Europe on verge of civil war, as Muslim ‘migrants’ live rent-free & Swedes are asked to give up their country homes

As the governments of continental Europe continue to accomodate Muslim “refugees” and migrants at the expense of their own peoples, some are sounding the alarm that Europe is on the verge of civil war.

In Sweden, as reported by Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet (via Sputnik News), residents in the municipality of Norrtälje, north of Stockholm, are “encouraged” to allow freshly arrived immigrants to live in their country homes this winter.

Norrtalje, SwedenNorrtälje authorities asked the residents in a targeted mailing: “Does your country house stand empty in winter?” The idea is to address the acute housing shortage by matching up home owners with homeless immigrants.

Ali Rashidi, head of social services at Norrtälje Municipality, said that in some cases, the municipality may step in and ensure rents will be paid in full: “Most of the people are well-behaved. Besides, refugees get establishment support from the Employment Service, which should also suffice to pay the rent.”

Willich, GermanyMeanwhile, in Germany, the city government of Willich approved a contract with the MegaVillage AG corporation to build 70 new houses that will be the first official refugee village right in the middle of a German town.

According to Investment Watch Blog, each new home will be fully equipped with all the necessities, where “migrant” families will live rent free. The refugee village will also have two cafetarias, community dining rooms, laundry rooms and on-site doctors. Nearby are grocery stores, schools and kindergartens.

To pay for the new construction, the city of Willich has allocated an additional 2 million Euros in addition to the current 7.5 million€ to house 280 “refugees”. That comes to roughly 15,000€ per refugee per year just for housing. When health care, administrative and unemployment benefits are added to the housing, the total expenditure comes to 50,000€ per refugee — 4,000€ more than the average 46,000€ wage of German workers.

German chancellor Angela Merkel’s “open border” refugee policy already has resulted in the country taking in more than 1.2 million “refugees” last year. The German government intends to spend a total of €93.6 billion on the “refugees” through 2020. This in spite of the fact that 860,000 German citizens are currently homeless; millions of pensioners live below the poverty line and must resort to collecting returnable bottles or eating cat food; and many German families choose not to have children because they simply cannot afford it.

All of which has led to a surge in popularity of new, so-called “right wing” parties in Europe, notably the AfD (Alternative for Germany), which has won 25% of the vote in their first elections.

Some European leaders are sounding the alarm that the continent in on the verge of civil war due to popular frustration over the “refugee” invasion.

1) France

A city councilor in southern France warns that some French citizens are gearing up for civil war as gun club memberships exploded in the aftermath of three massive terror attacks that have rocked the country.

As reported by Paul Joseph Watson for InfoWars, July 18, 2016, Jonathan Miller, an elected council member in the village of Caux, writes in an op/ed titled, “What next? Could France be facing a civil war?,”that the recent Nice truck attack has “shaken France to the brink of a terrifying escalation” and the country “may be on the edge of something resembling a civil war.”

According to Miller, membership in his local gun club has “quadrupled, from 200 to 800 members” in the last few months alone. One village resident told Miller that “They’re getting ready for a war.”

Miller writes, “I talk to a lot of people at every level of French society and I am detecting a change of mood. And the mood is turning nasty.” He is “no longer taking for granted that they will put up with this much longer.”

Miller explains that a lot of citizens are voting for right-wing politicians not because they are neo-fascists but because “They are frightened” and nobody aside from people like Marine Le Pen have offered anything different from President François Hollande’s feeble response to the terrorist attacks or Prime Minister Manuel Valls’ defeatist admonition that France must “learn to live” with terror attacks, for which Valls was booed by the crowd as he attended a memorial in Nice.

Miller is not the only prominent voice to warn of the potential for civil war in France.

Patrick Calvar, DGSIEven before the latest attack in Nice, Patrick Calvar, head of the Directorate General of Internal Security (DGSI), told members of a French parliamentary commission that “We are on the brink of civil war” and that one or two more jihadist terror attacks or a Cologne-style mass molestation incident could lead to a huge right-wing backlash.

According to intelligence sources, the French government’s security forces are preparing for mass civil unrest as radicalized immigrants take over entire neighborhoods.

2) Switzerland

Meanwhile, in Switzerland, Army chief Lieutenant-General André Blattmann has issued a warning to the people of Europe that a civil war is about to breakout. Blattmann warns fellow Swiss that society is so close to breaking down that they must take steps to arm and protect themselves from the inevitable civil war.

Swiss Army Lieutenant-General André reports that Blattmann has been head of the Armed Forces since March 1, 2009, “and his words carry very significant weight in a country in which several Citizens’ Initiative referenda against burqas and mosques have proven enormously popular as concerns grow about immigration and Islamisation. In the last two World Wars, the Swiss combination of mountains and armed citizenry preserved the country’s peace and neutrality, but in the coming conflict, Switzerland already has its own massive fifth column.”

According to Investment Watch Blog, the newspaper Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten reports that Blattman said:

“The situation is growing increasingly risky. The threat of terror is rising, hybrid wars are being fought around the globe; the economic outlook is gloomy and the resulting migration flows of displaced persons and refugees have assumed unforeseen dimensions. Social unrest can not be ruled out [as the vocabulary in public discourse become] dangerously aggressive.”

Blattmann reminds Swiss that Switzerland’s neighboring countries, France and Austria, both face massive problems with immigration, Islamization, and the elite’s repression of general concern about what is going on. Social unrest in those countries could bleed into Switzerland, which is why Swiss must arm themselves.

H/t What Really Happened

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23 responses to “Europe on verge of civil war, as Muslim ‘migrants’ live rent-free & Swedes are asked to give up their country homes

  1. European governments cannot continue to favor foreigners (who refuse to assimilate, earn their own way or even be nice to locals) over their own people– they’ll lose legitimacy and/or tick-off their own people.

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  2. A few months back Germany ordered two nurses out of their homes with their pets to give their apartments to invaders. Both women said they had lived there almost 15 years. Europe will blow up,if they continue forcing those that worked their whole lives for a place to live to those that will abuse the houses. Who in their right mind would want to return to that house?
    Too bad Europe is taking so long to stand up and fight. I hope they continue to pray for their daughters.
    It boggles the mind that any leadership would make such demands and they are still alive.

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  3. I wonder if Merkel is going to give them 72 goats ! Might as well , she’s giving them everything else .

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  4. Jesus to Peter:
    “From whom do earthly kings take toll or tribute? From their sons or from foreigners?”
    And when he replied, “From foreigners,” Jesus said, “Well then, the sons are exempt. However, so that we shall not be the downfall of others, go to the lake and cast a hook; take the first fish that rises, open its mouth and there you will find a shekel; take it and give it to them for me and for yourself.”
    Notice, this is the exact opposite of what is happening. This cannot go on. Stop these insane wars and stop messing with everyone’s lives. HILLARY MUST BE STOPPED. MERKEL MUST BE STOPPED. We, the little people, can’t do anything by ourselves but we can at least agree that these so-called leaders are anti-leaders and stop funding their agenda.

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    • “can’t do anything by ourselves” is a crippling myth, resulting in what I call “the helpless act.” TOGETHER – and that’s the key word – we can topple regimes and move mountains.

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  5. Somethings got to happen. The Muslim invasion must be stopped. Hopefully Europeans will take action before it is too late.

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  6. You have to ask where this madness comes from. One thing comes to mind for me. Europe rejected the Lord way ahead of similar things in America. They led the charge into liberal theology, rejecting traditional Christian doctrine and the Bible. As one theologian followed his or her predecessor, each new generation strayed farther from the truth. And they have come to a time when all kinds of horrible things are permissible. Europe got there first, and lost its mooring to truth, and with that lost its common sense. And we know that Americans have many entrenched think tanks that are going the same way. America, fall on your knees and return to the Lord or perish.

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  7. This is a cautionary tale. We are witnessing what happens when a government openly defies their citizenry to their peril. It is blatantly obvious, but one doesn’t find much discussion of it outside the “alternative” media.

    There are a few politicians and public figures pointing out the obvious. They are quickly shouted down or marginalized. In the more “advanced” states like France, they have declared martial law and will impose penalties on those who oppose them.

    I know this is simple, but sometimes the simple is easily missed. None of these effected states “asked” for this. Their “leaders” imposed this. Now they are insisting that their citizens “get used to it”. Because they “must change”. Why?

    We in the U.S. are not immune from this. It is coming, it has already started. TPTB are using a manufactured “clash of cultures” to weaken and destroy our solidarity. They are also doing that with racial violence and pitting various groups off against each other. In that way they provide a ready-made excuse to impose martial law and rule by force.

    These things, from the hoaxes and false flag shootings to the faux cope executions are all designed for a purpose. They are not naturally occurring. Just like when the Balfour Declaration opened the door for an invasion of Jews into Palestine, these NWO initiatives will result in an invasion of Muslim zealots into our countries. They know full well that these cultures are incompatible.

    So, the few continue to manipulate the many. We must learn to resist this. We must not let others tell us how to live our lives or what we have to think. For those who haven’t sold their souls they still have freewill and must use it.

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  8. I recently read an article by a psychologist who has worked with “trouble” young men in Denmark. The young men he counseled with mainly consisted of Muslims, with the remainder being Danish, about an 80/20 split. He concluded that there were three criteria for promoting Muslims to integrate into Western society: 1) The individual must “want to,” 2) The individual must be “allowed to” (since there are such harsh social mores that control Muslim behavior, other Muslims just do not allow fellow Muslims to adhere to any political-religious system other than Sharia . . . they use “honor killings,” etc. in order to control others of their group. They do not allow others to integrate into Western society.) 3) The individual must be “able to.” Since there has been such an overwhelming practice of inbreeding among Muslims, the general IQ has been severely reduced, leaving an overwhelming amount of these people with intelligence that does not preclude their ability to adhere to the tenant’s of a capitalistic society. Amongst these young men he studied, there were about one fifth that did not finish school, or dropped out of trade school programs because of diminished intellectual capacity. It also followed that a high number of these same young men were not able to join the military due to scoring well below the intelligence needed to perform military duties. Unfortunately, he concluded that it was only when a Muslim could meet all three of these criteria would they successfully integrate into Western society. What country would of deliberate intent bring in huge groups of peoples who are not able to be self sufficient due to being imbeciles??? So, here we have Swedish people having to give up country homes (which usually have been handed down through generations) so that people of diminished capacity can have a place to live. Better that these people stay where they came from, basically working with their sheep, goats and camels . . . . . since they are not intelligent enough to take on the ways of more advanced societies. What has been meted out upon these European countries is downright criminal . . . they are being forced to feed, house, medicate and give spending money to people to bands of people who rape, steal and kill them in return.

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    • Yes Lulu, I think that’s what I meant above. Why indeed? All of what you mention is true, and more. They are being used just like the Swedes and other Europeans who are forced to “host” them.

      Many of these guys (they are mostly young men), have been enticed by tales of free sex and drugs and alcohol. They think they’re on the way to “Valhalla”. As you say, many are not the brightest lights in the harbor and, when they see behavior they are not used to seeing, they get angry. It is common practice to openly denounce “infidels” in their neck of the woods. They are unwilling or incapable of adapting. They have no intention of doing so. They intend to force their ways onto the host.

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  9. They, the power that be intend to chaos in Europe using muslims as the tools. They know Europeans will fed up with that multicult crap and civil war will happen. Then they will take total control. After the West fall then the East becomes the next target. You’re lucky you can still get guns easily, we over here must rely on knife, machete…or spear.

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  10. Is it time to declare Open Season on Radical Muslim Terrorists and their related invading forces?

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    • I think what is needed is to keep them where they are, not here. Unfortunately, this religion, and all that goes with it, is incompatible with Western culture and faith.

      I could spend a week on this but the simple answer is that it is too late to “fix” their situation. They represent a threat because they are taught to be a threat to everything that is not Muslim. Obviously, one can’t force this square peg into a round hole and not expect friction.

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  11. To any American who doesn’t think the Third Amendment to the U.S. Constitution matters, GUESS AGAIN!


    • Well Steven, maybe some folks in Boston should have asked about that when they put that whole pageant on there, the BMB hoax. They not only violated people’s Fourth Amendment rights they chased some out of their houses and put their Stasi in.

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  12. I’m so tired of officialdom’s standard assessment of native Europeans and white Americans – “fear,” they are “frightened,” patronizing terms implying ignorance and weakness. No, Mr. Lawmaker, “anger, outrage, and concern for their people’s future -which you have helped awaken in them – are more like it, as you will soon find out.

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    • Yes Vivat, the “fear” is wishful thinking on their part. My wife had the TV on today (ugh!). Every time I walked through the room all I heard from the talking heads was “the voters FEAR Trump…… Everyone is in FEAR of…..”. It’s their last hope.

      Scare me newsgirl, tell me how to vote.

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  13. This , ongoing,..decline of the West, is controlled by the , absolute strangle hold that Zionist Jews have on the media.

    Without that control of the media, by a hostile force, this insanity would not/could not be happening.

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  14. Great minds think alike,.

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  15. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this incredible post. The constant migration of Muslims into Europe and the U.S.A. indicts their very culture and its unreasonable and unholy demands of people.


  16. EU politicians will pay the price for their incompetence in all the upcoming elections , and many mainstream political parties and politicians will find themselves voted out permanently .
    If civil unrest or civil war breaks out in some EU countries , this will trigger a Eurozone crisis and a possible world financial crisis , followed by a depression , and politicians across the world will have to take the blame


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