HLN blurs out retired officer’s Trump 2016 shirt

Media bias on full display.

hln blurred photo

From Fox News: Who knew that “Trump” was a four-letter word?

Yet in a story aired Wednesday about a man who saved a baby from a hot car, CNN’s Headline News (HLN) chose to censor the Good Samaritan’s “Trump for President 2016” T-shirt on air.

Steven Eckel, a 53-year-old retired police officer, smashed through the windshield of a car in New Jersey earlier this week when he spotted a baby trapped inside in 90-degree heat after being left there by her mother.

hln blurred photo2

When interviewed about the incident by HLN Wednesday, Eckel chose to wear a “Trump for President 2016” shirt as he told his story about how he rescued the baby. His bright blue shirt could be seen on the first airing on HLN.

However, as flagged by The Daily Caller, when the interview was re-aired later in the day, HLN chose to blur out the logo, as one might blur out an obscenity.

HLN later said this was a mistake: “We blurred the logo and shouldn’t have; it was done in error,” an HLN spokesperson told The Hill.

yeah right

This comes after HLN last week cancelled Dr. Drew Pinksy’s “Dr. Drew on Call,” just days after he questioned Hillary Clinton’s health and medical care. CNN did not give a specific reason for the cancellation.


14 responses to “HLN blurs out retired officer’s Trump 2016 shirt

  1. That is pathetic, isn’t it!? Good grief. What small-minded petty game players/CNN. I hope Trump hears about it. Thanks for giving the story more exposure.

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  2. Not surprised. Journalists are supposed to report the news. Not their opinions or censor half of the story.

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  3. Thank you, DCG, for reminding us that HLN — whose parent network is CNN — cancelled Dr. Drew’s show 9 days after he raised questions about, not Hillary’s health, but merely the quality of health care Hillary is receiving.

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  5. We should demand that News (?) programs post a disclaimer before being shown,saying something like, “Notice-This program is edited to follow and reflect the opinions of its Management. If you require objective,non-partisan News coverage,please look elsewhere.”


    • “We should demand”

      Do you really think the MSM actually will listen and accede to our toothless demand?

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      • Well, yeah. NOTHING gets aired without careful vetting. This is modeling, pure and simple.

        I’m always amazed by the number of people who seem willing to give “media” “the benefit of the doubt”. Why? How obvious does it have to get.

        Maybe the larger question should be, why do we still watch it?


    • That’s a perfect description of what is called the Editorial column, usually written by newspaper Mgmt/Editor, etc.

      So these days, the ENTIRE MSM is just one big giant “Editorial.”

      Here’s a huge photo seen in a twitter feed earlier that similarly would apply to CNN:

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      • Yeah. And to think that I remember when these stations used to worry about “equal time” and appearing biased. They were afraid that they’d lose their broadcast licenses.


  6. Oh! Their “apology”is definitely worth its weight in Buffalo Bagels!


  7. The mainstream media is on its last legs. They always angered me. Still, it’s (somewhat) interesting on how they keep going downhill. Once again, Gresham’s Law at work.

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  8. LOL – What else would you expect from the Clinton News Nutwork?

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