Hillary Clinton wore an ear phone at Commander-in-Chief Forum

Last night, NBC’s Matt Lauer hosted a live townhall event — the Commander In Chief Forum in New York City — wherein he separately interviewed Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on national security, military affairs and veterans issues in front of an audience mainly made up of members of the military.

Conservative actor James Woods, a rare breed in Hollywood, tweeted this:


Here’s the HD image of Hillary with the ear piece in her left ear:

Here’s another HD close-up view:

Woods also tweeted a Clinton email from the WikiLeaks archive in which Huma Abedin asked Hillary, “Did u take your earpiece or do I need to get it?”

Below is a screenshot I took of the PDF of Abedin’s email of September 23, 2009 to Hillary, from WikiLeaks. You can see it for yourself by going here.


Woods then linked to an article by TruePundit which reported that Hillary was wearing an earpiece to receive “stealth coaching” during the NBC live town hall event.

According to TruePundit, “NYPD sources involved with the NBC forum’s security detail confirm Clinton was wearing an ‘inductive earpiece,’ the same technology employed by almost all lead Broadway actors to receive forgotten lines and stealth off-stage cues from directors. The flesh-colored earbud is easily concealed. There are no wires running directly to the ear like you see with the units employed by Secret Service protection detail personnel.” The article goes on to provide technical details about the earpiece, asserting that it is “almost invisible to anyone” and is “normally issued to law enforcement or corporate security teams.”

Note: I tried to access TruePundit, but got a “500 Internal Server Error” message. Hmm….

Below are a picture and description of Inductive Earpiece from Professional Sound Corporation:

inductive-earpieceProfessional Sound Corporation® has met the high demands for discrete cueing with the development of the Inductive Earpiece. This inductive cueing system is quite simple to use. Audio is transmitted from any source via an inductive loop. The talent [actor] can wear a small, flexible neck loop which couples audio via a low level magnetic field into a hearing aid style earpiece. Alternately, a perimeter or “room loop” may be used to encircle an entire room or stage allowing many people to receive the same cue. Both of these two uses allow the talent to receive a discrete cue on camera.

The Professional Sound Corporation® Inductive Earpiece is routinely used for cueing of news anchors, actors, stage performers, dancers, and other on camera personalities. Its small size can be worn by both adults and children alike. It is made of a flesh color ABS plastic to provide better on camera concealment. The PSC Inductive Earpiece comes complete with a cleaning brush, ear swabs, a supply of batteries and an attractive carry case. This small Inductive Earpiece comes with a 90 day, limited warranty.

Paul Joseph Watson of InfoWars writes:

This is not the first time Clinton has faced charges that she was wearing an earpiece during a crucial event – similar claims were made after her appearance in front of the House Select Benghazi Hearing in October last year.

Of course, the earpiece could have just been a hearing aid, although there doesn’t appear to be any admission or record of Hillary wearing one in the past.

Go see it for yourself. Here’s the full video of the forum. Hillary was the first to be interviewed.

Here are screenshots I took of Hillary at the 4:10 and 5:06 marks of the video. I painted the yellow arrows pointing to something secreted inside her left ear right above her gold ball earring.


Note from Eowyn on Sept. 9, 2016: One day after I published this post, the video above has already been taken down as you can see for yourself. Below is a replacement:

By the way, there’s photographic evidence that Barack Obama wore an ear piece in the third presidential debate in 2012. (See my post “Was Obama wearing an ear phone in 3rd debate?“)

Here’s a close-up pic:


H/t “Barry Soetoro” and FOTM‘s Sherry


35 responses to “Hillary Clinton wore an ear phone at Commander-in-Chief Forum

  1. No wonder the weird format… Huma gives Hillary the answers and she coordinates with Matt Lauer on the Hillary-specific questions beforehand.

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  2. They should ALL WEAR ear phones in government, they never listen to damned thing anyway!!!


  3. All of my gang stalkers wear these ear wigs including my neighbors, Dr’s, store clerks, Bluetooth technology used to taunt me often they repeatedly say things I have said or done as well and record everything I say, recently I receive d mail with chemicals on them I took to FBI and was told the FBI has no jurisdiction over the mail.

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    • I’m sorry you are being gang-stalked. I hope some of these links help you. You don’t deserve the four thumbs-down.



    • Dear Stephen:

      I offer this with sympathy but in all seriousness —

      If you think your neighbors, doctors and store clerks are all using ear wigs to taunt you and record everything you say, you need psychological help.


      • Yes that is the purpose of community stalking to make the target look paranoid so no one will believe what they say. Community _Gang stalking is spiritual mutilation of the soul.


      • Dr E, my gang stalkers have a secret facebook page with all of my personal info including medical records and streaming video of me inside my home, bedroom bathroom. However there are no visable survalance cameras.


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  5. It’s all theater. Why should anyone be surprised…least of all people like James Woods? This is a guy born in Utah (mormon-masons link anyone?) and attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Controlled opposition perhaps?


    • Aside from the fact that James Woods is one of my favourite actors of all time [ok, maybe only since 500 BC… ] you exude sentimentality, not true sentiments, so why should anyone here take you seriously?

      Let me assure you that the real James Woods is NOT worried about nonconsequential persons such as you are proud to be in your rant, and please see http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/james-woods-i-dont-expect-646351.

      In the interest of fairness and TRUE conservatism, let me say that I am not now, nor have I ever been, a person of consequences of any sort, OK? And as you go out the door, why the Hell do you bother coming here anyway?

      Are you a person of such magnificent consequences that our office mice need to pay attention & listen to your dribble –I mean, drivel– or do you have a hidden agenda as a true Democratic? Did you feel the need of a tonguelashing for your abuse of a good man?

      And before we part forevermore, why on Earth did you assume the name of St Longinus? Did you think it would make you more acceptable to us? WHY are you here?

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    • stlonginus,

      I am stunned and utterly baffled why this post about Hillary cheating with an ear phone became an occasion for you to go into a rant about James Woods.


  6. From Fox News: Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill said what is seen in the photo is merely a reflection of the TV lights or a flash. Um, alrighty then…

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  7. It’s funny timing. I was wondering how things went last night and was wondering how they’d cheat with prompts or advanced knowledge of questions (due to matt lauer’s prior relationship with clintons).

    How about we demand a TSA-type search of the candidates before each debate?

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    • cs .. I know that is atall order, but . . . . I”m voting with you. Strip search ’em if you have to keep that Old Cow from cheating. They also need to to have mediators who are unbiased fielding the questions to the candidates. I am so sick and tired of Killary getting away with everything she possibly can!

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  8. LOL – What would be really funny is if somebody with a transmitter was to isolate the frequency and screw with her next time she wears it. 😉

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  9. Double barrel action. Helps her cheat and the frequencies somehow stop the cough too.

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  10. will she blame this on colin powell or donald trump?

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  12. I have endured a lifetime of hearing deficits and problems, and I used to wear Beltone hearing aids, which have not helped me with my problem. I do not have an “official diagnosis,” but I am of the opinion I may have Minere’s Disease, a genetically inherited hearing disorder. (My late mother had a hearing deficit, and one of my brothers has the same. It is as annoying as hell!) Be that as it may: My Beltone hearing aids DO NOT resemble the “ear pearl” pictured in your post, Dr. Eowyn.
    What we are seeing with Killary, the Klownish Koughing Kween, is a TEXTBOOK CASE of a Manchurian Candidate: Just as has been alleged of her husband before her, we are seeing a mind-controlled individual here. Eleanor Roosevelt said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” I AGREE: NO ONE can control YOUR MIND without your consent.
    But here’s the rub: Killary, the Klownish Koughing Kween, may be mind-controlled, but she is trying to seduce America into the same game she fell prey to. WE DO NOT HAVE TO ACCEPT IT.
    Again, “As Above, So Below”: Bill Clinton himself has been videotaped in a situation in which he himself appeared to be programmed or controlled. Was Bill Clinton a CAUSE of the moral decline of his time, or was he merely a BAROMETER of it? This may seem to be a bit… pedantic. But it bears repeating: Is Hillary Clinton a CAUSE of what is happening right now, or is she merely a BAROMETER of it? This is important: SOME CABAL, SOMEWHERE, is trying to SEDUCE us. No one can seduce us without our CONSENT.

    Hillary Clinton is under the delusion that she will grab the brass ring and have it for herself. A SHADOW GOVERNMENT has been using her, allowing her to have her delusions of grandeur, because they don’t care about her—or us! All they have to do is sneak her in, under the wire, and they’re “in like Flynn.” The ear pearl proves that Hillary Clinton, the Klownish Koughing Kween, is: A MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE.

    No one can seduce you without your consent.

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    • Exactly! Since the forum was on national security, it would have to be a n.s. expert, perhaps even a retired military.


      • I suspect that there were several involved, with only one at the microphone, that she was used to and trusted, talking to her. The rest were feeding the information through that mouthpiece ( Huma?).


  14. The email is fake guys…. Take a look at the address. There is no state.goy. The real one is state.gov


    • Thank you, Kinder, for catching that mistake. Whoever at WikiLeaks who typed/transcribed the email to text format, intentionally or unintentionally typed “state.goy” instead of “state.gov”. I went on WikiLeaks and accessed that email in its original PDF format, with the correct email address that ends in “state.gov”. As you can see in this screenshot I took of the PDF, the email is real:
      Huma Abedin's email to Hillary Clinton on ear piece

      To verify this for yourself, go to: https://wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/14039

      Thanks to you, I just deleted Woods’ tweet with the erroneous “state.goy” and substituted it with the screenshot of the email in PDF.


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