers and effects following from those rulings are, or eventually become (given enough time) even WORSE than theatrical terror.
    We have to remember that our own government is against us: They have the monopoly on power and force. We of the conservative and libertarian bent have got to wage war upon one of its favorite and effective tools, ADVOCACY. Government has the power and it has the force. It also has the MOMENTUM. We are slouching toward a convergence of events, a VORTEX, in which there will be an EXCHANGE OF POWER IN A SINGLE TRANSACTION. Once that event happens, there will be no turning back.

    The Advocacy Game produces more terror and more dead than 9/11. It is an EXTINCTION PROTOCOL.

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  5. Judges Judith Rogers and Stephen Williams should be recalled.

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  6. Now we know why Hillary Clinton was so happy she almost fainted and had a “medical episode” – she had just learned voter fraud is protected! She wanted to shout for joy and jump, but extreme happiness just drained her strength instead!

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  8. In California, beginning about two years ago, the Democrats passed a bill that allows illegal immigrants to get a California Drivers License from the Department of Motor Vehicles. Beginning several months ago, the DMV started putting Register to Vote information in every drivers license envelope. All you need to do is mark Yes on the section on the form where it asks “Are you a United States citizen?” Then fill in the rest of the form, turn it in to the DMV and you are registered to vote! That’s why California is now the Voter Fraud State!


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