Professor says Trump is so bad, university class doesn’t have to be balanced

The good professor...

The good professor…

From Fox News: Critics have accused academia of subtly indoctrinating students with a liberal agenda for years, but the possibility of a Donald Trump presidency has brought one Pennsylvania political science professor out into the open.

Gettysburg College Prof. Kathleen Iannello announced in an Op-Ed penned for that she will not even try to treat Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and GOP choice Trump equally because, in her mind, Trump is a “lightning rod for promoting further hate.”

“My approach for the fall semester will be boldly honest: It is a disservice to students to attempt to provide balance when I know that balance is an offense to the truth,” Iannello wrote.

In the column, titled “Balanced Presentation A Dishonest Exercise In Presidential Race,” Iannello admits that, “as a liberal, [she has] no problem extolling the virtues of Democrats.”

To prove her fairness, Iannello notes that she has assigned readings of moderate Republicans and has even offered praise for Ronald Reagan. But Trump is another story, she claimed.

“His harsh and distasteful commentary regarding religious and ethnic groups, as well as women, only serves as a lightning rod for promoting further hate,” Iannello wrote. “He displays neither a record of public service nor an understanding of the word statesmanship. In the history of our country, it is hard to recall anyone less prepared to take office.

When asked by The College Fix if her stance would be fair to students who might not share her politics, Iannello said it would. “I can assure you that all students will have a voice in my classes,” she told the site.

Officials at Gettysburg College said they believe the class will be fair, too. “It’s an important part of our mission as a liberal arts institution to ensure that ideas can be shared openly, and we have every confidence that students will be given opportunity to express their views freely in their classes,” a spokesperson told the site.

baby laughing

Students who claim to have taken Iannello’s classes in the past may doubt her ability to tolerate dissenting opinions. “Professor Iannello means well and is a decent teacher, but she preaches her liberal propaganda way too much in class,” read a 2008 entry on, adding, “she is not open to new ideas and is very closed-minded on her beliefs.”

Other entries described her as “intimidating if you lean right” and a person who gives “conservatives a hard time.” “If you’re a right-winger, be prepared to walk into a brick wall whenever you enter the classroom,” one review states.


27 responses to “Professor says Trump is so bad, university class doesn’t have to be balanced

    • LOL – Y’all will have to pardon my temporary (yeah, right) piggishness, but I have always thought the girl in that pick was smoking hot.

      Oink. 😉


  1. One had every opportunity to express one’s views freely under Stalin, Pol Pot, McCarthy et al.
    You would have to be a right idiot to do so.


  2. Remember. For every 1 liberal college professor, at least 30 students will be subjected to their trash, and more than half of them will become even more polarized in their beliefs knowing they’re sponsored by an authority. The children are our future, and these children follow the lies of a false unicorn.

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  3. This is just an extension of the indoctrination provided in public school. I have to ask why anyone involved in this does it. If they have no intention of educating people and teaching them to think logically and clearly, why engage in it?

    Colleges are not supposed to be springboards for the personal opinions of professors. It is, of course, acceptable to introduce one’s thoughts into the classroom, provided that all concerned realize that they are just your thoughts and nothing negative will ensue from disagreement.

    If they can’t do that they shouldn’t be teaching, period. That’s the problem with the “true believers”. They think that they are more intelligent, better informed and more modern. So, if someone disagrees, they have the “right” to enforce their opinions on others since the other’s opinions are faulty anyway.

    There’s no “winning” with someone like this. They have no respect for others. They are annoying in the extreme to be around and they cause tension and confusion in the classroom. They want to create their own world and live in it.

    It only takes an article like this to bring back those years, oh so long ago! It STILL annoys me. Self-righteous professors who knew nothing of the world pontificating about their ideals that were totally derived from reading the work of others. They simply did not want to hear about anything that conflicted with their perception of reality.

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    • Yes, yes, yes! College/university anymore is merely an extension of the K-12 program, quite literally, in some cases (specifically community colleges, but state schools are not far behind).

      Students shouldn’t even be aware of a professor’s bias. I’ve mentioned before that my husband is a professor at a community college, and we discuss the issue of instructor bias all the time. He makes an effort to conceal his position on various key issues and personal preferences, and often takes on the role of “Devil’s advocate” to make sure that both sides of an issue are proposed. He encourages his students to argue in favor of their pet peeves, and against their pet causes. Sadly, most of his colleagues do not, even the ones who “think” they do. (Funny, it’s the ones who think that they’re the “most open-minded” who are actually the least.)

      I’m astonished that the belief that college is the only way to success has stuck around this long. It goes to show how deep the indoctrination runs. I’ve long suspected there’s a conspiracy between the government and the corporations who hire the most employees to require degrees to even apply. I have never worked a job that *really* required a degree, and I can’t imagine what job would require the knowledge of Sociology (I know, I know) I gained in college. Most of the “education” is “general”, anyway. If I get any more rounded, I’ll be a ball! No, I take that back–I’ll be a PANCAKE: round, with no depth.

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      • Very good! You’ve nailed it. Unless someone is teaching a course entitled “The ideas of Professor so and so”, people are not paying money to hear them. It is fine to have opinions. I have a lot of them. If I teach a class and want to offer an opinion, I make damn sure that everyone understands that it is mine, they do not have to agree with it and they will not be graded on it either.

        If the administration knows that they have a teacher who is handicapped by a personal bias, they should take appropriate steps to ensure that their teaching is not compromised. No one should be required to be subjected to this.

        Where is the respect for the thoughts of others? I guess that is an outdated concept.

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      • Educators (used loosely) talk about “P-16” (instead of K-12) today for just such reasons… mandatory Pre-K and year-round schooling (for which they get pay and bennies) are their wish list.

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        • It makes my blood run cold. I don’t know how any parent could send their kid to one of these indoctrination centers knowing what we do (unless it runs the decided risk of having one’s child removed from the parents, that is). In that case, I’d move.

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  4. any parent that would pay for their child to attend katherine Iannello’s
    class is non american

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  5. I believe that,with a few exceptions,that sentiment now applies to College in general. College just ain’t like it used to be. to borrow a phrase I see often around here-“Thanks,Democrats.”

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  6. That reminded me of something my Bro said on the phone yesterday;”There’s NOTHING so rock-solid a Democrat can’t FUBAR it.”

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  8. What do you want to bet that all the pro Trump students mysteriously fail her class. A professor should be REQUIRED to teach from a neutral point of view and not a political one. She is forcing her political views on her students and that is not right! Officials at Gettysburg College said they believe the class will be fair shows that they put the LIBERAL in the liberal arts institute.

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  9. I was raising a little one without child support and couldn’t go to school. When she finally grew up and went out into the world, I then enrolled in a University. I was SHOCKED at how the majority of professors were downright stupid about “reality of the real world.”
    I usually sat at the front of the class. I had to move to the back of the classroom so they couldn’t see my jaw drop and my eyes opening wide in shock how stupid they were to the realities of REAL LIFE.

    I did an internship at U.T. SW Hospital/Dallas ICU as well as a Shelter for Battered women. WE received a grade to lecture on our Internship sites. I was standing before the class giving my lecture on men who batter women as well as why women remain with men who batter. A professor yelled at me, “THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN!!”

    I did a little research: “How old are teachers and professors mentally?”
    I did get an answer: They are approximately “11 years old emotionally.”
    These professors should never have been allowed to teach.

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  10. Call or email the President of Gettsburg College, Janet Morgan Riggs, and ask her if the college has abandoned all pretenses at objectivity:

    P: (717)337-6011
    F: (717)337-6008
    Send a message:

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    • (Shhh, I am old now…sometimes, I do get confused LOL).
      I apologize PROFUSELY! I made a TERRIBLE ERROR. It wasn’t U.T.SW Medical. U.T.SW Medical was wonderful. That is where I received my BA in Community Counseling. I did practicums (i.e., internships). It was a tough school; and ALL of the professors were great!
      The first year East Texas State College was bought by Texas A&M. I was going to Graduate School there. There were Professors there that didn’t have the credentials to instruct Masters of Psychology and/or Counseling. Since it was the first year, the Dean allowed people to teach that didn’t have the credentials. That school, had, especially Two professors who were mentally 11 yrs old.

      That was changed about a year later.


  11. upaces88, I so totally agree with you. I spent a large portion of my career working around, among and within academia, the stories I could tell. My years in the academic medical field were not as bad as those in purely academics. Some of the smartest, top-notch individuals in their fields were also the slowest when it came to how the world works. Sad part is they think they know it all just because they are so advanced in their chosen field of study.

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  12. That and all their “Professors TELL ’em they know it all. (As if the PROFESSORS have any knowledge of the ways of the World…)

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  13. Looks to me like Professor Pocatello is living in her own Private Idaho here: It’s called a PENSION, and she’s headed to home plate before she’s called OUT.
    Hers is “a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”
    Or, like a snarky twist on Samuel Beckett, she’s “waiting for the dough.” “Say, Estragon, let’s hang ourselves!” “Yes, but where?”

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  14. Gone are the days when a teacher kept their mouths shut about their religion, sexual preference, and political choices.
    I have been jumping up and down forever warning parents to be very careful in spending hard earned money in one of these schools.
    So many of these professors have turned into narcissists, thinking everyone wants to hear about them instead of what is supposed to be taught.


  15. I had a couple of perfessers like comrade Iannello.

    Back then, they were few and far between – especially at KSU, which is in the middle of a very conservative Cobb Co., Georgia.

    Now I bet they are falling out of the rafters. 😦

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  16. This woman urgently needs a reality check.

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  17. Hey, Iannello–don’t go away mad, just go away–and stop trying to force your “opinions” on students who are seeking a real education, or anyone else, for that matter. You know what they say about opinions, how they are like a______s and how everybody has one. If you think you have the right to do that, imagine someone FORCING theirs on you. Would you call that fair? Wouldn’t you feel violated if someone dictated to you that you had to accept that or else? Wake up–and use that brain of yours for something that makes sense. And consider that you will reap what you sow–always.


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