You won’t believe how well behaved these dogs are

All it takes is training and discipline — something that Americans have abandoned with their young, and the results are all around us.



9 responses to “You won’t believe how well behaved these dogs are

  1. ooooh, I loved This!!

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  2. Hadenoughalready

    As a former K-9 Security Officer, I immediately juxtapose this scene with that of a current Bronx classroom.
    If ONLY we had trained our kids like these dogs…

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    • My first teaching assignment was at Samuel Gompers High School, located at 400 Southern Blvd., in the Bronx. Wow, what a culture shock. That was in 1984. But I will tell you this: LBJ’s Great Society Program made the whole mess possible.

      When I was in an acting troop in college, one fellow said to another, “This country will never get over Johnson’s horrible policies.” I figured, “Oh come on, he wasn’t that bad.” Oh Yes, he was.

      And although the students were no angels, they were born into bad situations. But, that’s our political system for you.

      If Eisenhower was so great, as many conservatives used to say, why, then, did he stick us with Earl Warren?

      We’ve had 60—or more—years of failure. Trump won’t end it: The entire Civilization has had it. But maybe he can throw a wooden shoe into the Machine. I hope so.

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  3. New parents should note that thanking God for life’s basic necessities is a good place to start when teaching your children to be civilized human beings. There are far too many insufferable, ill-mannered children around who believe they are entitled to offer an unsolicited opinion before they start grade-school. Love the good doggies.

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  4. Well, its not a “Black Lives Matter” meeting, that’s for sure.

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  5. Those Labradors are good, hearty dogs and good for 15 to 17 years of life. They seem to me to be more mellow than German Shepherds—although they can be good, but are too reactionary, it seems to me.

    If you know anyone who would like a Dalmatian, please investigate it first: One quarter of Dalmatians are STONE DEAF—it’s the inbreeding.

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  6. I’ve seen this before and thought it was amazing…what a bunch of great bunch of pooches

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  7. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this wonderful post! These dogs are not only obedient, but courteous and grateful, and quiet.


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