Friday Night Funny: The Patton Doctrine

Too bad for America they do not make them like George S. Patton, Jr. anymore. We could definitely use a few right now:


(h/t: My NB bud Hog_Flambe)

7 responses to “Friday Night Funny: The Patton Doctrine

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  3. That was good. Hmmm… new candidate for president, maybe?

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  4. God-that guy sounds JUST like him…..

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  5. Classic …………………l.m.a.o.

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  6. Seriously, if our CIC thought more on this plain, we would get a lot more accomplished, in less time, with less money spent and, most importantly, with fewer American lives lost. Please DT, tap this guy.


  7. Artic ice melts a little in summer-that’s when the Greenies and EPA crazies w/University Idiots are there Measuring.
    Last few years it’s come back thicker than ever in winter-but too cold for Idiots to measure then. Summer has always been different than winter but apparently only we-those that use a little deductive reasoning understand this.


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