Egypt’s women ‘must undergo genital mutilation because the country’s men are sexually weak

The real war on women.


From Daily Mail: An Egyptian lawmaker has insisted women should undergo genital mutilation because the country’s men are sexually weak – and cannot meet increased demand in the bedroom.

Elhamy Agina argued in favour of the brutal practice claiming it would succeed in reducing ‘sexual desires’ of women in Egypt.

The politician said Egypt’s population of men suffered from ‘sexual weakness’ claiming the country was ‘among the biggest consumers of sexual stimulants that only the weak will consume’.

According to the English-language local news website, Egyptian Street, he added: ‘If we stop FGM, we will need strong men and we don’t have men of that sort.’ He said it was therefore better for women to undergo FGM ‘to reduce a woman’s sexual appetite’ – an act, he argued, that would encourage women to ‘stand by their man’.

Last month, Egypt’s government said it would ask parliament to approve a draft law that would increase jail terms for those who perform female circumcision. Female circumcision, or female genital mutilation, was banned in Egypt in 2008.

But the practice involving the partial or full removal of the external sex organs, ostensibly to control women’s sexuality, remains widespread, especially in rural areas. In Egypt, the procedure is practised by both Muslims and Christians.


Under the current law, those who practise FGM can be sentenced to jail terms of between three months and two years.

But the bill which the government hopes parliament will endorse would see those convicted of female circumcision jailed for between five and seven years, a statement from the prime minister’s office said. The government also proposes that those convicted be given jail terms with hard labour if the procedure leads to the death or permanent physical disability of the women being circumcised.

FGM can cause lifelong pain, including extreme discomfort during sexual intercourse, serious complications during childbirth and psychological trauma.

Activists say the campaign to end the practice may have suffered a setback with the 2011 overthrow of president Hosni Mubarak, whose regime imposed the ban. Some Islamists argued that the ban was a legacy of his autocratic rule which should not be enforced. The government bill also calls for anyone who forces a female to undertake the procedure to be jailed for between one and three years.

In May, an Egyptian teenager who had undergone FGM died of complications.

Her mother, the doctor who carried out the procedure and two other people have been accused of ‘involuntary manslaughter’ and are to face trial.

In January 2015, a doctor was sentenced to two years in jail for involuntary manslaughter and three months for practising female genital mutilation, after a 14-year-old girl died during an operation he performed. He served only the three-month sentence.

FGM is also practised in a number of other African countries as well as in parts of the Middle East, and is usually carried out by women.



29 responses to “Egypt’s women ‘must undergo genital mutilation because the country’s men are sexually weak

  1. That IS Evil and Depravity at the lowest level possible!!

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  2. William Brandon Shanley


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  3. Since, as Elhamy Agina insists, Egypt’s “men are sexually weak – and cannot meet increased demand in the bedroom,” then the better solution is just to castrate the men, beginning with Agina.

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  5. Violence Against Women!!! Barbaric, Disgusting, Immoral, Misogynistic, Horrific — Against God, against nature; Sickening, WRONG, and must end! I’ve never heard top “leaders”, USA, speak out against these vicious practices; nor those in The UN hierarchy, and certainly not Roman Catholic Hierarchy, including Pope Francis! Also, haven’t heard moral ofjection and outrage from Jewish Leaders, Christian Bishops or Muslim Imans! This list goes on and on! Why? Men!

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  6. Reblogged this on katusablog and commented:

    Barbaric, disgusting, and enforced by twisted males for countless centuries!

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  7. “Under the current law, those who practise FGM can be sentenced to jail terms of between three months and two years.”

    What a joke. 90% of Egyptian women have their genitals sliced off. 10% of Egyptians are Copts (a Christian sect). How many Christians, does one suppose, do that to their girls?

    This means that essentially all Moslem women in Egypt undergo this horror. So what is the meaning of this lawmaker’s heartfelt desire to encourage more of what is already pretty much universal practice? Is it to force Christians to do it, too?

    Very weird.

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    • I suppose I should add, if it wasn’t obvious, that if such a law was actually enforced all Moslems in Egypt would currently be in prison.

      As I said, what a joke.

      When dealing with the Moslem world, it is best that one bone up on Lewis Carroll.

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    • Funny how any doctor, imam, mohel or rabbi that slices off a newborn’s foreskin in the USA gets paid for it and no jail term. But any sicko pervert that touches a baby’s private parts, they go to jail.


  8. As Patrick says, when dealing with Islam, it is best to understand that nothing is as stated. This is a deeply twisted and profoundly evil system designed by a con man.

    I doubt that there are many Christians who have a clue about Islam. It really isn’t that difficult to understand. In terms of the “average man or woman on the street”, it is the web that enslaves them. You will never have a “meaningful” conversation with a Muslim. They simply see themselves as insignificant and any attempt to improve as insulting to Allah.

    A casual observer might notice that, even in the Middle East, it could hardly be considered a “paradise” of harmony and peace. The mistake we make is to think that we must treat this thing with respect. It is unworthy of respect.

    Being a woman born into the Muslim world is a special burden. I don’t even like to think about it. The fact is, you will never change it. They have to be allowed to make themselves extinct. Therefore, any attempt to “help” them survive is counterproductive.

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    • lophatt, you’re right.

      Moslems we must love; Islam we must hate. These people are slaves to a political ideology, with a religious patina, and our heart must be to pray that God releases them from that prison.

      Also true is the overwhelming ignorance of almost all Americans on the subject. Who has read a book on the subject?

      I was born in 1960, when there were no Moslems in America. When I was still riding my tricycle Edward Kennedy was hatching a plan to invite aliens from alien civilizations into the country. By the time I went to college, in Southern Illinois, in 1979, for the first time I observed some weird looking Mexicans on campus. Well, I found out, they were Persians. It was right when the Shah was deposed, and hostages were taken.

      The point is that a big-city Chicago boy could not recognize a Persian, or an Arab, because there never had been any such people here prior to the 1980s. All I could compare them to was Mexicans.

      Why do I say these things? To point out that there was never any need to learn anything about Islam. It would be like learning about the people in the Amazon.

      Suddenly, though, in recent decades we were flooded with the expectation that we should all know all about Islam. We are told it’s a religion (it’s not). We are told it’s somehow an extension of the story of the Bible (it’s not).

      But no one actually reads where it came from, and its history–particularly what it did to Christendom. We are told we must be ashamed of the crusades. No one asks why. We are told we must be ashamed of the Inquisition. No one asks why. When I say that I am an enthusiastic supporter of these things, I am a pariah. But the denouncers can’t explain why I am wrong, because they know nothing about these things.

      What we can do for the Moslem world is send a million missionaries to their countries with a billion Bibles in hundreds of translations. Convert them to Christ. Reclaim the lands Mohammed’s hoards stole from Christendom.

      Starting with Egypt.

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      • Yes, I don’t have all the answers either. I grew up on the same basic ideas (although a bit earlier), it was a “given” that there are “Three Major Abrahamic Religions”. That the Crusades were “wrong”. That the “Inquisition” was awful and totally the fault of the Church.

        Like so many other things in life I’ve had to “unlearn”, one is left asking the obvious. Who is it that spreads these lies and why are they taught with no opposition.

        My remarks on Islam are not based on “theories”. Neither are my observations on the Crusades or the Inquisition. There are AMPLE materials available for anyone wishing to actually learn something.

        Strangest of all, in my opinion, is the Church’s quiet acceptance. It has become more important to not offend anyone than it is to know truth. I blame Vatican II for this, to a degree. Prior to that, there were courageous authorities who had no problem speaking truth to the whiny.

        Christianity seeks to liberate. It is liberation through wisdom. It is not liberation through ignorance. It is only with the indwelling of the Holy Spirit that we are given that rare mixture of courage and humility that conquers all.

        Since the days of the Disciples we have faced evil by looking it straight in the face. We did not hide in the shadows, under a blanket. Islam is every despot’s wet dream. Maybe that’t why Obongo and his owner Soros are so fond of it.

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        • Islam is the perfect weapon for the intelligence matrix. It is a foil, but it is easy to find people who really believe it, so stories can be built that are credible, even though events are completely fake. Moslems will defend the “martyrs” intelligence sets up, and even go on to engage in organized jihad, for real. The “European” Moslems who flock from Britain and Belgium to join ISIS are not a myth. They are, in fact, inspired by their hate-imams to do that–but I doubt any would become “lone-wolf” terrorists without that encouragement. It’s a hard structure for intelligence to create and maintain. Islam lost its vitality for conquest centuries ago.

          Still, it is not fake. Islam, long ago, was the bane of Western man. The Mediterranean was a pirate-sea for centuries; Moslems were flooding across the land borders constantly. Moslems today can be made to be inspired by the terror Islam inspired in the Western heart in centuries past–but would they do that without active, relentless prodding? No. The thing is, they also despair. Allah has been a humongous failure in practical fact, which completely contradicts the Koran and the Hadith; Allah is supposed to conquer the whole world. But Moslem countries are basket cases. If Allah is so great, why can’t the countries he is worshipped in provide a decent standard of living? This is why (a) they are eager to flee their hellholes, flocking to the infidel West, when the opportunity presents itself; (b) hopeless military-aged men can be enticed to become terrorists; and (c) Islam as a political ideology gladly takes credit for the fake terrorism the intelligence agencies attribute to it–Moslems want to believe Allah is rising up, to replicate the glories of the days when they were ransacking Baghdad, Cairo and Constantinople.

          We live in a strange time, a sort of shadow-land. No one is told the truth, events are artificial, and those who can see through the fog are suspect–because they jeopardize the narrative. And narrative is all that counts here.

          This is why Donald Trump is such a threat, incidentally. He cuts straight through the Matrix. No narrative works to constrain him. He really is Neo, in that sense. He’s fearless in the face of any Agent. He just laughs at them, like Neo curiously observing the bullets in the air, as he makes them stop, and then lose interest, so they drop to the floor. The Agents are scared of that power. A billionaire, he scoffs at the need to spend money to win the election. They can’t comprehend such metaphysical power.

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  9. Hmm, “among the biggest consumers of sexual stimulants only the weak will consume”… looks like Egypt (like every other muslim country) digs Internet porn.


  10. How can you stop these mutilations when the sentences given out are so anemic as to be a joke.

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  11. islam = bunch of sadists….
    makes me wonder what he did that precipitated his pushing of this barbaric and asinine practice….is he trying to justify his own “weaknesses”?

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  12. It is shocking that Egyptian Christian parents are persuaded to torture their daughters in this barbaric Babylonian, non-Christian mutilation, which blasphemously implies that God somehow “made a mistake” in creating the human body, which humans need to “fix”. It is also shocking that American Christian parents are persuaded to torture their SONS in this barbaric Babylonian, non-Christian mutilation, which causes over 100 needless infant deaths every year, and greatly enriches the hospitals and doctors, who SELL INFANT FORESKINS for biomedical research and cosmetics (yes, ladies, it’s in your anti-aging face cream). Please don’t trot out the ludicrous excuse that mutilation “improves hygiene”, for if that’s the case, we should cut off boy’s ears, because they never wash behind them.

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    • The true reason for this ritual mutilation of both sexes is to facilitate sodomy, which is Satan’s only party trick. As the African Cardinal Robert Sarah said, he decried “the attempt to make sodomy the cornerstone of a New Global Ethic”.

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      • Not sure about the sodomy angle, but all countries that practice genital mutilations on males (and females) are the most violent of all. Also the evil practice of male and female circumcision also helps to fray the bond between mother and baby, and drive yet another wedge between family unity. To force a mother to let her baby be mutilated is beyond barbaric. It’s pure evil. It’s also a ‘substitution’ for the blood sacrifices when they used to sacrifice their first born (or a slave’s baby) to the evil entity molech or ba’al, or whatever they called their evil entity they worshipped.


    • I’ve also heard that the stats on the 100 deaths from genital mutilation is way underestimated, due to the usual covering up the medical establishment does. I can’t believe that in this day and age women and men are so (expletive) IGNORANT about the excruciating torture they put a helpless innocent baby through. It’s enough to make me sick! The few moronic family members I have told this to before they mutilated their babies totally ignored me and they did it anyway. Should call it circumSICKtion.


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  14. Anonymous, Lets not be undue here, after all the U.S., U.K., Europe, and “israel” are all prime producers and consumers of porn, it’s a pandemic made the satanists running these nations, and they want western citizens to wring their hands about some group who is also being exploited by the devil worshipers, so they will attack the useful idiots group, and ignore the prime perpetrators, while none of the citizenry’s attacks will ever be aimed at the real problem, when the dangblasted enemy is already here, already entrenched, and already waging war on every citizen that isn’t corrupt already, and even on the children in the small towns. (via public schools “sex ed” and satanic-laced “education”, etc.) They don’t need “sharia” in these “western nations” to do worse than what is spoken of in this article, anyone reading this ever hear of female/male nullification (“nullos”)? While illegal, (for now, but that doesn’t stop ’em) these things are being done by “body mod” sickos right here, right now, and they’ve been doing it for the last decade, its being promoted by the satanic-indoctrinated types pushing for trans stuff, and pushing for homosexual stuff, getting people to “reject normalcy” (normalcy=sanity), and they’ve got the citizenry worried about a muslim influx they themselves cooked up. Folks should be going after george soros who’s funding anti-christian efforts, such as the “trans” movement, folks should be hog-tying the banksters, and other satanists in positions of authority in the western nations, trying them for their crimes and locking them up in guantanamo, as they’re the real terrorists, the muslims are just being played.

    And as far as the inquisition and crusades go, real useful weren’t they? They served to besmirch Christianity’s image even to present day and are used even now to relegate Christians to no better than baal worshipers for savagry, got hundreds of Christian folk killed for no real purpose, and families ruined, they may have been well intentioned but they were not plans of Heaven, but strategies of men, strategies which failed miserably, because the ignoramuses making the plans did not account for how their actions would be exploited by the enemy down the line. As far as the mutilation goes, this is a sham pretext to try to reinstate such a barbaric practice, using “weak men” to justify hobbling women in such a way is ridiculous.

    If folks want to stem the “islamic tide” they need to not worry so much about the muslims themselves as those who are exploiting them to use as a cultural weapon, aim for the satanists in positions of authority who are already entrenched here and causing problems, if you can remove them from those positions, try them and imprison them properly, you’ll see the “islamic tide” vanish, I suspect.

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    • I totally agree. ISIS is being funded by the us government (did you see that funny Toyota that had that Texas plumbers address and phone number on the side of the door, it was in Syria..wonder how it got there, eh? The evil ones are playing one against the other. They’re importing many radical criminals (Cuban boatlift, anyone?) to muddy the waters and create dissention. Makes you wonder who the millions of horsemen of the rising sun are going to be in Revelations, doesn’t it?


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