Feminist are insufferable: “All men are rapists”

Angry femi-nazi Julie Bendel

Angry femi-nazi Julie Bindel

There’s an angry femi-nazi on Twitter and her name is Julie Bindel. From her Twitter bio:

“Journalist, author, broadcaster. Feminist activist. Full-on lezzer. Research Fellow, Lincoln University.”

From her Wiki page:

Julie Bindel (born 20 July 1962) is an English writer, feminist, and co-founder of the law-reform group Justice for Women, which opposes violence against women and helps women who have been prosecuted for killing violent male partners. She is the author of Straight Expectations and co-author, with Harriet Wistrich, of The Map of My Life: The Story of Emma Humphreys.

Bindel is a visiting researcher at Lincoln University and former assistant director of the Research Centre on Violence, Abuse and Gender Relations at Leeds Metropolitan University. In 2010 she entered The Independent’s “Pink List” as 89th of the top 101 most influential gay and lesbian people in Britain. She writes regularly for The Guardian.

While focusing on male violence against women, Bindel also writes about gender inequality in general, as well as stalking, religious fundamentalism, lesbian rights, opposition to the sex industry and human trafficking. She refers to herself as a political lesbian feminist.

And now, from her Twitter feed:

“Dear misogynist trolls I’m going to make things easier for you – save u some time. All men are rapists and should be put in prison then shot

Julie Bindel: Femi-Nazi that practices hate speech

Julie Bindel: Femi-nazi that practices hate speech

Feel the love! And feel free to give her your own message on Twitter, go here!

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25 responses to “Feminist are insufferable: “All men are rapists”

  1. The feminist movement are full of luny tunes! They destroy the family, mentally lost, if they had a brain they’d be dangerous. I have nothing good to say about mentally ill women.

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  2. What do you mean, feel the love?! Don’t you dare touch it! She is a child of Andrea Dworkin with even more steroids.

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  3. A classic example of the intolerant left . The problem is networks or whatever are giving this asshole time to air her , his , it’s thoughts ….When idiots like this start spewing their b.s. , it’s time to turn the mike off .
    Can you imagine the UPROAR if Trump made a statement like that . ???

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  4. is she even a woman?

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  5. Just looking at her, I would day that she is just about a hairs breath away from being a man. And I would be willing to bet that the hardware has been installed. So by her own decree, Julie should be put in prison then shot”

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  7. Also , judging by that first pic of Julie ……..She has got sideburns Elvis would be envious of , in his younger days .

    I wonder how this p.o.s. would react to a statement saying : All women , blah , blah , blah

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  8. Blind-del will someday join Germaine Greer and Leona Helmsley in hell and star in “The Big Bitch Bull Dyke Breakout!” Yep! Lock up Bill Clinton in a CAGE with this “CREATURE” and place your bets, Folks!!!

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  9. If Julie Bindel is looking for rapists, she’ll find them in the lesbian community. From Lauren Paulk, “Sexual Assault in the LGBT Community,” April 30, 2014:

    “sexual assault in the LGBT community is often rendered invisible or dismissed outright, despite CDC statistics that show the sexual assault rate for LGBT individuals is comparable or higher than the sexual assault rate for heterosexual individuals. Approximately 1 in 8 lesbian women and nearly half of bisexual women experience rape in their lifetime, and statistics likely increase when a broader definition of sexual assault is used. Nearly half of bisexual men and four in ten gay men have experienced sexual violence other than rape in their lifetime, and though statistics regarding rape vary, it is likely that the rate is higher or comparable to heterosexual men.”

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    • After seeing her I am not surprised to see this information for the first time. I imagine that if she caught me checking out her cutie she would be seeing RED! Probably where where that hatred stems from, she challenged some guy for flirting, and got handed her ass!


    • Once upon a time the place I worked appointed me the “Sexual Harassment Counselor” (don’t ask me why!). It was instructive that all of the complaints I was presented with to investigate were ALWAYS from the “homely” ones. I think it was “wishful thinking”.

      The nature of the complaints didn’t even “make sense”. When one begins to understand that people have very strange ideas about life and how it ought to be, one sees that we are not going to fix this.

      I think for many that being a “victim” (of anything) provides an excuse for avoidance of responsibility in general. They simply make whatever their issue is a “sin eater” and move on.


  10. Kevin J Lankford

    I am sure her statement that “all men are rapist” is not inspired by first hand knowledge. I suspect there are women who have been wary and concerned in her presence.

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  11. Her photo caused millions of men to become chaste.

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  12. Then why she dress look like a man?

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  13. I sent he, she or it a tweet. And hey.. I was even polite. Awaiting a response. Told her it must really suck to have so much hate in her, especially for men. Prison for all of us, then shot? Then wondered if she were a test tube baby. ( And even at that, I do believe a sperm sample from a male is needed. )

    Ah but who knows, eh? I’m just a damned man, y’know.

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  14. Oh, Yuuuuuuukkkkkk!!!!!!
    I don’t think even Rosie O’Donnell would shave that one’s back!

    She reminds me of Onslow, on the Britcom, “Keeping Up Appearances”.
    She’s got a face like a fist.
    She’s also the closest thing to a man in Great Britain……

    (After looking at that face, I think I’ve become sterile…….)

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  15. Why doesn’t she and others like her go to the Middle East countries where ALL women are oppressed and try to help those women???? She runs her mouth her because she hates men. There are too many ways for women to get away from abusive men without murdering them. If a woman in being assaulted and at that time has to kill a man to keep from getting killed, that is different. And for her comment that all men are rapist, B.S.. Most women enjoy sex with men as long as it is consensual.

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  16. LMAO. Raped????? By what?

    That critter may not know it but she’s got a lot more to worry about than the highly improbable threat of being raped.

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    • I’m telling you……,it’s “wishful thinking”. They have these…….er……, fantasies. Then they make themselves believe that all the men are leering at them, waiting to pounce. None of these woman-things have mirrors.


  17. No, we’re pigs, not rapists.

    LOL – And why are feminists always so fat and fugly?

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