White House reached goal of taking in 10,000 Syrian refugees Monday

O laughs

From MSN: The White House will reach its goal, articulated a year ago, of taking in 10,000 Syrian refugees into the U.S. on Monday afternoon. A plane carrying the refugees has departed Jordan and will soon land in the U.S., CBS News’ Margaret Brennan reports.

“Today, I am pleased to announce that we will meet this goal more than a month ahead of schedule. Our 10,000th Syrian refugee will arrive this afternoon,” National Security Adviser Susan Rice said in a statement.

Between last October and the end of this September, the U.S. is expected to admit a total of at least 85,000 refugees, Rice said, including from countries like Burma, Democratic Republic of the Congo, El Salvador, Iraq, Somalia, Ukraine, among many others.

President Obama said last year that would admit 10,000 Syrian refugees by the end of the fiscal year. Monday’s announcement means the White House attained its goal a month ahead of schedule, an achievement due at least in large part to a surge of State Department and Homeland Security officials deployed to the Middle East to help process a backlog of applications. The 10,000 are a significant increase over the 1,500 the U.S. was on track to admit in 2015. 

An overwhelmingly majority of the refugees, 80 percent, who have already resettled in the U.S. are women and children under the age of 18, according to the State Department. Data also shows that 96 percent of the refugees are Muslim.

U.S. officials say that the refugees have gone through extensive vetting, which not only involved numerous interviews but also intelligence-driven vetting and reviews of their social media accounts.

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The average review took more than a year and a half to complete. The names of the refugees were run through Pentagon, State Department, FBI and other agency databases, Brennan reports.

The news comes as Donald Trump continues to slam the president’s and Hillary Clinton’s immigration policies, especially in relation to Syrian refugees. Trump has in the past compared Syrian refugees to snakes and he has advocated a plan to block people from entering the U.S. from countries with ties to terrorism.


16 responses to “White House reached goal of taking in 10,000 Syrian refugees Monday

  1. Oh, now I take back everything I ever said about him not accomplishing anything. Thanks Obama.

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  2. theboldcorsicanflame

    History and the People will judge what an evil con artist he is

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  3. Some of those desert knuckleheads are here in Long Island, I saw a troupe of them walking around slackjawed and looking like they were from another planet…..

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    • It is reported that in places such as Oslo, Norway, the “newcomers” deliberately walk side by side in large numbers, thus blocking pedestrians coming from the opposite direction and forcing them onto the street. Photos of this practice confirm it.

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  4. He gave us plenty of changes and no hope of things ever getting better!

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  5. Buy guns and ammo while you can… folk in Germany couldn’t and look how much fun they’re having now.

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  6. Hillary Clinton’s plan is to bring in 1 million Muslim “refugees” in her first term as POTUS.

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    • Reason enough not to vote for her…

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    • Well, she will have plenty of space on the White House front lawn and in the rose garden for her charities. Even at her Washington, DC mansion and the Chappaqua compound. We should demand that the Clinton Foundation pick up the tab. She may have to forego Armani designed jackets, housecoats and pajama pants to help out her new countrymen.

      Unusual activities are coming their way in tranquil Chappaqua, this incident just one mile from Hill and Bill. Some day soon even their tallest fences and their fastest gun slinging guards won’t be able to protect them from the hordes they’ll bring in on orders from the UN.


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      • I wonder how many know that the Secret Service pays Bill and Hill “rent” to have a building on their New York property that is equal to their mortgage? It’s true. I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t have similar arrangements on their other properties.

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        • They probably do. Remember how broke they were? They needed that rental income. And Soro’s gigantic estate can take in the overflow of “refugees” from Hillary’s place. They live only nine miles apart in Westchester County.


      • Ms Marple….this is just an “aside,” but you mentioned Hillary’s Armani jackets and, just-so, I’d been wondering about them. Since they’ve always looked to be the size of a Barnum and Baily’s circus tent, I thought to look up Hillary’s “stats.” Online, all sites that reported these said she is 5’6″ tall, and weighs 138 lb. 🙂 I laugh. Pretty much this would put her at her height and “weight” in a “normal” to slender category, maybe even wearing clothing as small as, say, size 8 or so. I’d really like to know if the person who wrote these “stats” for sites carrying her info was the same guy or gal who wrote up her public utterances/speeches about the Benghazi 9/11 slaughter being caused by a homemade video posted on the internet? Probably. Or…OMG…maybe HILLARY LIES about her weight? IMAGINE!


        • The $ 12,000 Armani jacket and her Wal-Mart housecoat seem like tents. Perhaps they need to be that large to hide a bulletproof vest. Lately she has worn other, heavier and longer coats. It’s after all summer and it does seem odd, unless she needs to hide what’s underneath, not necessarily just flab.

          Hillary seems to be of average height and bone structure from her younger years. That does not change, only added flab that comes with age to many. However, in reality she should look real slim and trim with all her daily workouts. We’re told she does yoga, swimming, walking and weights. She ought to look like a poster child for workouts at 69, yet she looks like she has never seen a yoga mat, dumbbells, a pool or walking trails. More lies from the Hillary camp for sure.

          The person we’ve been told made the Muslim world sizzle with his movie went from owning gas stations to bank fraud to prison, out to make one video only, then back to prison. Less than a year ago he lived in a homeless shelter while working at a pizza parlor part time. Myself, I want to know how fast they got that video from San Fernando Valley out to the middle east deserts where not every mud hut is hooked up to a screen. Perhaps they watched on their laptops.

          I have read that this one time video maker (how did he learn the trade?) shot his masterpiece in a San Fernando Valley studio. The real truth behind that may be that one of the many porn studios in the valley was used. They have guys there who know the video business from beginning till end. Besides, Nakoula had a rap sheet and those are kind whose names they use when they need one for nefarious purposes. We are supposed to be none the wiser.

          The agency script writers were giving the assignment, Nakoula got credit for making the video and a supersonic jet flew the finished product to video stores in the desert where eager customers picked them up for the evening’s entertainment. The rest is history on par with bin Laden’s second funeral.



  7. 10.000? Okay, that’s enough. Now the White House can focus on stopping its support for rebels and terrorists that are forcing so much of the migration. Solve the cause.

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  8. The POS_tus and the Rotten One’s plan is being accomplished right under our fearless Congress’ greedy, incompetent, hyposmic snouts.
    The Complicit Cartel to-do list (simplified for brevity):
    #1 Create unrest and civil war throughout the M.E. – check
    #2 Blame ‘dictators’ for causing death and destruction – check
    #3 Urge ‘humanitarians’ to accept mass-migration of Mo’s army into predominantly civilized nations, i.e. Europe and USA
    Tangential activities: Arm the mullahs in Iran with resources to acquire nuclear weapons, as they devour what’s left of Iraq
    Predictable Outcome: Christian genocide, forced acceptance of PC speech, crush ‘Islamophobia’, disarm precariat
    Assignment of Blame: Russia and Donald J Trump
    Rewards: Money, money, more money and ultimate power. Rulers who spread Mo’s light, and serfs who obey


  9. FYI:

    (Miles Mathis thinks Kevin MacDonald [the academic identified in this piece from the Forward] is a limited hangout.)


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