Rutgers students are told they should only speak when ‘necessary’ because otherwise they might offend classmates with ‘microaggressions’

Pajama Boy approved.


From Daily Mail: Students at Rutgers University have been advised to use language that is ‘kind’ and ‘necessary’ and avoid offensive terms such as ‘retarded’ and ‘that’s so ghetto’ so that they don’t commit ‘microaggressions’.

A bulletin board, titled ‘Language Matters: Think’, has been put on display in at least one hall of residence on the campus, in New Brunswick, New Jersey, telling them to question whether their choice of words is ‘true’ and ‘helpful’.

language matters

Failure to follow the guidelines could give rise to microaggressions – ‘little things that have a big impact’ – which fall into three categories: microassaults, microinsults and microinvalidations.

Microassault includes avoiding someone; a microinsult could be saying someone is ‘strong for a girl’; and a microinvalidation might involve asking an Asian or Latino person where they are from, Campus Reform reported.

The display was placed in the College Avenue Apartments by a resident assistant, according to a resident who does not wish to be identified.

Even though microaggressions are ‘not the same thing as hate crimes or overt bigotry,’ they still affect victims ‘physically, emotionally, [and] behaviorally,’ placing them ‘more at risk for illness & decreased immune system,’ the display reads.

language matters2

News of the sign’s message has prompted a backlash from several online commentators.

One wrote: ‘Back when Maoist China was going through this, we’d point and laugh… and now it’s here.’

Another said: ‘Incoming students should consider a Life Alert alarm necklace, which will summon the Bias Prevention Education Team guards in the event of microdamage to a physical, emotional or behavioral psyche.’

Meanwhile, one commenter wrote: ‘So some over-sensitive snowflake’s interpretation of “bad thoughts” is going to drive the conversation? Suck it up, buttercup, you are going to have a long, hard life.’ And another: ‘Why not just order mandatory lobotomies for all college students and be done with it?’

The bulletin board also contains a flyer from the Language Matters campaign, an initiative launched by the Center for Social Justice Education and LGBT Communities in the 2015 fall semester.

The flyer lists phrases that could cause offence such as, ‘he looks like a terrorist’ to someone who is ‘a United States veteran;’ or ‘that’s so ghetto’ near somebody who ‘grew up in poverty’; and saying an ‘exam just raped me’ in the presence of ‘a survivor of sexual assault’.

The potentially insulting terms were taken from a similar list which formed part of the University of Maryland’s ‘Inclusive Language Campaign’.  Rutgers also has a Bias Prevention Education team that handles such incidents. Other US universities that have a policy for reporting microaggressions include the University of California, Penn State, Ithaca, Wesleyan and Columbia.


30 responses to “Rutgers students are told they should only speak when ‘necessary’ because otherwise they might offend classmates with ‘microaggressions’

  1. Haha, my favorite was this: ‘Why not just order mandatory lobotomies for all college students and be done with it?’

    YES! Just do it. Otherwise, invest in cases of heavy-duty silver-duct tape, the really sticky icky kind, & require application before students leave their dorms for the classrooms.

    UGH! These people are insufferable. The oppression reeks to high heaven. And that poster looks like something for a Kindergarten.

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    • yes–duct tape.

      Except these are supposed to be tomorrow’s leaders.

      If their personhood wasn’t reduced in high school, it certainly will be here. My advice: go to another college or technical school.


      • Oh, I wouldn’t worry too much about any of these snowflakes becoming leaders. The real world after leaving college won’t put up with their silliness for a second


      • Tomorrows ‘leaders’ will most likely be imported from another country. Then they’ll make a ‘world president’ and global communism…I mean ‘socialism’ will be complete.


  2. How low the formerly first-rate Rutgers has fallen. Shame on them!

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    • Oh yeah, the largest department on campus is the “Social Engineering Department”.

      They are all off trying to remake Western Civilization in a Jewish image. There is an obvious solution for this. No students, no tuition, no grant money.

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  3. Shouldn’t they have an alternative class for the more outgoing and mentally adjusted, like; “Offending can be Fun”?

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  4. You would think a University like Rutgers would realize that they are educating(?) young “MEN and WOMEN” and not first graders. They should be teaching these people how to live in the real world and not some fairy tale land where every thing in milk and honey. These so-called students need to grow up and realize that sometimes life is hard and sucks. My mom had a saying, ” Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt you!” GROW UP, and shake stupid remarks off and act your age! If you don’t, life is going to kick your A$$ when you get out there!

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    • They just want your money. They hope you know less when you leave than when you arrived.


    • David….I hear ya.’ As a teacher, one of my secret thoughts as we “modify, adjust, extend, delete”, and generally tie ourselves in knots to reach each and every one of the 38 middle school kids in our classrooms according to their special needs (x five classes a they “regular kids, have learning challenges, or have a genius IQ .) is that… just a few years….LIFE IS GONNA’ REACH OUT AND SMACK THEM ON THE HEAD. Hear ye Hear ye! THERE ARE NO INDVIDUAL EDUCATION PLANS (IEP’s) or 504’s (beware of special circunstances) IN REAL LIFE. It appears now that being “special” while still under a formal education system has SPREAD from elementary—up through middle and high schools….and has finally landed in the land of higher “education.” In this case, being “special” means having a special social boundary or need or “ism” that needs to be fed, coddled, protected by the entire surrounding comminity of peers, lest the “special one” have a psychotic break due to a “misplaced” word.

      MY GOD……am I EVER saddened by the daily passing of those in our country who lived through the Great Depression, WWII, and the Civil Rights Era. They are almost all gone. WHO, now, can tell these snowflakes the ACTUAL meaning of suffering….of oppression…of justice….of prioritizing your goals and making plans for the future?

      AND, PS…..I know there was a movie…but has anyone read the book, “THE GIVER?” If not, read it to see where the “exactness of choosing words” led the society that was described in the book.

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      • Funny you should mention the Giver. It was on today. I was wondering if it was from the book by Lois Lowry, and by your comments I guess it is.
        Good luck this school year. You are as much hamstrung as the students for sure.


  5. Speak only when you’re spoken-to, children!

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  6. I always ask Latino, European, Asian, and anyone speaking with a foreign accent, where they are from. Why? Because I’m interested–and I tell them so. And it can lead to some great sharing and conversations. It’s a way to learn and grow. A ,much more mature way than Rutgers is teaching.


  7. I find it funny they are programming these students to be such pussies, yet if you dare to say anything like two guys cornholing each other is morally wrong, they’ll jump down your throat with their ‘macro aggressions’. Or, in the case of those who are supporting Trump, the lefty commies will beat you with a tire iron.

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  8. Obama's boyfriend

    Political correctness serves to identify those who do not share the hive mind so that the government may send them off to labor camps where the surplus population may be reduced. The national socialist workers party loved political correctness.

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    • Every significant era in history has experienced this, boyfriend. Thanks for the reminder! Even when the fuedal system in Europe was disintegrating ( in part due to the plague), those in power who wished to STAY in power, had to do something with those who survived, who remained to procreate….but without economic stability or reason to exist according to the old system–They drained off the unemployed population by ginning up a string of Crusades (each one which could last years from start to finish). They went off to die or at least to be away for years and years. Sounds pretty crass…BUT….Just how are we going to “drain off” this excess of unemployable (probably) full-time, career, 30-year-old professional college student, wimpy, “victims?” Can’t think of anything they could “do,” or be so “good at” that they’d rally around one cause to lead them off into the sunset. What “crusade” will gainfully employ them and siphon them into a world in which their petty gripes become as flotsam…and their “cause” turns them toward substantive contributions?

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  9. I used to chuckle when someone, or an article raised the possibility that robots will one day take over, now I am not so sure? And if micro manners are the future, it is probably the best thing that could happen, gad!…

    When ignorance gets started it knows no bounds.

                                                        Will Rogers

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  10. I just can’t understand how these people can promote such mentally paralyzing crap. What is worse is that these are also the ones who intend to rule over us.

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    • OTOH, trail, maybe we can put our faith in the human condition of greed and competition? Will these snowflakes be able to run the gauntlet? NOT! But, will others recognize their advantages against them and run full tilt? I’m betting on greed and competition. Problem is…..I don’t know if these competitors will come from our OWN country! Seems like, since the Obamanites have taken over the landscape, they’ve exposed a white, tender belly to the rest of the world’s incisors. Our only hope, maybe, is that there are those amongst us today or in the near future who grow up in this country and seize the day against this weakness (greed and competition, once again, might have the advantage.)


  11. If this is what college has become, it no longer serves a useful purpose. Going to trade school and getting a library card would be a better option now. That, and maybe joining a book club where you can express your opinion.


  12. People don’t offend each other, Words do!

    All offence is caused by words, so clearly language itself is the source of all social-injustice!

    Teaching children to speak is a form of child-abuse because they’ll only grow up to use that language against oppressed minorities.

    Ban all language!

    Please donate to my campaign to ban all human communication:


  13. Whoever came out with this idea is retarded and insane!

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  14. I’ve got news for these extraordinarily stupid people: This is a hard, tough, cold world where nobody gives a damn about your little-minded peevishness over the words or language you hear. Somebody might get offended because of any word they hear rings their bell? Well, Woo Woo, just get your blankie, suck your thumb, and got to bed and snivel. We’ll know when it’s time to get you up because you’ll be a rotting, stinking mess oozing out on the floor. You better grow yourself a tough hide, because the world is not going to change for just you – it will run right straight over you unless you grow some reproductive organs and become an adult real quick. Queer and faggot are words that were here long before any homosexual movement came along, and they’ll be here for a long time to come. So will nigger and spic and gook. If you don’t believe me, just get yourself a job working with blue collar blacks and you’ll be surprised how often they call each other nigger. The so-called institutions of higher learning in tis country have been hijacked by leftist-liberals who come in their limousines to the college, “work”, and then retreat to their guarded, gated semi-fortresses when day is done. Their demented sense of reality and how to deal with it permeate the entire instructional construct. Education my ass! Nothing but namby-pamby socialist indoctrination in disguise, leading them to think they have a solid grounding in what’s needed to make it in the jungle today. When big corporations have to set up their own language and math and business courses in order to prepare a new hire for the job, you can bet we are in extremely serious trouble – deeper than most even want to know about. These kids can’t write a coherent paragraph, do simple algebra, and have no idea of how to read a balance sheet. Iowa was regarded 60 years ago as having the best educational system in the nation and very near the top in the world. Today we are ranked 25th nationally, and have exported the best to other states because there was no work for them. And it’s still happening, even though we are now 25th in the nation. So, you parents would do well to put the electronic toys away and see to it that you take a firm hand in your child’s education. That’s what books are made for. And you will have to give up most of your TV time because if you don’t, your kid will be just one more dolt in the herd.


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