Secret U.S. Army memo on preparing for martial law?

An image of an alleged secret U.S. Army memoradum on preparation for martial law has surfaced online, reportedly uploaded to Facebook by Diane Holthaus last Friday, August 18, 2016.

I don’t know if it’s authentic, but given the gravity of the subject matter, I decided to err on the side of prudence by publishing it on FOTM.

Here’s the image of the alleged memorandum, followed by my transcription of it into text:

Dept of Army memo preparation for martial lawHere’s the text of the memorandum:

Department of the Army
Headquarters, 4th Infantry Division
Bldg 1435, Wetzel Ave.
Fort Carson, CO 80913-4145

8 August 2016
Memorandum For Record
Subject: Preparation for Martial Law

1. As of 5 August 2016 2322 the Bill for the Executive Order Enacting Martial Law has been put into effect. Fort Carson will start training and prepartion on 5 September 2016 at 0900.

a. The following Brigades will be starting on 8 September 2016.

Brigades Dates Soldiers
1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team 8 September 2016 350
1st Infantry Brigade Combat Team 29 September 2016 625
4th Sustainment Brigade 8 September 2016 275
4 Combat Aviation Brigade 8 September 2016 175
759th MP Battalion 29 September 2016 215
10th Combat Support Hospital 8 September 2016 265
423rd Transportation Company 29 September 2016 350

b. The preparation will be conducted on range 165 near Red Devil training site at gate 12. The soldiers at this event will be conducting preparation for a field site hospital, FOB, riot control, ect.

c. The training will last for six weeks before the rotation of soldiers in the field site every 3 weeks after the first six weeks.

Andy Wolf of debunks the memo:

Despite the official looking notice, the document gave several clues as to its authenticity- but only to those who would have experience with such documents. For example, there is no security clearance classification on the document, as well as other formatting areas.

Popular Military reached out to the Fort Carson Public Affairs Office, who were all too familiar with the aforementioned document.

“The Facebook posting showing what appears to be an official 4th Infantry Division memo stating that Fort Carson is starting martial law training is a complete fabrication,” a Fort Carson official wrote via email.  “There is no training being conducted on Fort Carson concerning any type of martial law preparation. The Posse Comitatus Act forbids military involvement in domestic law enforcement without congressional approval.

While certain units (such as Military Police) occasionally train for “martial law”-type activities, it is generally done in conjunction with regular training of their everyday duties, such as riot control or securing contested areas. In addition, such matters are more often relegated to National Guard troops, who can be mobilized more easily than Active Duty troops.

I tried to verify the memorandum’s assertions. This is what I found:

  • There is a U.S. Army 4th Infantry Division in Fort Carson, CO. Click here for its website.
  • Its headquarters is in Bldg 1435, 6105 Wetzel Ave., Fort Carson, CO 80913-4145.
  • A search for “AFYB-STA-MNT” brought up the website of the Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station, which is a short distance from NORAD and USNORTHCOM headquarters at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, CO.
  • The 4th Infantry Division’s units are somewhat different from the Brigade units mentioned in the memo:
    • 1st Stryker Combat Brigade Team
    • 2nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team (the memo has this as 1st Infantry Brigade Combat Team)
    • 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team
    • 4th Combat Aviation Brigade
    • 4th Division Artillery
    • 4th Sustainment Brigade
    • Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion
  • Most importantly, Obama did not issue an Executive Order numbered 2322, nor did he issue any executive order on martial law, nor is there any Executive Order issued by any President that is numbered 2322. Numbered Executive Orders began under President Herbert Hoover, with the number 5075. See The American Presidency Project‘s web page, “Executive Orders: Washington – Obama“.

My conclusion: The alleged 4th Infantry Division “Preparation for Martial Law” memorandum is a fake.

Please don’t contribute to the dissemination of this fakery via email or social media.

H/t GiGi

Update (Aug. 25, 2016):

Official denial from the 4th Infantry Division (source: WND):

“The Facebook posting showing what appears to be an official 4th Infantry Division memo is a complete fabrication,” Fort Carson officials said in a statement. “There is no training being conducted on Fort Carson concerning any type of martial law preparation.”


20 responses to “Secret U.S. Army memo on preparing for martial law?

  1. All right, this particular memo may be a fake; However, I would not put ANYTHING past Obama or our ruling elite: Law may state that the Armed Forces may not enact martial law “without Congressional Approval.” but I would expect our ruling elite to be very ready, willing and able to usurp or break that law. I further expect that they could enact martial law without public announcement of it beforehand.
    Ultimately, it comes down to this Question: Is there a sufficient number of American troops who would fire upon American citizens if commanded to do so? I believe the answer to that Question would be YES, because all the Commander-in-Chief has to do is to consult with his generals as to how that could be done; All that would have to be done is to tell those unwilling to do so to stand down. One way or another, it could be done; But that doesn’t mean that it would be done, or be done so without difficulty. Such a thing could happen if, God Forbid, an American city is nuked.
    I would further expect our ruling elite to psy-op us first by issuing disinformation, and fake memos would most likely be used to enact that. The real danger right now is that the ruling elite and the Commander-in-Chief (whomever he might be) would chose top officers based on political criteria alone or primarily, as opposed to loyalty to the Constitution!

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  3. William Shanley

    Thank you dear doctor for keeping us sane!

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  4. Having retired from federal service in 2004 I can attest to the fact that the type of memo shown has not been used for many years. Further, it would be silly to assume that they would put out such a memo were it to be the “real deal”. There might be training, but it would not be advertised.

    There are “secret” executive orders that no one knows what they cover. It is also not true that “there are no such orders….., etc…..”. There are. The Emergency Powers enacted after “The 9-11 Movie” provide great latitude, legally.

    The current bunch, above all else, has shown itself to be utterly lawless. They would not care if they violated existing laws nor would they announce that they were doing it unless they had an ulterior motive. For all intents and purposes the current administration may as well be a foreign entity.

    I know that the game is rigged. Much has been said about “executive orders” that simply is not true Congress can stop them dead in the water, but they never do. This tells me that they are complicit. We should demand that they put an end to the practice.

    The current mutt-in-thief rules by their use. He has no authority to do that and it is a fundamental violation of our whole governmental structure. There are remedies available to Congress. No one speaks for us.

    Declaring something “legal” has the same effect as me declaring myself to be Napoleon. It is a game designed to avoid arrest. Just as murdering innocent people without authorization or justification by giving it a new “name” doesn’t alter the facts on the ground, ginning up an EO to cover your derriere won’t work if Congress does their job.

    We are daily bombarded with images of this smug wienie on the golf course, laughing uproariously over something he said, ignoring Whitey, pontificating about matters that are way over his head. We should be seeing images of him fleeing down alleyways. There is nothing funny about him.

    We need to stop pretending that everything’s alright. It is completely out of control. One of the amusing aspects of the election cycle is watching Hillary Clinton “run” for office on a platform that essentially says, “I plan to do more of the same, only sleazier”. Is that possible?

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    • Yup. An MFR isn’t used for this. The memo is too short and not detailed enough for something like this. The dude writing it (though familiar with military memos) doesn’t know much about legislative bills or executive orders (and, even is he was just the “stuckee” typing it up, more correctly identifiable stuff would show up in it in order to reference it back to something else that spawned it). And, in recent years, the official font to use is now Arial (yes, used to be Time New Roman, but folk decided they didn’t like that any more).

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  5. What a wonderful service you have done for all of us who might not know better than to believe some lame-brained posting. God Bless You for your righteous efforts on behalf of all of us!

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  6. It looks old enough to be a copy of something ancient, maybe w/date changed. Besides, I thought Posse Comitatus got thrown out during GWBush years(?) Quick google to refresh my memory: “…the Posse Comitatus Act was gutted at the request of President Bush in 2006 and then reinstated by Congress in 2008…”

    Thanks for retyping it, though. Much easier to read! 8)

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  7. That 2322 is referring to the time 11:22pm and not the EO number.

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    • Thanks, Gavriel, for your most plausible interpretation of the number 2322 as 11:23 pm, instead of as the number of the alleged martial law executive order. But it makes no sense that, as the memo says, “the Bill for the Executive Order Enacting Martial Law has been put into effect” as of August 5, 2016, at 11:22 pm. Why the :22 specificity?


      • My guess would be that some moron, thinking it looked “impressive”, affixed a sort of “time stamp” to his fake memo to make it look “official”. The military uses things called “messages”. They are written down, but go out electronically on a type of closed loop system. Those get a time stamp when they’re released that is often referred to as “Zulu time”.

        They don’t do this on “memos” and they haven’t used that memo form since they started using email. A “bill”, in this case, is the “watch bill”. That’s not ‘exactly” correct either, but I think its what he meant.

        He is trying to imply that these units have been scheduled to receive some sort of training related to “martial law”. I think the whole thing is bunk. Things don’t work that way, even in the military.

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  8. I’ve seen so many “scare” stories on the net, that by the time a real one rolls up under our noses, nobody will recognize it for what it is. In reality, depending on an order being given by the POTUS, I believe if it were real, even the lame stream media would be on it, like flies on a pile of horse-puckey.

    Thanks Dr. E… you’re a sweetheart for bringing stuff like this, to our attention, from time to time. It’s always good to be “aware” and to actually research anything you find on the net. I’ve “fallen” for a lot of stuff, over the years. Most of it, turning out to be false.

    However … anything coming out about Muslims entering the country and their plans and methods of taking over a country, are another thing that we need to keep close watch on and do some research. Taqiyya is a common practice, to say one thing while covering up something else. Dr. E… you should do an article on Taqiyya ( not sure of spelling ). That would be a very informative article and give you meat for more articles, especially supposed statemens/videos coming out of CAIR and other U.S. based muslim groups. Personally … after studying islam, the five pillars and all that islam relates to, since 9/11, I am wary of anything I see posted and research the daylights out of it.

    One problem with doing your own research is the fact that there are so damned many misleading websites, hate websites that’ll say anything to incite or anger. That’s another topic worthy of your so well educated research you do, before posting things. You’ve set me straight a couple times and I have the utmost respect for you and your blog, here. Wish you’d post a pic of yourself once, just so I have a proper image to place in my mind’s eye, as I read this awesome blog.

    You and I are very much alike, with our only exception being that it appears you are Catholic, while myself, I hate all of man’s religions and live by ONE verse in the Bible. John 14:6, paraphrased, ” The ONLY way to the Father, is through Me.” ( Emphasis mine. )

    Have a great day, sweet friend. You are awesome.

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  9. For some reason, after logging in , I can’t seem to find the reblog link nor do my “likes” appear to show up. Maybe a page refresh? Ok… refreshed the page and I’m still not able to “like” nor repost. Maybe one of my other accounts? Dunno… I’ll wait for the eloquent Dr. E. to comment.and tell me the error of my ways. BTW… when I click the star, to like, a blank box comes up then disappears. Just an FYI.


  10. Given the level of government corruption we are seeing – including the FBI, along with most other agencies – as well the US military, I don’t know what, or who to believe anymore.

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  11. I thought the 2322 was military time…otherwise the grammar is pretty awful.


  12. To patrioticgofer: research the symbiotic relationship between islam and the tribe of judah.

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  13. Official denial from the 4th Infantry Division:

    “The Facebook posting showing what appears to be an official 4th Infantry Division memo is a complete fabrication,” Fort Carson officials said in a statement. “There is no training being conducted on Fort Carson concerning any type of martial law preparation.”


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