DNC insider: Hillary Clinton’s campaign is imploding

I don’t know if this is true, but thought it worth a read. Also, there are independent ways to verify some of its claims (see my indented “Notes,” colored green).

A website called Real. True. News. (RTN) published an interview on August 7, between RTN‘s Max Insider and an unnamed source within the Democratic National Committee (DNC). The source says Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign is imploding because every weapon they’ve deployed against Donald Trump has failed, and Hillary may soon drop out of the race.

Note: Max Insider describes himself as having “20+ years of reporting for liberal news outlets in the Main Stream Media. Fed up with the lies, the manipulation, and the outright criminality, he is undertaking a crusade to bring truth, righteousness, and vigilance back to America. This is where the revolution starts.”

Here’s what the DNC source said:

1) Trump is polling far better than what the MSM say

“Not only is Trump’s polling far better than the media narrative shows but the even more predictive Social Media scene has collapsed to ‘landslide’ proportions in favor of Donald Trump.”

Note: See “How we know the Trump vs. Hillary polls are wrong

2) Trump’s campaign is more adept at using social media than Hillary’s

“Hillary inherited Obama’s ‘Victory Lab’ and analytics–but that was all geared to 2012 which was still pretty primitive by today’s standards–and to Mitt Romney who might as well have been a caveman by today’s standards. Things . . .  changed. [quietly] Hillary didn’t…. Trump is what changed.”

3) None of the Democratic Party’s tried-and-true attack methods works against Trump

“None of the old strategies work on him [Trump]…. We called our opponents racist. It worked–like, 93-98 times out of a hundred–people would back down. Run. Back then there was zero counter-narrative. McCain played it soft-ball. Romney was pretty clean but he wasn’t ready to get nasty and take the heat. All their surrogates? Allies? Only Sarah Palin had the woman-card. That was it. We crushed them. Their online-portion of the vote? It was smaller than today–but they were demoralized. Shut down…. None of our focus groups were Trump voters. We just didn’t bring any of them in at the start. We tried racist. We tried misogynist. We tried anti-Islam. It worked on our focus people. On Trump voters? No effect–reverse even…. It made them stronger–more committed. I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s like Trump didn’t collapse when we tired it on him and suddenly it didn’t work any more…. Right now tests have shown that attack-ads almost never have any lasting impact. Events like conventions? Like debates? They determine who answers the phone–not who changed their vote. The social media front might be the biggest deal going…. We have our response team go hard–racist. Sexist. Social Justice up the ass. It just pisses everyone off. It changes nobody’s mind.”

4) Hillary campaign has fake followers and the media’s collusion

We bought fake followers. That used to be what everyone did. Trump? His guys are all real. We’ve got media-established narratives. Our coms-team works with the major outlets to shape the stories. That’s traditional. He doesn’t even have a Coms [Communications] Team–he just fires off tweets and they all go viral. Every last damn one…. We’ve paid like–like 300k for Politico. They [Trump campaign] paid nothing and they’ve got Breitbart. You know who Trump voters trust? Brietbart. Look at the numbers.”

Note: On Hillary’s fake followers, see “Get ready for a $1M army of social media trolls for Hillary” and “DNC advertises on CraigsList for 700 actors to fill empty Convention seats”. On the media’s collusion with Hillary’s campaign, see “CNN anchor Chris Cuomo admits media are Hillary Clinton’s bitch” and Blatant media bias: MSNBC’s Joy Reid is a whore for Hillary.” On the collusion between Hillary’s campaign and Politico, see “DNC advertises on CraigsList for 700 actors to fill empty Convention seats”.

(Photo by Getty Images) By the way, can someone explain to me why she looks good in some pics but old and bloated in others, like this one?

(Photo by Getty Images) By the way, can someone explain to me why she looks good in some pics but old and bloated in others, like this one?

5) Hillary and her campaign are imploding

“Around May our High Command said we had this in the bag. It’s not in the bag…. I can’t get caught saying this. None of us are gonna have careers when this is over but there are…other concerns…. Hillary’s in a panic. She’s always been on some kind of medication–but they’ve been upping the hell out of it. She’s freezing. She’s having panic attacks. The Secret Service is trained to get her out of these…fugue states–but one’s going to happen in public and it’ll all be over. Why do you think she doesn’t talk to the press?”

Note: For Hillary’s many health problems, see “Strange bulges under Hillary’s coat suggest a defibrillator vest,” which has links to other posts on her health.

6) The debates will be a disaster for Hillary

“No one knows what to do about the debates. It’s going to be a disaster…. We want to minimize exposure everywhere we can. With press questions. With Sanders. And so on. So we work with the NFL on scheduling. Sure–Trump complains–but he’s not going to bail. That’s a problem. We don’t think she can last 30 minutes with him under optimal conditions.”

7) Hillary may drop out

“I’m hearing drop out and give it to Tim Kaine.”

8) Plans for #BLM disruption to cancel the debates

“I’m hearing have some kind of big Black Lives Matter ‘event’ around the debates to get them canceled.… You know the FBI’s counter-terrorism playbook involves encouraging radicals to take extra steps to see if they will and then busting them?…. There’s a plan to use assets inside the FBI–compromised agents–to have one of these go-too-far schemes actually not get stopped. Have something go wrong. Deliver guns–explosives–whatever to these radicalized groups and then instead of busing them . . . the event happens. That way it could be timed and targeted since it’s actually agents doing the planning. I’ve seen a plan tor an event near the first debate–State of Emergency. Local Martial Law. It’d soft-kill the whole thing.”

Note: See “Hacked messages of #BlackLivesMatter leader reveal Obama admin’s plan for ‘summer of chaos’ and martial law” and “The white élites who fund Black Lives Matter

See also:


49 responses to “DNC insider: Hillary Clinton’s campaign is imploding

  1. Though I wish this were true, the statement “hillary may drop out” is PROOF that this is RIDICULOUS.
    shillary would never drop out. she’s so delusional that she’d probably even try to move into the White House after Trump won because she couldn’t admit that she lost.

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  2. My granddaughter was over this morning (we have breakfast every Saturday) and my wife had the TV on (ugh!). There were a gaggle of airheads on CNN talking about their heartthrob Hillary. There was another woman who, apparently, was a Trump supporter.

    She was cleaning their clocks. It was five to one and they had nothing to say. She asked why Hilary couldn’t get more than 3,500 to a rally when Trump sold out multiple stadiums on the same day.

    She asked them just “what was her message”, they couldn’t think of anything to say other than “Barack Obama is popular”.

    One gets the sense that even these shameless dogs (I actually like dogs so lets call them “mutts”), are running out of spew. I mean, after all, what positive can anybody say about her? I’m at a loss.

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    • You’re not alone in your puzzlement. I just read this, posted by an anonymous wag, as comment on Broom Hilda: “For sale, cheap. Must sell. Corrupt old sociopath with severe health problems. Lots of baggage.”

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  3. You don’t KNOW if it’s true? A source calling itself Real True News (so of course it MUST be), and a “Max Headroom” joke pseudonym? It’s an entertaining site though, full of bikini babe photos and conspiracy theory nonsense.


    • Well, I know if it were called “CNN” it would be propaganda and lies. I can’t vouch for “Real True News”, but, if you think the “establishment” propaganda mills are credible or a standard to work to, I’m at a loss for what to say.

      Maybe we could just read what they have to say and make up our own minds?

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      • One can tell at a glance it’s an “infotainment”, not a news site. There’s no making up of minds required. Bikini gals raising the flag on Iwo Gima! Masonic pyramid symbols! Why would you want intellectual or fact-based content? It’s just for fun.

        (I totally enjoy reading tabloids while in line at the supermarket, but I still know the difference between them and newspapers.)

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        • Mikey, I’m more interested in WHAT they say rather than from where they “dragged it in”.

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        • Oh, so if it’s in the NYT or the LA Times or the Boston Globe, then it must be true, huh? LOL!

          I guess John Edwards was totally not cheating on his wife, right? Who’d believe some tabloid that says different!

          You may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but you’re a tool all the same.

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  4. I would trust the National Enquirer any day before NYT, CNN, MSNBC or any of those purveyors of misinformation. But, of course, the proof will be in the puddin’ in November, won’t it? That is, if someone takes a baseball bat to Diebold and forces a hand count.

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  5. Hillary’s appearance in media photos depends on who the photographer is: for example, a pro Hillary MSM photographer will snap his photo while Hillary is serene and her face is symmetrical as opposed to an alternative anti-Hillary photographer who will patiently wait till she’s in the midst of one of her unhinged rants and then snap his photo while her face is hideously contorted. It’s an old technique used by photojournalists to wait until their subject’s face is contorted so that they can make the subject appear as monstrous as possible in order to portray the subject in a negative light. This is usually done during passionate political speeches, sometimes it’s done to controversial clerics delivering sermons.

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    • Well, this photog could knock-off early and go have a beer:

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      • Doesn’t that photo “say it all”? If anyone knows the book (and film) “The Cheaters” where there are spectacles that let you see into another’s soul. THAT, is what you’d see with her.

        Complete and total possession. Barking mad is right. I can feel the energy coming off it. She saw it when Willie had it and she wants it pretty bad. She’s one notch below restraints.

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    • Pat, how much drugs do they have to use to accomplish “serene”. I don’t think they make darts that big.


      • All it takes is the ever present African American medic and his magical diazipam pen and everything is hunky dorey for Hillary!

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      • I was thinking more like “Wild Kingdom”, you know? With Marlin Perkins in the helicopter and “Jamal” playing the part of “Jim”. “Jim seems to be having some trouble…….”. Cut to scene of Jamal wrestling with “Hill” on the floor.


    • Visualize what she’d look like if she wore her natural hair color.


    • Good to know re the photo journo trick; that must be what the anti-Trump photogs do to him all the time, wait & take a pic when his mouth is wide open & he’s pointing w/finger, making him look like he’s angry all the time. Then they apply photog filters to make him look total red or “orange.”


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  7. Is the whole columns true, hard to say, but many points are entirely true and have been to be proven so already. The paid shills, the meds, the lying polls, trying to bring Trump down with lies, etc. all true. As for the others being correct, well, let us pray.
    We all know the debates will be a disaster for her, Trump will eat her alive and spit her out if left to his own devices.
    Her dropping out, it may happen due to her health, but she won’t go quietly, it will be kicking and screaming and denying all the way.
    And using the BLM, no surprise there, been happening for a time now.
    So all in all, this article might not be too far off.
    Again, let us pray.

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    • “but many points are entirely true and have been to be proven so already. The paid shills, the meds, the lying polls, trying to bring Trump down with lies, etc. all true. “


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      • My personal opinion is that the whole thing is a hoax. But, even if it isn’t, effectively, the results the same. The want everyone enraptured and enthralled so they don’t notice what shell the place the pea under.

        Of course, universal distain for the Hildebeast is hard to shake. She IS an awful specimen.


  8. Actually, Stevor, I predicted nearly a year ago that Hillary will not be on the ballot come November. She’s a fatally flawed candidate and the ‘rats have known this forever.

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  9. Media will still be campaigning for her even if she has a stroke that leaves her in a coma…

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  10. The commie-libs are running scared.

    I think the commies have internal polling data that shows the sickly and frail broom-flying granny losing badly, as even they know her “official” poll numbers are juiced.

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  11. Thank you for the great reporting, my friend. Bravo! It is told that in the last days of WWII, Hitler was completely drugged up. This is strikingly similar.

    This Jezebel is about to fall.

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  12. Barking Mad

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  13. The truth is she’s plain evil, we all know it.How she’s hung on this long is amazing and shows just how manipulated we all are. I could see them pulling a b.l.m. move by these animals, useful fools, at best…..But that whould give hitlery a out and the blame a supposed racist trump.

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  14. Alex Jones, while speaking with veteran political consultant Roger Stone, said, about ten days ago, that “Trump is ten to 15 points ahead” of Hillary Clinton. At this point in the Game, voter fraud and election fraud are the only two arrows in Killary, the Klownish Koughing Kween’s quiver. Voter fraud is the dead voter stuff—names of tombstones, things like that. But the election fraud, given George Soros’s company, Diebold, with their Magical Mystery Machines, is another.
    Proof abounds that these machines can be hacked on either the data-gathering end (where the votes are received and tallied) or even on the voter end. I saw a little electronic device, available online for about $15, that enabled a voter to vote multiple times while inside the booth. Rest assured that Roger Stone is aware of this and that Trump is locked, cocked and ready to rock: His attorneys are smacking their lips, waiting for the challenge.

    Hillary’s Campaign IS imploding. More important, Hillary, the Klownish Koughing Kween herself, is imploding, and it won’t be long. (Her bloated face in the photo above is most likely from an adverse reaction to medication, unless her liver or kidneys are malfunctioning). So were at the Point in Plato’s Cave when a select few of the people are beginning to see things out of the corners of their eyes, and they realize there’s more to see than just shadows: A few of them have become EMBOLDENED to step outside of the Cave!

    Not to beat (an almost) dead horse here, but let us encapsulate, quickly, how the Clintons got their start: George H.W. Bush, the Bonesman. Without the new Paradigm President, none of the men who have succeeded Poppy would have made it to the White House. The Clintons and the Bushes are like “me and my shadow, walking down the avenue.” They are good personal friends, and, more important, represent a foreign influence and allegiance: Skull & Bones reports directly to England. They’re not going to give up the Ghost on their little fiefdom anytime soon, even if Poppy and Hillary drop off the face of the Earth tomorrow.

    So let us rejoice that Killary, the Klownish Koughing Kween is imploding and that we shall not see her Abbot & Costello “morality” again. But it ain’t over yet. Let us also hope that the future-President Trump shall prosecute both political parties under the RICO Statutes, and that he cleans house. (He’s going to need a team of exorcists, also, and I am serious). America sans Hillary will still need to rid itself of a number of foreign influences. So let’s keep in mind that everything the mainstream media presents is nothing but a distraction and diversion from what is really happening, behind the scenes!

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    • Steven, this is one of your ‘best ever’ posts, and one I hope that every visitor to FotM gets to read, as you covered so much in a short piece. Well done!

      IF he’s allowed to win, Donald Trump will be surrounded by lifetime politico-careerists, from federal bureaucracies and corporate troughs. Each will ‘protect & enlarge’ that territory –at the taxpayer’s expense, of course– and will lie to Hell & back to get their way[s].

      Whether he manages to cut through the falsities –each rep’s expert at lying & deceit, in service to his/her masters– only timely actions will reveal.

      And let’s not forget what happened to the Kennedy brothers when they got too uppity and stood our foes down. I shook Bob Kennedy’s hand: it was strong and surprisingly callused!


      • Thank you for the nice words, Joe, and if I could, I would spend the time to watch more internet and write more posts for FOTM. 2016 has been one hell of an uphill slog for me. I am awaiting a new car for my Ubering, and August is, historically, the slowest month of the year in the cab business. So I keep slogging on. (I did, however, make Mass tonight, the first time since 2014, I think).

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  15. She would never drop out. She’s a power hungry sociopath.

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  16. THE lady never had it. Just unlikable and the bobbling head and wobbling body didn’t help either. Neither was trying to be like a dog and barking.

    Feigned surprised look and exaggerated wonder at the convention didn’t help. It just made it look like she had a seizure.

    Truly, in her own words, “at this point what difference does it make” has come back to haunt her.

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  17. I’d be real suprised if she actually debates Trump. If nshe does she’ll stroke out right there for all to see. If she shows she’ll have to be more doped up than michael Jackson, Prince and Whitney Houston combind to keep her head from exploding. And no matter what happens, the MSM (LSM) will spin her the winner of the debate. All the Don has to do is tell the truth, something totally alien to Hitlery Rotten Clitoris.

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  18. FYI
    The source of this is a satire/hoax website Realtruenews. They placed this ad looking for a graphics person on peoplebythehour(dot)com
    Experience Level: Intermediate
    I am running a satirical political website that will need some photo-shops done for it. The idea is to make fun of the inflammatory fake-news that conservative sites offer. It’s going to be pretty ‘dry’ (it won’t SAY it’s satire)–but it is going to be so over-the-top that it won’t be “Fake news” either.

    I want compositions of real people with things added or changed.

    I dunno: Obama and Putin kissing? Romney in a robotic suit. Stuff like that to go along with the stories.

    This will be an on-going job for however long my interest in the site holds out. I would like to see an estimate for a few pieces per week (I don’t know how long a simple vs. complex piece will take).

    NOTE: this is a non-profit endeavor. I will, of course, pay market rates–but I’m more interested in fast than perfect.



  19. Fake followers lol Yeah, it’s been the story of Hillary’s life that you have to have a large bank account to want to be following her around.


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  21. Let’s face it….the DNC and everyone that supports the old, spastic bag are bailing water from a ship that has squarely hit dozens of icebergs!
    She has ZERO credibility.
    She has had ZERO job performance in government. You don’t write on your resume that you killed people and destroyed countries, believing that the Public should think you are qualified to lead them! ZERO chance of that!
    She has ZERO concerns for the Public’s protection by wanting to KILL off the 2nd Amendment….she wants law abiding Americans to be forever victims to the criminals that would support her!

    Wait for it…wait for it….. she’s about to start convulsing just before she’s spewing her usual strings of lies.


    • Do you remember the Movie, “The Exorcist”?
      I, sincerely believe clinton is going to become more and more weird.
      I am not big on spouting scripture. This was just TOO TRUE.
      Her facial expressions indicate a part of her brain isn’t working correctly. Her health worsens every day.

      Expository study of Romans: Kill your sin or it will kill you! … an hour here below exempt from elements and conditions of evil residing not merely …. “but if by the Spirit you are putting to death the deeds of the body, you will live.


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