How we know the Trump vs. Hillary polls are wrong

The polls keep saying Hillary Clinton is out-polling Donald Trump.

But we know of at least one case in which a major poll was rigged to show Hillary winning.

Breitbart reports, July 30, 2016, that on the heels of a Breitbart News report that shows a 17-point swing towards Trump and away from Hillary, Reuters news service “back-rigged” its polling data to show Hillary in a better light.

As political polling pioneer Pat Caddell explained, Reuters dropped the “Neither” option from their presidential campaign tracking polls and then went back and reconfigured previously released polls to present different results with a reinterpretation of the “Neither” responses in those polls.

Note: Thomas Reuters, owner of the Reuters News Service, is among the top-tier donors ($1-5 million) to the Clinton Foundation. See “News media are big donors to Hillary’s corrupt Clinton Foundation“.

Caddell said Reuters “decided to go back and revise their numbers in a formula that removes voters or allocates them,” and called what Reuters did an unprecedented act of professional malpractice that “comes as close as I have ever seen to cooking the results. I suppose you can get away with it in polling because there are no laws. But, if this was accounting, they would put them in jail.”

Our eyes also don’t lie.

Here’s photographic evidence that the polls are wrong.

Below are pics from Trump rallies (source: Weebly):

Trump rallies1Trump rallies2Trump rallies3Trump rallies4Trump rallies5Trump rallies6

And here’s a huge and really enthusiastic mob at a Hillary rally:
Hillary Clinton rallyBut don’t just take the photographic evidence. Here are some headlines that you don’t see reported by New York Times, Washington Post, or the alphabet TV networks:

Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit:

“Trump has more than ten times the number of people at his campaign events than Hillary has at hers since August 1st.  More than 100,000 people have shown up for Trump events since the beginning of August (with many more turned away due to the events reaching capacity).  Hillary on the other hand hasn’t even had one tenth of that….”

Intriguingly, despite a majority of opinion polls showing the 2016 presidential election going to Hillary Clinton, a smartphone app developer says his data say Donald Trump will be the victor.

As reported by USA Today, August 13, 2016, Ric Militi, co-founder of San Diego-based Crazy Raccoons and maker of the Zip question and answer phone app that was launched this February, poses questions and polls responses based on an average of 100,000 daily users. Some 64% told Zip they would vote for Trump, compared to 36% for Clinton. In contrast, the latest Reuters/Ipsos poll has Clinton leading Trump, 42% to 36%.

How can Zip’s results be so different? Militi explains:

“We’re not a poll. We’re a conversation, and 100% anonymous. People feel comfortable answering questions without fear of being bullied or being called a racist. People can express themselves safely, and you get a pure answer.”

H/t GiGi & josephbc69

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82 responses to “How we know the Trump vs. Hillary polls are wrong

  1. The DNC can surround the polling place with an angry mob of activists theatening to ‘get the white guy’, and I will still vote for Trump

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  2. The dishonest polls have become so annoying that I usually won’t even look at FoxNews. Thank you for exposing it for us, Dr. Eowyn.

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    • I have sent your poll out virual:
      50,000 people polled in 50 states, 1/3 republican 1/3 democrat 1/3 independent. Trump won 67-19
      1,000 people polled in each state
      50,000 people
      Trump 67%
      Hillary 19%

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      • The Liberal Controlled Media has this tendency to change results-that is,if a Poll isn’t lining up with their desired results,they might remove one Demographic group as being irrelevant for that Poll,or they’ll move their support to the other side due to that group’s belief in another segment of the Poll. Now,maybe I’m wrong,but I always thought a Poll is to get a raw,undoctored idea of what people REALLY believe–not to modify it until it proves what one Party WANTS it to prove. We see this same mentality throughout Liberal Politics-if it doesn’t match the Party Line,just fudge things around until it DOES. (And they wonder why Conservatives don’t TRUST ’em.)

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        • They call the same 125 known Democrats at 2:00pm on a weekday afternoon when everyone else is working… golly, it’ll be Hillary by a landslide!

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        • With things like they are, I am going to sound childish. Not only is it unfair….IT “IS FRAUD.”
          I don’t think Trump will put up with it.
          Statute of limitations under 18 U.S.C. §798 is only 25 years. So if AG Lynch does not prosecute Hillary the next AG, or the next AG, or the next AG,…could prosecute Hillary and snare Obama in the indictment.


  3. As far as I can tell,Trump has NEVER had to HIRE people to cheer for him either

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    Oh yes, Devvy Kidd’s article today echoed much the same…very good info for all who might be worried

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  5. Maybe this is why she has so much trouble drawing crowds at her rallies. Her fans are otherwise occupied:

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    • I hate to generalize, but you rarely see white (or Asian, or Mexican/Hispanic) people riot like this. Just saying.

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      • Yes indeed. You see we are not supposed to notice. I say “to Hell with that”. I didn’t make it so, but you’d be hard pressed to argue that it isn’t that way.

        If we want to know more about why that is, we have to study it. If that is impossible, it will remain the way it is. If you’re a “liberal” you’ll lie and pretend that it isn’t so, even if you’re looking right at it.

        I have a rather well-developed sense for this phenomenon. Of course, like a few other topics, this one makes people crazy. I’m sorry to hear that, but the facts are still there. It’s only a question of whether one wants to acknowledge the obvious and try to do something about it, or not.

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        • “If we want to know more about why that is, we have to study it. If that is impossible, it will remain the way it is.”

          If it’s impossible to “know why that is,” then how do you know?


          • It is not “Impossible to know”. It is impossible to discuss without shrieks of outrage and instant rejection. There is something that makes them that way. Discussing the possibilities of what that could be makes people scared and angry because they do not WANT to admit the possibilities.

            Again, it is much easier (and acceptable) to say “we’re all alike. There are no real differences between peoples” or “these are ‘learned’ behaviors, not fundamental drives”.

            All I was saying is that it is too hard to discuss without being misunderstood on several levels. Because it can’t be discussed, it can’t be fixed (managed is better). It most certainly CAN be managed with a will and the ability to openly discuss it.

            I studied it. I would have to tell others what I found. That would make people upset. That’s what I’m saying. I’m saying it is “impossible” to get the knowledge to a large enough audience to effect any changes required. Jeez!! I must be annoying you tonight.


            • “Jeez!! I must be annoying you tonight.”

              What a curious comment to make, especially since you’re the one who made the “Jeez!!” outburst.


              • “Outburst? ” I have no idea what you’re saying here. Nor do I have any idea what you’re annoyed about. But, I am sorry that you are. What are you trying to say?


                • Calmly, without emotional hysterics, asking you a legitimate “how do you know” epistemological question is my being “annoyed”? I never thought you, lophatt, would sink to “the best defense is to go on the offense” Alinskyite tactic.

                  Oh, and by the way, you still haven’t answered my “how do you know” question. While I see Trump as deeply flawed, I really want to know exactly how you know Trump is just as crooked as Hillary, and both of them are managed by behind-the-scenes puppeteers.


                  • Well Doc, I’m learning to be VERY careful about what I say here, lest I be grilled. I do not have the time, or you the space, to provide everything over the years that lead me to that conclusion. You, as always, are free to disagree with it. I, as always, will not say things I don’t believe to be true. I don’t have firm convictions about EVERYTHING, but for subjects that I do, I have spent sufficient time on them to arrive at those conclusions.

                    I am the farthest thing you will ever meet to “hysterical”. You are attributing motives and “tactics” to me that are silly in the extreme. I don’t have an “agenda”. There is no “defense” because I don’t have any reason to defend anything. I wasn’t proposing a thesis, just offering an opinion.

                    If you think Trump is the neatest thing since sliced bread that’s fine with me. I haven’t asked anyone to do anything with regard to him. I don’t care if anyone changes their mind or remains convinced that this is exactly as described on TV.

                    I read things every day, including here, that I probably don’t agree with. Sometimes, if I think there’s a need, I ask a question. If I receive the person’s answer I may not agree with their reasoning. It is still their answer. I’m OK with people not agreeing with me. I admit that I’m shocked by the assumption that I’m playing some sort of game. I’m not. Nobody likes to be accused of doing something that they aren’t.

                    I am extremely unlikely to change my beliefs on the nature of power here and elsewhere. All I can do is to stop talking about it which I will gladly do. I will not agree with someone that I believe to be wrong about something. I can agree to disagree. I have enough respect for others to allow them their opinions, no matter what I may think of them.


                    • “If you think Trump is the neatest thing since sliced bread that’s fine with me.”

                      Says lophatt in response to Dr. Eowyn’s comment that included this: “I think Trump is deeply flawed.”
                      I give up.


      • Thank’s Recynd. You’re now my only fan (sniff!).

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  6. Loved your long photo of 36 Trump rallies. But when I tried to save it I noticed in was in several sections, so I attempted to “glue them all together” (hard to do on a laptop-sized screen). Just increase browser view for a bigger look:

    As for the polls, horrendous, aren’t they? @mitchellvii is great at deciphering the legitimacy of the polls, & he usually keeps a super cheery/positive attitude about it, but I noticed by late Saturday even he was getting very cranky about them as he began using #$%^$# words to describe them. 🙂

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  7. Look’s like the sister is telling them to go burn the ‘burbs. I wonder if she mentioned that her brother fired twice at cops? Oh, and the cops were black.

    Notice that our only president is conspicuously absent.

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  8. Here’s another sign of the times we live in:

    These mutts want to control every aspect of our lives.

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  9. James G. Wilt SR.

    I don’t trust the pollsters as they can be bought off. Nor do I trust the liberal net works, like CNN, and all in General . Nor do I trust the Political Annalist , who report their personal views, and assume that I can be swayed to vote for anyone promoting a free lunch. Nor do I trust debate reporters, that think I’m a uneducated idiot, and they need to tell me what the candidate really said, when I was watching and listening , and I’m capable of making up my own mind. Thank Ypu !!

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  10. It appears that despite the best efforts of 1% and MSM that “we the people” are waking up, God is with us, and our prayers are manifesting a resounding answer to proponents of tyranny. Keep up the good work brothers and sisters in Christ.

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  11. The best advice that any of us can take is . . . do not be deceived by the polls, we are being told that there is no hope that Trump can win, which would have the tendency of keeping Trump people home from the polls as they fear the battle is already lost! Be not of faint heart! Trudge forward, put on blinders so that you are not distracted by those who would steal the prize. Encourage everyone to V-O-T-E for Trump, even if you think the battle has already been lost! Libtards are notorious for the deceit with which they fight their battles!

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  12. The image in row three column three looks phoney


  13. So the DNC is now out to get Scott Walker and that black sheriff who is on all the time.
    It doesn’t matter that the cop was black or that the guy who got shot was a felon?
    Just burn all the white s**t down and then ‘take it to the suburbs’?
    Don’t burn the weaves?
    what does that mean?


  14. Thisarticlesucks

    Lol!! You guys are too delusional, it’s sad. When things don’t go your way, you call it rigged, etc. you’re no better than a cry baby wanting your results. Why don’t you just go back to that cave where you’re from.


    • What is not LOL funny is that you, sucks, are so stupid you don’t have the mental capacity to understand what is meant by Reuters’ “back-rigging” of the polls. A mind indeed is a terrible thing to waste.

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      • Hey, pick a number, any number. That is precisely what’s happening. I suppose it’s an “accident” that they drone on day and night…., “Trump, Putin, Rasputin, Joe Stalin…..Hitler!!!. Trumps gonna get ya’. Trumps scarier than a boatload of Mooslims”.

        It is beyond pitiful. If you used this as an example in a civics class would they believe you? I think its safe to say that they are not what they pretend to be.

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    • Tell me “Sucks”. What is “not going our way”? Do you actually believe that people are lining up to vote for the she-demon and we can look forward to the beating of leather wings in January?

      When you look at this, what do you see? Does it trouble you that she comes virtually “pre-indicted”? If there were any justice (as opposed to Just-Us), she would be in Kansas making gravel out of boulders.

      I’ll bet you go to the movies and root for the bad guys, doncha? Yep, you’re running headlong toward your status as Hillary’s cow. Tell me the truth. How many Kirby’s do you own?

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      • I LOVE yr retort, as most everyone here knows of my infinite loathing of the duopoly of evil politicos. They tried SO hard to frame my friend, good RC Christian Dr Tom OBrien, and then I suspect may have dispatched him in hospital on a ridiculous minor check-up routine. Think Joan Rivers….

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    The polls are rigged and that is why Bernie lost to Hillary. Trump is warning us now that the election on November will also be rigged to we need to be prepared to counter that.

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  16. Factor in that last week the New York Times issued an edict: Trump is so horrible that the media is entitled to lie on all occasions.

    I think the media are making a last desperate attempt against Trump, much like what Romney and the National Review did several months ago. Desperate but well-organized. So every polling organization looks for ways to bump up Hillary’s numbers.

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  17. And someone actually believes that people would buy anyone not stoned, crazy or stupid liking this better than Trump:

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  18. Broom Hilda’s poll numbers are being juiced, and everybody knows it.

    That’s why the commie-libs are so scared. 🙂

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    • Well Dave, they are. That doesn’t mean that “I” think they’re “scared”. What do they have to be scared of? They are going to do what they intended from the start.

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    • I’ve said it here before, but this is the first time we’ve had a photo of the hebephrenic sociopath herself: HRC is evil & sick beyond belief, as I know from my deceased friend Dr Tom OBrien. Just as ‘Carthage must be destroyed’ so does Broom Hilda and all her infinitely evil minions.

      I’ve used ‘hebephrenic’ several times earlier here, and I’m sure 99% of FotM’s readers are unfamiliar with it, so here I go again:
      “Disorganized schizophrenia (formerly called hebephrenic schizophrenia) is marked by disorganized speech, thinking, and behavior on the patient’s part, coupled with flat or inappropriate emotional responses to a situation (affect).”


      I’m not afraid of her killers seeking me out, for a wide variety of reasons; Eo and others know a great deal more of what I’ve shared w/her, thus the tenor of FotMs since this insanity of sElection began….

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      • Well Joseph, her killers probably have a LONG line to work their way through before they get to little old you (hopefully).

        I love the term “hebephrenic”.

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  19. I have to be honest and say that I think its all a hoax. It is a stage production like SHES. They are so completely over-the-top that it is impossible for me to believe.

    Donald Trump (the billionaire), is NOT a savior. Hillary Clinton, the loon, should not even be allowed to compete (if it were real). It isn’t so here we are.

    Obviously, for those who believe in such things, Trump leads in popularity by orders of magnitude over the crazed woman-thing. By any measure, even counting the fact that I think its all a ruse, look at the crowds.

    In addition, I would not want to know anyone stupid enough to vote for her if it were real. It beggars reality that anyone would.

    My problem is that it is just a big manipulation. They’ve got people hooked into this as if it were as described. I would LOVE to admit I was wrong. I’m not too worried about that, however.

    I really don’t know what they’ll do. Whatever it is it is already in The Plan. It has nothing to do with votes. There once was a time when I might have said “they’re too afraid to try that”. I don’t say that anymore.

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    • Dear lophatt:
      Please forgive my old-fashioned formality, it’s a life-long habit.

      I don’t know what “..its all a hoax… a stage production like SHES” means, as at 73 and working outside my home, I’m ‘out of it’ in re much of our consensual reality. Having said that, I love yr comments & glad you’re on Our Side and not Theirs [all meant well, ok?].

      As a native-born US citizen living outside the Imperium, I fully agree w/you that “I would not want to know anyone stupid enough to vote for her if it were real. It beggars reality that anyone would.” Word for word, in fact.

      Here’s the kicker: Tens of millions will vote for her [the machines see to that!], so it is clear to ‘those that have eyes to see, and ears to hear’ that this is the last sElection w/a pretense of ‘normality’ that will be held in the USSA [not a typo].

      While “it is already in The Plan” is true, and matters will likely commence as They reckon, ends have a nasty habit of evolving 180 degrees from what was intended [see the French Revolution, et al.]. And that point is where ‘martial law’ [a truly grand oxymoron!] will come onto our mutual national scenes.

      Here in Kanada our feral gubbmint will be lick-spittle seconds behind martial law in the USSA; our Feckle Leader –whoops, meant Fearless!– Justin Time Trudeau will eagerly jump aboard whatever Juggernaut the USSA rolls out. Ours is a truly sad & pathetic era, but few will see it as such, and even fewer will respond appropriately.

      And THAT is why so many of FotM’s reader-writers say ‘God help us!’ for we have little else to rely on apart from ourselves.

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      • Joseph, the formality is appreciated but unnecessary. I very much enjoy your insights and manners. You, apparently, are a little older than I, but not much. We come from the same era.

        I did not intend to start some sort of fracas with my comments. I saw intelligent people here who I (perhaps mistakenly) believed could process and tolerate different opinions. It may be hard to believe, but some actually enjoy my thoughts.

        I do not say things to cause trouble. I say things in the hope that they may cause someone to reevaluate their thinking. If they saw things as I do, they would not expend effort at pointless enterprises and might utilize that effort more effectively. Again, that’s just my opinion.

        I think you notice (because you’ve remarked on it previously) that I don’t tell people what they can think. That is completely up to them. I cannot think of a single belief that I have that didn’t involve thought. I could be wrong, so could anybody, but it won’t be because I didn’t think it through.

        I often report what I see. Those things are often not to my liking either. It is not wise to confuse what I report with what I “like”. I have to remind myself that most divide things into “either/or”, up or down, left or right, categories and feel compelled to “defend” whatever side of a particular two-sided idea they land on.

        For what its worth, I don’t do that. Most things are not really that simple and we can never have enough information to make perfect choices. We can make “acceptable” choices if we set our information limits to something workable.

        So, reading what you’ve written here, and trying to understand what you’re driving at, I’m guessing at what you want to hear. I like most of what I read here. That’s a good thing. “Most” is as good as it gets anywhere. I am not an ideologue. I don’t subscribe to pre-packaged political agendas. All of them end the same. I don’t even like politics. I understand it, I just don’t like it.

        So, correct me if I’m wrong. I am not trying to “do” anything here. I am not trying to ruffle anyone’s feathers. I am just being me. I like you, Joseph, and I like me. I can tell that you’re a self-assured man, so am I. I am neither trying to ingratiate myself with anybody or to irritate anyone.

        I am disappointed if something I said offends someone. It is not my intent. Said to me, I would not be offended. That is the standard I try to use. “Do unto others……”.

        Your have a keen grasp both of (what I insist) is a running pageant, and reality. The two are not the same, as you well know. This may be the source of friction. I suppose if one believes that everything is as described the expectation is that you “pick sides” and become angry when someone criticizes your cherished team. I don’t do teams. I will discuss anything with anyone if they are respectful and polite. There are some caveats, however. If it really isn’t a “discussion” but is a ploy to enable insults, I’m done. Arguments don’t accomplish anything, discussions do.

        I think I have a pretty good idea how The Plan will play out. Details can change and I don’t know what they have in store for the current political circus. It isn’t that I don’t care, it’s that there is nothing I can do about it. I just realize that. As I said above, I report things I see, not what I necessarily like.

        Thanks Joseph for being here. I always enjoy reading what you have to share. My guess is that we would have much in common.


      • P.S.: I didn’t want to leave off any question I can identify:

        What I meant by; “..its all a hoax….”. Is pretty self-explanatory. They decide who the “candidates” are, they “count” the “votes”. I personally do not even believe that they do much (if any) of a job with the “counting”. I truly believe that, if no one voted, period, the news-liars would be on air every night, breathless with the whole thing and would announce a “winner”. It would have been “the tightest race ever……”. That is apparently troubling to some, but it is my belief.

        I believe that the U.S., as well as Kanada, Europe, Africa….., are controlled by a cabal. In fact, it is older than many of the countries affected. All of the rest, politics, false-flag operations, various hoaxes are all part of the control mechanism. So, at least in classical terms, we have no control of this. Using creativity, we might develop strategies to regain our liberty.

        I’m not sure if “tens of millions…” will actually vote for her. Some will, undoubtedly. As I said above, if zero voted for her, and The Plan dictated her installation, she’d be installed. You would never know because they would never report it.

        I appreciate the sentiment, i.e., “God help us”. I’m past that now. It is, like death and taxes, an ugly fact. To me, I don’t believe in feeling powerless and helpless. I don’t believe in being delusional either. It is what it is. Anything we may do should be based on that, not on a myth.

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  20. I believe God Almighty is actually going to cut America a break, a reprieve, of sorts: Not only will Hillary, the Klownish Koughing Kween, be defeated by Donald Trump handily, she will not be here for long, if you catch my drift.
    But something else is happening. The mainstream media has been fossilizing for a while now, and it is about to fall, thanks to the internet and the “alternate” media, which is turning out to be the REAL media. How do we know this? A revolution in ideas has been brewing for a long time now; Alex Jones, Henry Makow, David Icke, Guccifer and Anonymous have played a role in it—as has FOTM! (The MSM has overplayed its hand: They tried to get Alexa to manipulate its ratings for many sites, but Alex Jones reported on it immediately. And this matters: When the revolution crests, many smaller sites with lesser Alexa ratings will grow, as a rising tide raises all boats.)
    You cannot stop an idea whose time has come!


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  22. Simple matter of fact – HRC has plenty of supporters – not the kind who need to stand in heat or rain to hear her – she’s not new. In my neighborhood of New York – where Trump Towers stand – she’ll get 90% or more of the support. I probably know 6 people here supporting him versus thousands for her…and the 6 people that I know would absolutely enthusiastic and would be thrilled to watch Trump rain, snow heat – whatever. Most of my friends are passionate HRC supporters but wouldn’t walk from 8th ave to Park ave to see her. It’s not a dog and pony show. Finally – this news of being way ahead is the worst news for a campaign manager working for HRC. If you’re behind – people rally – they email – they donate – they get people registered. If you are way ahead – you don’t….which plays into Trumps hands well – since HRC needs young voters to register and come out to vote. If I worked for trump – I would fill the PR offices with stories about Hillary being so far ahead that it looks over. That helps his base and drives down HRC’s supporters urgency.


  23. Love the 1000 words these pictures tell. Let me say, in a few words or less…millions like what Trump is saying and about a dozen lesbians show up thinking that a lesbian president will get a pink Hillarity vibrator to match their pink Obama phone.

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  25. The lying liars decided to lie again. Can someone tell that to Al Franken?

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  26. Polls likely skewed, but not to the degree that the Trump faithful claim as in this weak article. What is more concert ng is Trump keeps saying stupid (that is, things easily misinterpreted by media) things. Crying foul is not helping, the message needs to get on point. And when Trump regularly trashes media, he makes .ore likely that they will not cover him favorably. He playing the people with their u sympathetic big boy pants on. Hes wasted weeks trashing Cruz, irrelevant, fighting with Kahn, reaching out to Ernie supporters and crying that its all unfair instead of going after one of the weakest, most flawed opponents in history. If Trump loses it won’t be due to election fixing. The liberals are kicking up their heels relaxing. Hillary doesn’t have to do a damn thing. Trump just runs himself into the ground. Losing will be a result of his own, and his supporters stupidity and unwillingness to hold his feet to the fire when me messes up.

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  27. Joseph, I can’t seem to land under you. I have been getting threatening Text messages; and they (?) have my street address.
    I did call my police dept. All they said, was: “Change your phone number.”
    I repeated to him, “They have my street address.”

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    • I regret you’re suffering as a consequence of my long-time deep political-social history, but know that They are after me, not thee. And at 73, w/many physical deficits, there is a lot of ‘opportunity’ to terminate me in an ‘accidental’ way.

      However, as I’m a very social person and refuse to lead a solitary life, I’m pretty much surrounded by ‘a cloud of witnesses,’ so They’re not given much opportunity to pull off my ‘suicide’ (never, as I’m a believer, in a community [Quakers] of believers), an auto accident (w/a 50+ yrs perfect driving history? Not bloody likely!) or other event.

      All I can do is recommend that others do the same.

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  28. I am close to your age also. I was born and raised in Texas.
    I had a break-in one time and was attacked. I was talking to the police. His exact words. “Go ahead and shoot him even if he is going out the door. Drag his body back in the house. Nothing will be said.”

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    • It’s good advice.

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      • I have an excepional police dept.

        Strange and funny tale to share with you. Behind my house (Texas) there are 3 lakes stocked with fish. On any spring or summer day, you will see kids riding their bikes; Moms pushing baby strollers around the lakes.
        I was walking my 80 LB Rottie, Delilah and spotted a HUGE bloody snake! I ran my dog back to the house to get my gun.
        I ran back to the lake. I emptied the gun and killed the ugly snake.
        Someone called the police after hearing the shots go of.
        As I was walking back to my house, a Police Officer stopped me.
        “Why in hell are you shooting in the city limits!!!???”
        I looked at him and pointed to the ugly snake floating in the water.
        “Okay, Elaine…just don’t be shooting your gun in the City Limits again, okay?” That was it! I walked back into the house.

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    • Another piece of good advice is save on the phone call, buy a backhoe.


  29. yep. shoot the messenger. isnt that what they did to your lord, jesus christ ? keep dreaming folks and your surely end up in heaven …….

    …or trump university


  30. The Demoncrats have always cheated !

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  31. Hi Dr Eowyn and the rest… I had a dream that I believe God gave me, he showed me that the polls were ALL lies.
    Believe none of the polls.

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  32. I heard some liberal analyst “explaining” that Trump rallies are more like comedy shows and that explains why they’re so “well attended,” but that it doesn’t really mean people support him. It’s just that he’s so entertaining. It’s supposedly also why he tells so many “jokes” and, in that guy’s analysis, that proves that Trump is a narcissist who craves attention but doesn’t really want to be president.

    You might be able to see the catheter she may wear in that photo, too.

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  35. Its all one big hoax perpetrated by the Eastern Elite Establishment money masters and manipulators of the Khazarian Mafia.
    Speaking of the media, I recall this from Nelson Rockefeller’s comment in Foreign Affairs Magazine back in the mid 1960’s about the media, control and manipulation.
    He simply stated this: M=m3 Manipulation = Money x Media x Money.


  36. We get 2 see only CNN in India. They are bent upon making Hillary win. So obvious that they r taking sides. Very poor show.

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